Season 8 Episode 18

My Finale

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • During the best fantasy JD's ever had i teared up...Seriously this episode is just Aaaaw. Ooh and great scene with Dr Cox revealing his feelings.

    I Loved it all including the Janitor revealing his name to JD as Glenn Matthew's (and okay it was a fake name but still)...and then we find out its actually Tommy! OMG I know the Janitors name! That in itself is worth watching this episode.
    Also JD admitted to putting THE penny in the door (which the janitor -or Tommy as we could call him - now wears around his neck on a chain)...which confused me because he did not. JD also had a few very sweet scenes with Carla, although i don't think she'll really have a chance to ever miss him because she's married to Turk - and that guarantees contact. It was cute of him to tell her that Turk loves them equally.

    Elliot was found to be slowly moving into JD's apartment without telling JD. Neurotically swapping his bed for her's, and apparently the bench-tops! Best of all was Dr. Cox's speech about JD being the best doctor his ever met and the only one to care as much as he does about patients AND he said he was A "Friend"!!!!!!!! and JD was standing right behind him! He tricked Cox by having Sunny pretend to be happy that it was his last day. AND THEN he let JD HUG him! To JD he smells like a father-figure - which is how i see their relationship, JD's like his grown up son.

    I was fine through almost the entire episode and was interested to find what they'd do with the last 8mins, turns out they filled it with JD's Best Fantasy eva and extra bloopers and people hugging and saying goodbye to Zack. Anyway so i get almost to the end of the fantasy and its Christmas at the Turk's (also a little shout out to the scene with Sam and Izzie getting engaged and just the reactions from an ecstatic JD and Turk was fantastic!), and then the Cox's arrive and JD and Turk show off their matching jumpers to Dr. Cox and he gets a"kill me now" face. Then everyones hugging everyone and its JD and Dr. Cox and JD opens his arms and Perry just begrudgingly walks into them! I teared up! That just meant SO much...I just wish he could have raised his arms a little instead of just standing there. But then that's the character isn't it?
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