Season 1 Episode 8

My Fifteen Minutes

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 15, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

J.D. and Turk are on their way to a strip club during their break. Unfortunately a demonstration takes place in front of it so they want to get out of there before somebody notices them. A news reporter interviews them, so they claim they have come to demonstrate. The camera man collapses and Turk & J.D. start CPR, while the news reporter continues filming. Dr. Kelso answers questions about the employees at the hospital when Turk & J.D. return from their break. Later, J.D. worries about his intern evaluations. His evaluation is being done by Dr. Cox.

Elliot asks what Carla is doing tonight and she says she is going out with a friend. J.D. asks if Elliott could come along, to Carla's disgust. Dr.Cox takes a rain check on J.D.'s report card and tells him to do it by himself instead. Ted asks for a raise but Dr. Kelso declines. Dr. Kelso wants to milk the publicity J.D. and Turk get of late and J.D. agrees. Elliot and Carla prepare to leave for dinner with Patricia. Carla gets paged and needs to cancel their plans. J.D. is surprised to see Dr. Cox watch TV whereas he said he's too busy to do his evaluation earlier. J.D. and Turk have an interview, while Elliot watches at the bar. Just as she leaves she sees Carla and Patricia walk in. Carla tries to explain what happened but Elliot walks off. J.D. wants Dr. Cox to sign his evaluation but he asks if he was completely honest with himself. J.D. can't say that is true so he takes it back. On their way home, Turk and J.D. see the poster the hospital have put up. To Turk's dislike, they focus on diversity way too much.

Turk questions why J.D. assumes he would want to be part of the deal. He doesn't mind posters of him about being a great doctor but all his life he was singled out for being black. The next set of posters have J.D. cut off. J.D. tells Dr. Cox to do his evaluation. At the cafeteria, Carla avoids Elliot and turk reminds her that she eventually needs to confront her. J.D. comes in and apologizes for not asking him about the posters. Elliot plans to take go to downtown and go crazy. As soon as she arrives a man steals her hat and she calls a taxi to go back home. Turk tells Dr. Kelso that the posters make him uncomfortable. Dr. Kelso doesn't agree and leaves them up. Turk threatens to sue him and Ted confirms the law suit would be over so quickly, Dr. Kelso would have to take a cab fire with him. The posters get taken down.

Carla apologizes to Elliot but by now she has noticed that fitting in with Carla and her friend is not easy. Her friend Patricia arrives at the hospital with her son who was cut with a knife. J.D gives Dr. Cox his evaluation, that right now J.D. only cares about what people think about him and does not believe in himself. He wanted J.D. to do his own evaluation so he thinks about himself. Elliot calms down Patricia and Elliot realizes she fits in after all. J.D. thinks about himself while Dr. Cox mentions him at the evaluation meeting as one of the bright future doctors.