Season 8 Episode 18

My Finale

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • All the love for My Finale can be attributed to Part 2. Part 1 on its own is a pretty weak half hour. It did its job setting up Part 2, but it won't come off nearly as well in syndication.

    Taking Part 1 as its own episode, I can only rate it average at best. I was disappointed that a show I loved was once again going to get a mediocre finale while I was watching the first half. Don't get me wrong: Part 2 completely blew my socks off, and made it one of if not the most satisfying finale's I've ever seen. If I were rating this as one hour-long episode, I would give it 9+. But looking at Part 1 in a vacuum, it's plodding and not all that entertaining. Granted, it really wasn't written to stand on its own, but it's going to be shown that way in syndication. They could have spruced it up a bit for that reason.
  • Series finale, part one.

    This honestly felt like any other episode, well part one did anyway, JD's leaving and he expects a goodbye from everyone. The only really funny scene is when JD turns off all the lights in the hospital in a fantasy, other than that, we got some flashbacks of his first day, and some heartfelt goodbye's, not all but some.

    Turk's goodbye was hilarious, and of course heartwarming. Kelso decides not going back to work and leaves with his favorite table at the coffee shop after hanging around there all season. Cox can't say goodbye to JD, it's just a "day." That part was heartbreaking for JD and myself.

    Other than that, this episode was just setup for the rest of the series finale: part two. It was entertaining though. I'll give it that.
  • Pure amazing.

    Simply one of the best shows ever. Even if it was lacking that funny humor JD has given us for the first few seasons. Scrubs went out with a bang, and I honestly can say I would have not had it any other way. Perfect end to and incredible 8 years. Scrubs, there are so many moments of which I can look back on and just grin. I've heard that the show is coming back for a next generation type spin-off, doesn't sound too great too me seeing as I...yes...almost cried at the end of the series finale, but this is also a good chance to see what Bill Lawrence has left in him besides making a new series about something much more different.

    But I will watch the first few episodes and see what there is too offer.
  • J.D's last day at Sacred Heart (Part 1)

    Part 1 is entertaining. It shows us the ups and downs of having a last day much like thye did when showing J.D's first day. It shows us the quirks we get on our last day, the things we ask ourselves: Who will say goodbye? Will anyone miss me? and even a little bit of Will anybody care when I'm gone? It shows us that our friends are always caring and that some people can't say goodbye. It shows us that even on our last day we can't avoid bad news and that even our job will go on after we leave. While it's not an equal to Part 2, Part 1 of this finale gets the ball rolling down to a great, smashing conclusion.
  • You came, we saw, we loved. Now we miss. With loving memories.

    Does it suck? I think folks you know the answer to that one. But more than just losing a show we look forward everyweek to bring some source of joy, we know have to accept that its gone, and that there are many shows on now that just aren't gonna cut it. Like it or not, we now have to find another source of escape. Sadly, we bid goodbye to this show much in the good vein JD n Cox did when brendan frasiers characther died - in loving memory. Take care folks, its been fun going on the scrubs ride. To the producers/actors of scrubs (if by any chance you're reading) thanks for the good times. We'll miss you.
  • A well-done, fitting finale

    I must be honest: I was ready for Scrubs to end. Season 7, with the set up between Elliot, JD, and Keith felt like it was positioning itself on a good note to end on, and in any case, it is always best for a series to end before it becomes stale instead of limping on like a crippled dog. (Simpsons, you are on notice.) But NBC's treatment of the Scrubs finale was downright criminal. Writer's strike notwithstanding, at the very least, they could have bothered to hold onto the Kelso episodes and air them last. The retiring of Dr. Kelso may be a bit anti-climactic, but at least it's a change; the 'fairy tale' episode was weak by even weekly standards and provided no closure whatsoever.

    I was a bit wary when ABC said they would be picking the show up, but optimistic when they decided it would just be for one last season. As somebody who has grown up with this show; who used it to survive high school the way most teenagers latch onto music, who almost felt a piece of the ensemble at Sacred Heart, the previous 'finale' was a slap in the face.

    And what was helpful, as well, was that knowing this would be the last season, the writers did not leave every loose end to be wrapped up in the finale. For instance: Instead of having there be a major relationship crisis between he and Elliot, we begin and end the episode where it is strong in their own quirky way. No focus is needed on Carla and Turk's marriage, aside from a brilliant quip about Carla's insecurity over who her husband loves more. I could go on, but there's hardly any need to.

    The Dr. Cox rant about JD is gratifying, but I felt it lost something with JD pulling a stunt to make sure he heard it. That, I feel, was a moment that needed to be tender, much like the end fantasy, and I would've preferred they not opt to make it a bit. But, then again, had they not, it might not feel as true to the Cox/JD relationship. Hrmm.

    Oh, and my favorite part was the inclusion of Mrs. Tanner at the very end. "My Old Lady" was the very first episode of Scrubs I'd ever seen, and for me still the very best, making the scene feel richer than it probably did for those who started with the Pilot or in later seasons.

    Overall, a 9 out of 10. Sure, it may not achieve the M*A*S*H finale status(Come on, that's never going to happen again) but by its own merit it is touching, witty, and supremely satisfying.
  • I'm not the biggest fan here but...

    I do like the show and I'm glad that the writers are still coming up with material. Wow never did see J.D. having a child and with that as many people do the child makes you grow up. Its refreshing to see the new interns dealing with their own struggles and with their own personalities....there are sum shows that base their new characters off the old characters personalities. Wow, Turk....He's come a long way especially now with his second child on the way and the Chief of Surgery title...thats so cool. I luv Carla and Elliot and the Janitor....he's a crack up. Its nice how you've put Kelso there at the hospital and have'nt just written him out of the show. For me I think all of the characters are essential for the show to continue to be a hit.
    Good Job!
  • My Finale, Part 1, Part 2

    I don't get has ended or what?...if it ended than I will cry ((....i love this TVshows and hope that it hasn't ended yet because I would watch 9th season for sure....this 2 episodes were great...I liked when he remembered his first days in hospital...also was funny when Turk and J.D couldn't hug :D...they are most beautiful not gay man huggers :D:D.....and Cox's speach was something great...I almost really cried when he said all those things about J.D and the final moments when he is seeing moments from future was great....I hope all his dreams will come true.....In the end I want to say that if it has ended than I'm gonna miss very much,but if there is going to be 9th season than I'm gonna watch for 100000%
  • J.D.'s last day at Sacred Heart continues with his final goodbyes to his friends, coworkers, and even several characters we haven't seen in a long time.

    The worst thing that TV shows do with series finales is leave too many threads hanging, or go too far afield from the show's modus operandi. The trick is finding that balance between making the episode still feel like the show you've come to love while simultaneously giving it the gravitas that should come with such a significant episode. Most of all, the viewers should feel a sense of closure about the series.

    Without a doubt, Scrubs did this better than any series finale I've ever seen. Better than M*A*S*H, better than Cheers, MUCH better than Seinfeld or The Sopranos. We get a sense of closure from all of the major characters in the series, from the Janitor to Dr. Kelso (even Ted!). The viewers get a glimpse of dozens of people from J.D.'s past, including his brother Dan, Leonard the Hook-handed Security Guard, Colin Hay (a musician who guest-starred in one episode and whose music appeared several times over the course of the show, and more than a few ex-girlfriends. We even see some who died - Jill Tracy and Mrs. Wilk show up.

    Finally, we get an idea of what might be in store for our friends at Sacred Heart, as J.D. imagines a bright future with Elliot and the others. And, as he says, who's to say that his fantasies won't come true - just this once...
  • A great "finale" episode. With the final scene we get to see what JD imagines his life to be after leaving Heart..We get to see him wedded, a father again, and still friends with Turk. Over all a very good episode.

    A great "finale" episode. With the final scene we get to see what JD imagines his life to be after leaving Heart..We get to see him wedded, a father again, and still friends with Turk. Over all a very good episode. I teared up a bit at the scenes of Bambi and Carla, of JD having a baby with Elliot and with Bob deciding he misses being a Dr. and going back into medicine. Every last high 5 with The Todd was sad. I also loved that the janitor said his name is Glen Matthews, or Tony...Neil Flynn is the best actor there is!
  • JD enters his final day at Sacred Heart with the desire to go out with a bang and have everyone treat it like a huge occasion.

    All writers PAY ATTENTION!!!!! This is how you finish a series!!!! Without doubt the best episode, a great conclusion tying up all lose ends evoking unbelievable emotion. After eight seasons im glad I watched and enjoyed the same laughs as always and the tear jerking desired affect that i'm sure they were going for.
    Turn away if you havent watched as this is the SPOILER part of the review.
    I loved the Dr Cox ending, it gave everything that im sure all Scrubs fans wanted to see without taking anything away from Dr Cox's personality, I laughed so hard I nearly cried.
    The farewell for Carla was touching.
    I think they could have done more with Turk as a goodbye, but the future montage made up for it.
    The hallway scene was amazing and well done.
    Finding out the Janitors name and that JD DID put the penny in the door was a touch of genius.
    The final montage was the best idea ever, I cant remember how many times Ive wondered what happened to characters after the show ends and although this was a shot of how things could be in the future or more specifically all that JD could hope for it was brilliant to see. Overall a 10 out of 10 and a must see episode.
  • I will agree with the person who reviewed it before me... I also started to tear up a little during the last cut scene... However, I think more for the fact that I knew the show was ending then for the scene it self.

    ... I love this show and I think that years from now I will still be watching this show in reruns... And as much as I love this show... I have to say that in the last two years it had gotten to be a little to "ZAINY"... Was it just me or did anyone else notice that each person was starting to become an extreme version of the first few years... JD wasnt just Quirky he was down right Childlike... JD and Turks relationship wasnt just tight it was alittle GAY Elliot wasnt just a little bit of a worrier she was Neurotic... Ted wasnt just walked upon he was a Loser... Etc etc etc.. So as much as I hate to see this show end... I think that it was time.
  • During the best fantasy JD's ever had i teared up...Seriously this episode is just Aaaaw. Ooh and great scene with Dr Cox revealing his feelings.

    I Loved it all including the Janitor revealing his name to JD as Glenn Matthew's (and okay it was a fake name but still)...and then we find out its actually Tommy! OMG I know the Janitors name! That in itself is worth watching this episode.
    Also JD admitted to putting THE penny in the door (which the janitor -or Tommy as we could call him - now wears around his neck on a chain)...which confused me because he did not. JD also had a few very sweet scenes with Carla, although i don't think she'll really have a chance to ever miss him because she's married to Turk - and that guarantees contact. It was cute of him to tell her that Turk loves them equally.

    Elliot was found to be slowly moving into JD's apartment without telling JD. Neurotically swapping his bed for her's, and apparently the bench-tops! Best of all was Dr. Cox's speech about JD being the best doctor his ever met and the only one to care as much as he does about patients AND he said he was A "Friend"!!!!!!!! and JD was standing right behind him! He tricked Cox by having Sunny pretend to be happy that it was his last day. AND THEN he let JD HUG him! To JD he smells like a father-figure - which is how i see their relationship, JD's like his grown up son.

    I was fine through almost the entire episode and was interested to find what they'd do with the last 8mins, turns out they filled it with JD's Best Fantasy eva and extra bloopers and people hugging and saying goodbye to Zack. Anyway so i get almost to the end of the fantasy and its Christmas at the Turk's (also a little shout out to the scene with Sam and Izzie getting engaged and just the reactions from an ecstatic JD and Turk was fantastic!), and then the Cox's arrive and JD and Turk show off their matching jumpers to Dr. Cox and he gets a"kill me now" face. Then everyones hugging everyone and its JD and Dr. Cox and JD opens his arms and Perry just begrudgingly walks into them! I teared up! That just meant SO much...I just wish he could have raised his arms a little instead of just standing there. But then that's the character isn't it?