Season 3 Episode 7

My Fifteen Seconds

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 2003 on NBC

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  • Good concept.

    This week's concept is a rather good one: listening. Listening is important in all aspects. Listening is portrayed in many plots of this episode, which gave this episode meaning. Kelso had the hearing problem because of the new equipment, so everyone made fun of Kelso throughout the whole episode. It turns out doctors only give patients 15 seconds of time to talk so they can hear to solve the diagnosis. Nicole Sullivan reprises her role for the third time as Tracy. Her character has really developed since her first time on this show. At first, she was so happy,a and as we see in this episode, things have changed. JD continues to date Danni, Jordan's sister, much to Cox's discomfort when he has to see JD everywhere now since he is with Jordan, they always end up going on "double dates." Meanwhile Elliot makes the distinction between doctor and nurse when Carla gives Elliot advice, and it ends up messing up the patient. I sort of wasn't a HUGE fan of this plot since they already did this doctor vs. nurse but it's awkward since you're friends thing with JD and Carla in 111. It turns out Tracy was trying to commit suicide, and JD & Cox never listened, they go back to the hospital to recruit her and they end up saving her. An emotional scene. All elements of this episode led up to one concept: Listening, which made the episode that more enjoyable.
  • JD and Danni are great!!

    I don't like the actress Tara Reid. But her characte Danni is great and i love her hooking up with JD! It's great how Dr Cox is annoyed by it, because they are at their house (Guest room). The best moment was definatly Dr Cox walking into the room when JD ddoes his dance and JD covering his penis with a photo of Jack ("What are you doing with my little boy you sick SICK bastard!). But the best part of it was JD then switching the pic with one of Dr Cox (Perry's facial expression *lol*). I'm glad that JD got Danni now after all these episodes were Elliot had Sean and he was alone and jealous
  • Classic Cox and JD dynamics.

    As much as Cox loves to rip on JD (although he did call him "JD" when they were on the ferris wheel, as opposed to the typical girl's name), their dynamics when they were at dinner when they realized what actually happened to Jill, as well as when they were comforting her at the hospital, shows just how much their relationship has improved over the years. I also find the whole Tara Reid plot to be a little bit odd, as she doesn't really look like Jordan's sister. But hey, as a 23 year old guy, I won't complain. Besides, they can always bring her back for a random episode (like whenever they had the lockdown)
  • Great!

    JD and Cox are force to spend a lot of time together thanks to the fact that JD is now dating Jordan's younger sister, which causes some anguish among them until Cox tells Danni that JD once sleep with Jordan, while they are doing that, they are also going out with the mystery of Jill to whom they apparently can't find something that make her to poison, but until Jordan tells something to the both of them they discovered that things are not going well in her life, and she poision herself. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso gets deaf and everyone tells him exactly how they feel about him (except for Ted), Carla must face the truth that she is not the boss inside the hospital and follows Elliot's orders, and Janitor begins to provide the voice around the hospital which brings some conflict around. What a really cool episode!
  • JD andDanni's relatioship Vs Perry Cox

    The opening scene of this episode is hilarious, JD worrying that his new girlfriend will nickname his genitals something embarrassing such as “little buddy” like one of his previous girls did and Dr Cox being absolutely unenthused that JD was sleeping with his sister in law, not to mention JD covering his nudity with a picture of Cox’s son Jack.

    The episode gets even better from there with Cox being so fed up with JD that he “accidentally” blurts out that JD slept with Jordan and the fifteen second rule with patients.

    This episode is guaranteed to have no boring scenes and fifty laughs per minute (on average). Overall, this episode couldn’t be done any better and is a very good watch.
  • As J.D's relationship with Danni progresses, he and Dr. Cox are forced to spend more time together outside of the hospital, to Perry's great chagrin. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso accidentally punctures his eardrums giving the hospital staff an opportunity to tell

    Well the one thing i like about Scrubs apart from the fact it's a comedy is that on occasion it provides fact like doctor spend on average 15 seconds dealing with finding out what wrong with patient, this is quite understanable since doctor have to deal with a lot patients. Still i did get they tried very well to take the micky out it by doing the joke 3 times.

    That wasn't the best part, J.D new girlfriend, i loved how he was doing the dance and Dr.Cox walked in and he grabs a picture of his son then he grabs a picture of Dr.Cox. That was best begaining to Scrubs i seen in a long time. Still you got love the timing of Dr.Cox mentioning J.D and Jorden hooking up on top of Faris Wheel. That was really cold even for Dr.Cox, i understand he hated the lovey-dovey stuff but you would think after 2 years he would of got used to J.D by now, i get his point about keeping work-life and Home-life diffrent but let face it, when it comes to J.D and women it won't last more then a few months.

    i personally don't find Kelso funny in fact he's begaining to annoy me, what is the point of this chacter, i mean he not important to Scrubs compared to other chacter like Dr.Cox. it feel like writer just don't know what to do about this chacter. Still giving him a crap story-line like punching his ear-drum wasn't exactly that funny, it's quite a serious thing. Janitor, well doing doctor annocements, that was little bit funny but this was another chacter that has been under-used in the past. i like how they managed to fit all the chacter in this episoide.