Season 1 Episode 8

My Fifteen Minutes

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 15, 2001 on NBC

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  • Amazing! What else is there to say.

    After J.D. and Turk decide to go to a strip club for lunch and see protesters covering it. They begin to get interviewed by a newsreporter about why they were going there and then the cameramen falls. J.D. and Turk become heors when they save his life, but when Turk finds out he is on everyone of the hospital's posters he feels racism and being explotied. After aving a talk with Dr.Kelso about it he agrees to take them after (after Turk theatened to sue of corse). Elliot is supposed to go out to lunch with Carla and a friend when Carla says her mother called and she has to go. Elliot goes to a bar herself and meets Carla there, upsetting Elliot greatly. Carla feels bad about what she does and apoligizes to Elliot. Elliot finally feels like she fits in with a group and is happy. A great episode dealing with friendship and racism.