Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • A wonderful ending to an amazingly entertaining eight years.

    As soon as JD started to walk down the aisle of past guest stars, I lost it and started sobbing. I saw Mrs. Tanner, from the fourth episode of the very first season and I cried sad tears. But with Thomas Cavanagh, I was wepting happy tears. When I originally heard that most of the guest stars were returning for the finale episode, I wondered if the episode would consist of JD saying his goodbyes to each of them individually. Thankfully, it was appropriately a fanasty, so that we could see the deceased ones too. Most importantly though, I thought they fulfilled the Janitor's storyline as completely as I could have asked for. I was a little disappointed in his lack of presence in the last ten minutes where JD saw the 'movie of the future,' but I guess he wasn't the most important character to all fans, so other people need some closure too. Overall, I was extremely happy with the way they ended it, especially because things changed, but not EVERYTHING changed. I loved it.

    My one complaint, that I'm sure couldn't be changed, was: where was Richard Kind, my favorite reoccuring guest star?
  • What an incredible end to one of television's greatest shows

    I never get emotional during television shows or movies. The last time I actually got teary-eyed during a movie was The Green Mile. But Scrubs sort of got to me. Investing eight years into a TV show like this, where you get to know each character as if they were real life characters, takes a lot out of you when it ends. It's like friends passing away. I got choked up and found myself grinning the entire time at everything, from JD's "passing the torch" speech to the Janitor's attempts to get JD to admit he put the penny in the door.

    Scrubs has always been superb at balancing the drama and the comedy and finding a middle ground. Tonight, they really did strike the perfect balance. It had JD coming around full circle, finally growing up and leaving behind the old jokes and fantasies he used to live by every day. The montage at the end was heartwrenching, and at that point, watching JD stand there and watch what could become of his future, was just incredible. No hilarious fantasies, no jokes.. just pure hope. Hope that his future can turn out just as he's always imagined it.

    There were two moments that stood out to me as some of the best in the entire series. Dr. Cox admitting that he's respected JD and that he believes JD is just as good, if not better, than Dr. Cox because he's a respectable doctor, as well as person.. It was amazing to see Dr. Cox drop his tough persona for a moment and just reflect on JD's departure.. of course, JD turns this into a moment of triumph, but regardless, it was well written and incredible.

    Also, the walk down the hallway with all of the people that have guest starred in the show or had an impact on JD showed up to give him one last goodbye. This was, of course, a fantasy, but not a absurd one. It was heart warming. It made me smile and think back to my own memories of watching these characters and made me wish JD didn't have to leave.

    But I suppose all good things have to come to an end.. and Scrubs truly was one of the best. If this really is to be the last season, I think that fans and just casual watchers alike should be able to forgive the weaker seasons of the show and look at the show as a whole. When you do this, you can see that Scrubs truly was one of a kind and that each season had standouts. I personally hope they let Scrubs stay ended. The only way they should bring it back is if a majority of the cast comes back, and seeing as that's probably not going to happen, I'll be happy with the way they ended the show. Emotional, hilarious, and nearly perfect. Now it's time for Scrubs to let another show "take the reigns" and "pass on the torch.." I just had to say it.
  • An amazing way to end a season...

    Scrubs is good at mixing in drama with comedy, i think that this episode was the best one yet. I hope the network decides to renew this series because it really doesn't feel like J.D's story has ended. He starts a new life with new people and I'm curious to know how that turns out... Glenn Matthews, i wonder if that really is the Janitors real name... I guess we shall never find out! It is a mystery that even the writers can't solve. But what i love about this ending is that Dr. Cox finally admits that JD was the best thing that happened to the hospital because he is caring and compassionate. Turk, who doesn't love their bromance? It is epic! There were a lot of sentimental moments. I've been watching this show for eight seasons and neither of the season finales made me cry like this one. Because it shows what's in store for all of us. Love, friendship etc. Like i said before, they better renew this series because it is such a great one and it's classic. We watch doctor shows all the time but which doctor show has blatant and farce humor like this?
  • the absolute perfect finale to my favourite comedy of all time

    I knew I would cry and I did. Dr Cox saying how he felt about JD, Carla and JD saying they would miss each other and the whole montage at the end had me smiling and sobbing like a loon at the same time. This show was 8 years of brilliance and thank god, for once in tv land, the finale lived up to the show. Did everyone catch that it was BL as the cleaner removing JD's sign at the end, when JD was thinking about 'who could make his fantasy come true' ? SO clever and so typical. Zach Braff has grown up with this show as did JD and nothing could have been better as closure for both of them. I will miss them all.
  • most memorable episode but i'm still sad that this classic show is ending.

    my favorite part was that flash forward thing at the ending that shows JD and Elliot's future with a kid and Izzy and Sam getting married i sure hope JD and Elliot had a daughter i think they did, i couldn't tell. what a perfect ending and a beautiful one at that. i didn't see the beginning but i bet it was as great as the ending. i'll miss this show so much it's nutz. i miss it already. i am glad jd finally got his hug and we learn the janitor's first and last name. i'll miss this show very much. now that it's over.
  • One of the best series finales of all time. It did not let down, gave the viewer emotion and was everything you'd expect from a show with an 8 year history.

    It did not let down, gave the viewer emotion and was everything you'd expect from a show with an 8 year history.

    Two or three items from this episode may have made my list of ten favorite moments from the show: those being
    Dr. Cox finally expresses his feelings for JD
    The Blanks perform the theme song
    And of course, the final walk down the hallway where former cast members, including patients, doctors, and other ancillary characters all say goodbye to the show's lead as he exits Sacred Heart for the last time. Few shows have finales that live up to the reputation that gave them a long run. For Scrubs, this finale surpassed it!
  • JD prepares to leave Sacred Heart for good and he reminisces about the past and the future, while never ceasing to learn something from his friends and patients.

    This was one of the best series (maybe season) finales ever. Even if the show gets renewed for a new season it won't be as good as this past one. I feel like I could write my whole review on the last scene where JD walks out of the hallway and sees everyone he met on his journey at Sacred Heart. The part that really got me was the last seen where JD envisions his future and he sees a successful relationship with Elliot and happy memories with Turk,Carla, and Dr. Cox. This episode was really well done. JD seems to have grown up and he now understands that his fantasies aren't something to live by, but something to cherish. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of closure with Carla and Dr. Kelso. JD and Carla had that really great scene together, but that was really the only time we got to see her this episode. Dr. Kelso has re-discovered his passion and is moving on with his life, which is great, and I guess that given his minimal number of appearance this season, they wrote of the best they could. And the best they could turned out to be really great because Kelos' leave was triumphant and meaningful and very enjoyable. Overall I think this episode was awesome and the scenes with JD, Elliot, and Turk were acted out really well and their respective actors all played their parts tremendously (and that goes for all the actors in this episode too). With that Scrubs is done, at least for me, and I solute the cast and crew for a job well done.
  • Janitors name, Hug from Cox, Amazing future for the characters.

    this was honestly the best episode of scrubs. It filled the empty holes. It kept the same the same type of humor and drama, but it also made its own twist somehow, and even though there had been spoilers leaked out on the internet, i was still in love with this episode. I watched this series the first time it aired, and i watched it at the end. it kept me laughing, and crying. I am speechless! GREAT SERIES! After this episode, i am sad to see it end, but so happy to see it end on a great/amazing note!
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