Season 8 Episode 18

My Finale

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • J.D.'s last day at Sacred Heart continues with his final goodbyes to his friends, coworkers, and even several characters we haven't seen in a long time.

    The worst thing that TV shows do with series finales is leave too many threads hanging, or go too far afield from the show's modus operandi. The trick is finding that balance between making the episode still feel like the show you've come to love while simultaneously giving it the gravitas that should come with such a significant episode. Most of all, the viewers should feel a sense of closure about the series.

    Without a doubt, Scrubs did this better than any series finale I've ever seen. Better than M*A*S*H, better than Cheers, MUCH better than Seinfeld or The Sopranos. We get a sense of closure from all of the major characters in the series, from the Janitor to Dr. Kelso (even Ted!). The viewers get a glimpse of dozens of people from J.D.'s past, including his brother Dan, Leonard the Hook-handed Security Guard, Colin Hay (a musician who guest-starred in one episode and whose music appeared several times over the course of the show, and more than a few ex-girlfriends. We even see some who died - Jill Tracy and Mrs. Wilk show up.

    Finally, we get an idea of what might be in store for our friends at Sacred Heart, as J.D. imagines a bright future with Elliot and the others. And, as he says, who's to say that his fantasies won't come true - just this once...