Season 1 Episode 8

My Fifteen Minutes

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 15, 2001 on NBC

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  • JD's evaluation.

    I have to give this episode something, plot development. We see a lot of it in this episode. The plot starts off with JD & Turk going to a strip club, only to find the news crew there, once their interviewed by the newsgirl, Turk gets all the publicity because he's a black doctor. The plot that really stood out was JD's evaluation. Cox is supposed to evaluate him, but he assigns JD to evaluate himself, he orders back Cox to do it. Cox's speech to JD was heart-warming. "Stop worrying on what people think of you... You don't have to answer to Kelso, to me..." Such a great speech, and in the end Cox gives a special mention about JD to the board about what a great doctor he is. Cox is probably the most developed on this show so far. Elliot wants to spend some time with Carla and her friend. But Carla tricks Elliot not to go, so she can spend some alone time with her friend. Only one problem: Eliot bumps in to both of them at the bar. Some funny moments: In which Elliot takes a night out on the town, two seconds after being outside, she runs back in the taxi. Hilarious, really broke the "throw your hat in the air" cliche. Then with the all the diversity posters and how JD was on the college brochure twice for diversity. Genius. Everything is resolved in the end, and I can see JD improving like Cox said. A good episode.