Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Janitors name, Hug from Cox, Amazing future for the characters.

    this was honestly the best episode of scrubs. It filled the empty holes. It kept the same the same type of humor and drama, but it also made its own twist somehow, and even though there had been spoilers leaked out on the internet, i was still in love with this episode. I watched this series the first time it aired, and i watched it at the end. it kept me laughing, and crying. I am speechless! GREAT SERIES! After this episode, i am sad to see it end, but so happy to see it end on a great/amazing note!
  • JD prepares to leave Sacred Heart for good and he reminisces about the past and the future, while never ceasing to learn something from his friends and patients.

    This was one of the best series (maybe season) finales ever. Even if the show gets renewed for a new season it won't be as good as this past one. I feel like I could write my whole review on the last scene where JD walks out of the hallway and sees everyone he met on his journey at Sacred Heart. The part that really got me was the last seen where JD envisions his future and he sees a successful relationship with Elliot and happy memories with Turk,Carla, and Dr. Cox. This episode was really well done. JD seems to have grown up and he now understands that his fantasies aren't something to live by, but something to cherish. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of closure with Carla and Dr. Kelso. JD and Carla had that really great scene together, but that was really the only time we got to see her this episode. Dr. Kelso has re-discovered his passion and is moving on with his life, which is great, and I guess that given his minimal number of appearance this season, they wrote of the best they could. And the best they could turned out to be really great because Kelos' leave was triumphant and meaningful and very enjoyable. Overall I think this episode was awesome and the scenes with JD, Elliot, and Turk were acted out really well and their respective actors all played their parts tremendously (and that goes for all the actors in this episode too). With that Scrubs is done, at least for me, and I solute the cast and crew for a job well done.
  • One of the best series finales of all time. It did not let down, gave the viewer emotion and was everything you'd expect from a show with an 8 year history.

    It did not let down, gave the viewer emotion and was everything you'd expect from a show with an 8 year history.

    Two or three items from this episode may have made my list of ten favorite moments from the show: those being
    Dr. Cox finally expresses his feelings for JD
    The Blanks perform the theme song
    And of course, the final walk down the hallway where former cast members, including patients, doctors, and other ancillary characters all say goodbye to the show's lead as he exits Sacred Heart for the last time. Few shows have finales that live up to the reputation that gave them a long run. For Scrubs, this finale surpassed it!
  • most memorable episode but i'm still sad that this classic show is ending.

    my favorite part was that flash forward thing at the ending that shows JD and Elliot's future with a kid and Izzy and Sam getting married i sure hope JD and Elliot had a daughter i think they did, i couldn't tell. what a perfect ending and a beautiful one at that. i didn't see the beginning but i bet it was as great as the ending. i'll miss this show so much it's nutz. i miss it already. i am glad jd finally got his hug and we learn the janitor's first and last name. i'll miss this show very much. now that it's over.
  • the absolute perfect finale to my favourite comedy of all time

    I knew I would cry and I did. Dr Cox saying how he felt about JD, Carla and JD saying they would miss each other and the whole montage at the end had me smiling and sobbing like a loon at the same time. This show was 8 years of brilliance and thank god, for once in tv land, the finale lived up to the show. Did everyone catch that it was BL as the cleaner removing JD's sign at the end, when JD was thinking about 'who could make his fantasy come true' ? SO clever and so typical. Zach Braff has grown up with this show as did JD and nothing could have been better as closure for both of them. I will miss them all.
  • An amazing way to end a season...

    Scrubs is good at mixing in drama with comedy, i think that this episode was the best one yet. I hope the network decides to renew this series because it really doesn't feel like J.D's story has ended. He starts a new life with new people and I'm curious to know how that turns out... Glenn Matthews, i wonder if that really is the Janitors real name... I guess we shall never find out! It is a mystery that even the writers can't solve. But what i love about this ending is that Dr. Cox finally admits that JD was the best thing that happened to the hospital because he is caring and compassionate. Turk, who doesn't love their bromance? It is epic! There were a lot of sentimental moments. I've been watching this show for eight seasons and neither of the season finales made me cry like this one. Because it shows what's in store for all of us. Love, friendship etc. Like i said before, they better renew this series because it is such a great one and it's classic. We watch doctor shows all the time but which doctor show has blatant and farce humor like this?
  • What an incredible end to one of television's greatest shows

    I never get emotional during television shows or movies. The last time I actually got teary-eyed during a movie was The Green Mile. But Scrubs sort of got to me. Investing eight years into a TV show like this, where you get to know each character as if they were real life characters, takes a lot out of you when it ends. It's like friends passing away. I got choked up and found myself grinning the entire time at everything, from JD's "passing the torch" speech to the Janitor's attempts to get JD to admit he put the penny in the door.

    Scrubs has always been superb at balancing the drama and the comedy and finding a middle ground. Tonight, they really did strike the perfect balance. It had JD coming around full circle, finally growing up and leaving behind the old jokes and fantasies he used to live by every day. The montage at the end was heartwrenching, and at that point, watching JD stand there and watch what could become of his future, was just incredible. No hilarious fantasies, no jokes.. just pure hope. Hope that his future can turn out just as he's always imagined it.

    There were two moments that stood out to me as some of the best in the entire series. Dr. Cox admitting that he's respected JD and that he believes JD is just as good, if not better, than Dr. Cox because he's a respectable doctor, as well as person.. It was amazing to see Dr. Cox drop his tough persona for a moment and just reflect on JD's departure.. of course, JD turns this into a moment of triumph, but regardless, it was well written and incredible.

    Also, the walk down the hallway with all of the people that have guest starred in the show or had an impact on JD showed up to give him one last goodbye. This was, of course, a fantasy, but not a absurd one. It was heart warming. It made me smile and think back to my own memories of watching these characters and made me wish JD didn't have to leave.

    But I suppose all good things have to come to an end.. and Scrubs truly was one of the best. If this really is to be the last season, I think that fans and just casual watchers alike should be able to forgive the weaker seasons of the show and look at the show as a whole. When you do this, you can see that Scrubs truly was one of a kind and that each season had standouts. I personally hope they let Scrubs stay ended. The only way they should bring it back is if a majority of the cast comes back, and seeing as that's probably not going to happen, I'll be happy with the way they ended the show. Emotional, hilarious, and nearly perfect. Now it's time for Scrubs to let another show "take the reigns" and "pass on the torch.." I just had to say it.
  • This is the end, beautiful friend...

    Well, there ends one really epic show in history of TV. I sometimes feel the previous line may be bit of an overstatement. But let's face it any show that lasts for 8 years sure does qualify as epic. Well as expected it was nostalgic in every sense possible. I know, I might run through this moment possibly 30 minutes later and feel a bit absurd. For heaven's sake it is a TV show. But still, you invest a lot of your personal stories into the show, relate to the characters, and you gotta admit it, you should feel nostalgic and sad watching it. I don't want to write about the usual stuff that happened, like Cox admitting JD as the darn best doctor the dump has ever seen, or the Turk-JD hugs. What I did really love, was the ending. The teleplay was just amazing and gives in about 5 minutes the deserving farewell for a show that we invested 8 years in. While the story ending was one part, the real ending for the cast and crew was another. The final montage with Bill Lawrence wrapping up the show just says it all.

    I can't help relating my own personal life to the scheme of events that happened here. Next week, my school life comes to an end. I just have 3 more shifts at my job, where I've spent my last 2 years. Darn yes, Scrubs or reality, change is sure hard to digest.

    Well, Scrubs has been an great show. Bravo to the cast and crew.
  • A wonderful ending to an amazingly entertaining eight years.

    As soon as JD started to walk down the aisle of past guest stars, I lost it and started sobbing. I saw Mrs. Tanner, from the fourth episode of the very first season and I cried sad tears. But with Thomas Cavanagh, I was wepting happy tears. When I originally heard that most of the guest stars were returning for the finale episode, I wondered if the episode would consist of JD saying his goodbyes to each of them individually. Thankfully, it was appropriately a fanasty, so that we could see the deceased ones too. Most importantly though, I thought they fulfilled the Janitor's storyline as completely as I could have asked for. I was a little disappointed in his lack of presence in the last ten minutes where JD saw the 'movie of the future,' but I guess he wasn't the most important character to all fans, so other people need some closure too. Overall, I was extremely happy with the way they ended it, especially because things changed, but not EVERYTHING changed. I loved it.

    My one complaint, that I'm sure couldn't be changed, was: where was Richard Kind, my favorite reoccuring guest star?
  • I Can't believe its over. A fantastic finale, with a final scene that will become a cliché for other shows, I'm sure. Thank you Bill Lawrence for everything. This show has had the whole spectrum, from bringing tears of joy to tears of sadness.

    I do love it when shows manage to end on a high, sprinting across the finish line as opposed to limping over it. I'm not gonna over-analyse a finale, the important thing was it was both hilarious (taking the mick out of sitcom finale's: a stroke of genius) and moving (final past-and-future scene) And they couldn't have handled the janitor's name better, ultimately leaving it up to the viewer (personally i think he lied to J.D. and that orderly, and we still don't know his name, but i am so okay with that) The Dr Cox rant Encyclopedia (damn that is a hard word to spell) was great, and Dr Cox's feelings were super-dooper (I'm running out of praising adjectives here) Overall, a fandabidosy finale. Thank you ABC, the show should NEVER have ended on that silly fairytale episode, thank the cast for bringing the show to life, and thank you Bill, for eight great years. "Turn's out hooch was crazy"
  • The best finale I have ever seen...

    I have to say, it is a very long time, since I have seen such a touchy and great, great finale. I can't help myself, but, I had to cry a litte bit ... J.D. and Turk not together in the same place anymore, leaving the place, that made you, who you are, the scene with Dr. Cox, where he finally said, what he thinks about J.D...

    I will miss this series .. and, I hate them, for ending it, but, even I know, better to end it this way, but with a lame season ... and I hope, it is the end. Without J.D. and Turk as friends, I don't think, there will be much fun...

    What a great finale, I must say again. They did such a big job. Such a good job. In the last years, when I didn't feel too good, Scrubs was one of the few things, that could make me laughing and forgetting all around me...and now?...
  • Has it really been 8 years?

    Watching this finale brought back so many memories of a great show. It made me think about how my life has changed in the years since I first saw this unique quirky show at university when the 21st century was still young.
    A fine end to a great show, while J.D walked down the corridor I welled up which is not a common occurence. We saw what (I hope) J.D's future contains, a family with the girl he has been obsessed with since Episode 1, his best friend Turk still a part of his life and the closeness he has always wanted from Dr Cox.
    I just wish that J.D's brother could have had a slightly bigger role than being part of one of J.D's final fantasies and that the janitor's name was actually properly revealed. It was said that when we knew the name, Scrubs would be over, so what is it? He said Glenn Matthews, but was then called Johnny, so we still don't know. Personally I wanted it to be Neil Flynn (the actor's name) or Jan Itor. I really hope this doesn't mean that Scrubs is continuing.

    No J.D No Scrubs.
    Stick a fork in it...................
  • Incredible!

    All I can say is that the ending for scrubs was a heart wrenching episode. It was beautifully done it was done with eloquence and grace. I thought it was incredibly great and that it was the best ending to a TV series I've ever seen. I can't even put my emotions down in word that I had when I was watching it. But what I can say is that it can not have been done any better. I think that this episode displayed some great acting especially by Zach Braff, Judy Reyes and John C. McGinley. In a way i hope Scrubs doesn't come back because they ended it so beautifully that i just wouldn't want that to be ruined.
  • A near-perfect end to a near-perfect show.

    I cannot believe the show's been on the air for 8 years. It would've been such a wacky idea when it started to imagine it running this long, but it's a testament to its originality that it had such sticking power.

    Other reviewers have said already what an emotional punch this episode packed, so I won't add too much to that. One thing it seems no one's mentioned was that even though it was very much a wrap-up episode, there was still medicine. When JD and his patient's son were talking about Huntington's, I realised Scrubs has been one of the best shows to balance comedy and drama, and I think that's why we cared so much that the show (or at least JD's part in it) was ending.

    So what did get wrapped up?
    1. Cox finally reveals his true feelings about JD, and they hug (well the latter didn't reciprocate, but I think him not telling JD to stop was his version of hugging him).
    2. The Janitor's name is revealed. Now I know that one minute after he told JD, that a passing orderly addressed him otherwise, but I'd like to think that the orderly was wrong and the Janitor was telling JD the truth. Of course given the Janitor's penchant for lying, we can't ever really know (and I think that's what Bill Lawrence and Neil Flynn wanted).
    3. Elliot moves in with JD, Kelso returns to part-time work.

    And that last 10 minutes will go down as a classic ending - the hallway walk, the 'Book of Love' future montage, Ted's band singing the theme song as JD departed for the last time. I can't remember laughing so hard as when I saw JD and Turk's reaction to their children getting engaged (and I'd like to think that really would happen)!

    I can't say this about most other shows I've watched, but the first 5 seasons of Scrubs were so timeless and classic that I will continue re-watching them for a long time. The show did have a few rough years in the middle, but this last season has done a superb job of making me care about the characters again and the choices they've recently made. RIP, Scrubs.
  • A great end to a great show!

    I feel that over the years Finales have been unfairly treated with a huge expectation on them. But really all a finale shoulf be expected to do is leave no stone unturned and leave your audience with the feeling that the ride is over. Battlestar copped alot for a poor finale as some say it fizzled out. But at the end of the day it left no stone unturned and as a die hard fan of that show I was left with needing no more to see. Scrubs did just that very same thing this week. For the sake of time I will push the two parts of this ep together.

    J.D is prepping for his last day at Sacred Heart as he realizes that Eliott has almost all her stuff in his new apartment. He sees that she is secretly moving in with him, but just feigns anger to get morning sex. Turk then gives him a huge goddbye when he arrives but now Turk fears that his goodbye was too early. J.D intends to have a very important day and get Perry to finally open up to him about his feelings for him. But Perry insists that he will never do that. But J.D has more pressing problems to worry about as the Janitor tries to grill him about the pnny in the door 8 years ago. On top of all that he has a patient with Huntingtons whose son decides not to be tested for and he loses a patient due to lack of focus. He is also upset that more people care about Kelso moving on than they are that he is.

    All is resolved of coarse as J.D tricks Perry to opeing up, he admits to the Janitor that he did put the penny in the door and in return the Janitor tells him his real name (Glen Matthews) we think anyway as another doctor passes calling him Tony. Soon J.D takes his final walk out of Sacred Heart and fantasizes about all the people he has met and let into his heart and then he fantasizes about his possible future. The fantasy plays out like a slide show of his and Elliott's wedding, Elliott pregnant, a christmas party with Perry and Jordan and Sam marrying Izzy. Sure this ep wasn't as funny as some this season and certain moments did seem more labored than they should have been, but it left no stone unturned. And as a huge fan of the show I can happily say that they should end it there on a high rather than reboot without J.D, Kelso, Perry, Turk, The Janitor and a host of others following Zach out the door. Just be greatful for the 8 years of laughs and drama in Sacred Heart.
  • The final episode of season 8 of the popular series Scrubs (possibly the last episode ever) features John Dorian (JD) leaving Sacred Heart to move closer to his son, Sam. The episode features mainly on JD saying goodbye and reminiscing.

    Couldn't have asked for a more perfect end to the series really. Let's hope they keep it at that and don't add any more seasons with new characters. The final scene with JD leaving the hospital and the montage had me in tears, and there only a few things that will do that. Scrubs is one of the few shows that has managed to bridge the gap between comedy and emotion and has done it so incredibly well for most of it's seasons. Sure there was season 6 and 7 that were noticeably poorer, but let's focus on the positive, a near perfect end to a near perfect show. I'm sure everyone will join me in saying thanks for all the good times.
  • The greatest finish to the greatest series. J.D finishes his final day at Sacred Heart Hospital, and bids everyone fairwell - with an unexpected surprise at the end.

    This episode summed up everything Scrubs, and why Scrubs is fantastic.

    It contains its great humour, its serious moments, and everything else Scrubs.

    This is undoubtedly the final episode of an 8 year, 8 Season series.

    The final moments of the episode are truly heartwarming. Perry Cox finally admits to his admiration for J.D. After so many years of J.D looking up to him, especially in the earlier series - you always had the feeling that one day Cox would finally admit to respecting J.D.

    It was one of his serious rants that I've had such a privalege watching over the series, however I felt the moment of seriousness was sliced in half by J.D appearing behind him, which immediately made the audience want to laugh for his happiness.

    However, it was the final moments of the series that would be funny.

    J.D walks through a corridor seeing all the people from the series past. A few give a few comments, and as he reaches the end, he sees a big screen, and it shows him and Elliot married. Perry and Jordan, Turk and Carla all visit J.D and Elliot for christmas, showing them all living happily ever after.

    The scenes are touching, completing everything. Perry and Jordans marriage. J.D and Elliot's relationship. And J.D and Perrys friendship.

    Perry finally hugs J.D out of his own will, and with their classic hearty songs, the visuals conclude to J.D and Elliot kissing.

    J.D closes the show with his narration, giving an ending with any possiblity, saying that who says that last day dream won't come true?

    A Thrilling conclusion.
  • To Dr. Jonathan Doris and company

    Made an account just so i could review for this episode.

    I have every scrubs episode on DvD and can't count the number of times I've spent watching episode after episode. They are a real pick me up. The fact that Scrubs could show both so much comedy, so much emotion, and yet still keep it realistic to the type of real life medicine you see in hospitals was a real testament to the show's vitality.

    So we already covered how hard the cast, the crew, and the writers worked but what about the medical advisors and more importantly the real life Doctor John Dorian that made a cameo appearance on the episode, Jonathan Doris - I believe he was the son of the Huntingtons patient who told JD that sometimes not knowing what's going to happen is better. He, along with some other familiar names, have really helped prove that a comedic medical show like Scrubs can stay true to caring for others and fighting to save lives.

    So thanks you to Dr. Jonathan Doris, Dr. Jon Turk, Dr. Dolly Klock,and many many others. Your knowledge and experiences have helped give this show a credibility that easily separates it from the rest of the pack.

    Should the series end with this finale? I rated the episode a ten because honestly a better send off couldn't have been better and everyone knows that Zach Braff earned it. But as Scrubs has shown again and again that one person can't do it all on their own, there's no superman.
  • A perfect ending to a pretty perfect show.

    I always think that you need to have a finale that gives closure. So I approached the finale with alot of trepidation and expectation. In particular,when it comes to JD and Eliot. Boy was I happy with the finale. The first part of the episode I was fine, tear ducts in tact. Then the tributes began. As soon as JD walked down the hall past many many familiar faces, it started. And when JD and Carla said goodbye, that was it. I loved that JD admitted to the Janitor he put the penny in the door, it was a great call back to the pilot. i loved the man-hugs that JD and Turk shared through out the episode, and JD's last interaction with Dr. Kelso. And when JD (and the audience) watched as JD and Eliot got married, and had a child of their own. I hope beyond belief that JD and Eliot do end up in the way that JD envisioned, and I think that continuing the series might alter that. I think that ultimately Scrubs without JD isn't Scrubs at all, and this was a fitting end to a wonderful show.
  • Perfect round up to one of the best comedies of our time

    The show overall has been excellent pretty much through and through. Of course even the best of all shows have the every now and again bad episode but this one episode in particular couldn't have been further from it.

    When watching it I knew the ending would be a big one for me and I felt caught out by not realising how much I was going to miss this show until it was over.

    I thought it was very clever how every character got an individual send off and the J.D. / Dr Cox send off couldn't have been better.

    Though over and above the best scene, even though it was a little cheesy, was the hallway and future scene. Reliving so many episodes and so many stories in a short space of time was overwhelming. Only to be followed by the "dream future" presented to us on the back of the Goodbye sign.

    10/10, one of the best finales I've seen. I can only hope that we start to see the cast and crew back in films and other TV shows delivering the same powerful comedic talents in new roles.
  • J.D's last day at Sacred Heart (Part 2)

    I'll just say this here to get it out of the way: this is probably my favorite Scrubs episode. It's well balanced, well written, well acted, just perfect. The end is what really got me (also there was the joke of J.D's imagination on sitcom endings and a blacked out, panic striken hospital, but I can't remember if it was in this episode or Part 1, either way, excellent joke). Anyway, the end was brillant. I think it might have been done before, somewhere else, but it's just fine here. J.D walking down that hallway and seeing everyone (though they're in his head), it reminds us what we go through at places we've been, people we can forget and people we will always remember. The tapestry and film future scene was also good. It shows us to look forward to our future, and as J.D's last patient's son points out, sometimes it's better to leave it to the imagination then knowing it. The music selection was "Book of Love" sung by Peter Gabriel. It was wonderful to listen to, as you looked at what J.D imagined the future to be and maybe will be. You feel good, even full of joy as the show ends and full of happiness for J.D as he rides off into the night. This will be a show I will never forget.
  • A fitting and thoroughly entertaining end to a fantastic show.

    Regardless of whether or not the show does return in some form next season (which is looking quite likely) this is definitely the final episode with the original cast. Fortunately regardless of what may or may not be happening behind the scenes the episode is certainly played as a final episode and is much stronger for it. For me the best way a show can end is to make it so that the show simply wouldn't make sense to continue. Here this was set up in the previous couple of episodes which JD first deciding to move closer to his son and then getting a job at a different hospital. Because of this we already knew how and why he was going to leave, so the job of the last episode was to wrap everything up in not only a satisfying manner, but a funny one too. Thankfully it succeeds brilliantly.

    While I feel that everything that happened here could've been crammed into a usual 20 minute episode, doubling the runtime for this occasion was definitely the right way to go. It meant nothing needed to be rushed to get to the next plot point and that every main character could get an appropriate amount of screentime. Although all of the most important moments happened in the second half of the episode there was still some good stuff in the first half.

    While the opening 20 mins or so were mainly about set up it still worked well. Turk's over the top goodbye and being introduced to the last patient JD would be treating in Sacred Heart were two of the main points. Of course JD wasn't the only character leaving, Kelso had decided to go back to work and therefore leave the coffee shop he'd spent the majority of season 8 in. As a result he got the first goodbye, which was probably the most realistic one. The moment when JD thought all of the people in the hospital were saying goodbye to him before the reveal it was actually Kelso they were talking to was a nice moment and gave a usual funny reaction from JD. As he himself pointed out Kelso got his emotional goodbye episode last season and so the small sweet scene between the two of them here was enough.

    Although we did get a bit of focus on the new interns, the cameras were mainly on the main cast. There were some nice call back gags in here, the obvious one being Dr. Cox's rants. While they could've gone the easy route and used the book of rants as an excuse to use old material they only used one rant while still mentioning it a few times so it worked nicely. The other major call back was to the very first episode and the penny in the door incident. While funny this is the kind of joke that could've been run into the ground easily, but was used sparingly throughout the first part of the episode so that it didn't get annoying.

    Speaking of jokes, as is common on Scrubs they ranged from superb to humourous to silly but fun to silly but poor. Fortunately the average was much nearer the superb end of the scale allowing for an episode that was still funny as well as emotional. Scrubs has always had a good balance of having the jokes work well with the drama, but even so it could be easy to overlook the humour in the final episode. Friends is a good example of how a last episode can have far too much drama and simply forget it's meant to be a sitcom. But being a better show, Scrubs doesn't fall into that trap.

    Of course the most memorable scenes were in the later stages of the episode. While it was nice to discover that JD had in fact dropped the penny in the door in the Pilot I find it unlikely that the writing staff had thought that far ahead so early therefore making it slightly less important. The best moment with the Janitor was definitely when we finally discovered his name. The fact that he called JD out on never asking his name was a great one as I don't think he ever did, and yet it didn't seem strange! While the Janitor did seem to be being genuine for once his story about having a speech impediment still came off as one of his made up stories. However it was far more believable than most so it didn't take anything away from the hilarious moment just after JD walked away. To have a simple orderly, an extra, someone of no importance be the one to reveal the Janitor's real name was priceless (unless you're cynical enough to think that the Janitor may have given the orderly a false name too).

    Arguably the biggest moment of the episode was Dr. Cox revealing his true feelings for JD. While there'd been enough said about their relationship that most people guessed as to how he truly felt about him after eight years it was great to hear him say it himself. Also that JD tricked him into admitting it made the moment even better as not only did he get to hear how Cox really felt but he clearly new he could get it out of him with just a little help from Sonny. The icing on the cake was JD walking away with his hands in the air exclaiming "he thinks I'm an exceptional person" only to hit them on the top of the door. Just another brilliant example of Scrubs superbly combining an emotional moment with a funny one.

    So with JD's day finally over, all his goodbye's said it was just him left with his thoughts, the same way we met him all the way back in the first episode (whether that was intentional or not). Of course unlike the first episode he wasn't alone onscreen as he imagined various characters from the show appear in the hallway. The ones picked to appear first, and therefore be more noticeable were appropriate and it was nice to see some of the old characters back, even if just for a brief moment.

    Then he turned the corner and saw pretty much every character who had been in more than two episodes over the course of the show. This was a moment that was borderline cheesy, but JD wanted a strong farewell and I guess this was meant to be his way of giving it to himself, and of course the audience. Again it was great to see so many familiar faces show up for the finale and it was very well handled. (Although gotta say that Turk's surgeon boss form season 3 being there seemed a bit out of place as I don't think she ever even met JD!) That they only gave some characters a line was the right choice as it would've made the small scene too cramped otherwise. So funny lines from the likes of Lonnie were nicely balanced with more subtle shots like the nod from Keith. And of course ending on Hooch in a straight jacket with him saying the line "Hooch is crazy" was superb! JD's monologue as he walked past everyone was perfectly suited to the ending of the show. By saying you shouldn't live in the past for too long was his way of admitting a show should go out when it's still hood, rather than waiting around to get cancelled, at least that's how I saw it.

    But it still wasn't over. Like I said I felt it was the right choice making this a double episode and the last five minutes or so are mainly why. The ending scene needed to be as long as it was, however the amount of time it would've taken away from a usual 20 minute episode would've been too much. So because of the longer episode we got to see an extended epilogue played out as JD's final fantasy. Having watched these characters for eight years we want to know how they'll end up and so the moments seen on the back of JD's goodbye sign worked brilliantly to show us. Also from a production standpoint as only fantasies it doesn't matter if any storylines in possible future episodes of Scrubs affects them.

    So the final episode lived up to everything it had to and gave us a suitably emotional last day for JD. While my understanding is that Scrubs is a relatively underappreciated show in the States, over here in the UK it's huge! There's like four different channels that have the rights to it, meaning that you'll almost always find an episode on at some point every day! Due to that as well as the show's nature to transcend both the comedy and drama genres Scrubs has given us eight years of entertainment, and it'll still be shown on TV for a long time yet!
  • A perfect ending that makes you cry like there's no tomorrow.

    Everything about this episode is just perfect, there's nothing that could have been better. It's so great so see the show and all characters come to such an great ending, a bright look into future and - I'm still crying, it's such a beautiful way to end the series. This is a goodbye in a great way, and I will always remember the show and the funny jokes and charakters - it was so great to see Hooch and all of them one last time again.

    Thank you for the last eight years. For everything.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • I've never seen a better ending for a show.

    Over the years i have grown to love scrubs, and even though they switched from NBC to ABC, the had a killer season finale.

    They closed so much lose ends. Cox and Jordan happier then ever, janitor gets married (i didn't see that coming) and ted gets a girlfriend! That was so cute.

    When Cox told sunny how he really felt about JD, it was awesome. It was total fluff but in character, nicely done.

    And the last part where JD walks through the hallway, with all the people he had met in his career, and the "movie" of his future was perfect, it made me cry like a baby. There are so much rumors that the show will go on, but i hope that they leave it with this. They could not have had a better ending.

    This episode was a solide 10 for me.
  • I hope this show doesn't have any more episodes.

    The finale was great that I don't wanna see any more episodes of Scrubs. I know one thing for sure, it's better than the way NBC tried to end it. ("Is that how the story ends...No, but that the way I'm telling it.")In the world of Sacred Heart, it was just a normal day (esp. since the eighth season had been not as dramatic as the others but that made the finale even better.) Some cheesy sitcom finales had everyone saying their goodbyes like crazy (Scrubs did too but it was normal.) and some finales had "all the power wired in one switch." Anyway, but in J.D's head, (esp. at the end) when every minor character was shown (I wished that they would show the interns from Season 7...they probably did..hiding in the crowd..) Then in the end, J.D creates a happily-ever reality for him and his friends and how his fantasties could be true. That scene was both heartwarming and comical at the same time...(Not many finales can do that but Scrubs can and did.) Let's end Scrubs on a good more episodes...I rather remember this epically hilarious comedy-drama in this light.
  • Perfect ending to one of my favourite shows.

    The episode was a double length one and was great. It was all about JD's last day at Sacred Heart, where he had been a doctor for 8 years.

    The scene near the end when JD walked down the hallway on his way out with everyone lining the halls was great. It was nice to see alot of the characters from his past come back one last time. And obviously the other great bit was when Dr Cox finally said the truth about how he felt about JD. It has to be a, without a doubt 10 out of 10.
  • Better Finale Than The Friends One. Best Finale Ever!!! Yeah I Said It.

    I better not be eating my words if Scrubs does continue with a ninth season under the same name. Ah who cares, it's named the finale now so i'll review it as a finale and what a fantastic finale it was. The opening sequence where J.D. reminisces about his first day and how funny it was proves that Scrubs never lost any of it's humor even after 8 seasons. The whole episode after that fell into place perfectly using typical J.D. style daydreams and Turk rants all leading up to Dr Cox finally giving J.D. his hug. But the best moment of the whole episode was Dr Cox's unveiling of his true feelings for J.D.. It was heart felt, well placed and done in a way that fitted both characters. The sequence when JD. walks down the hall was just the icing on the cake of Scrubs which we have been dining on for 8 years and I'm glad it was topped off with such a fantastic ending. Farewell Scrubs.
  • Great ending to the season, but not the series.

    May 20th 2009, just anounced Scubs will come back next year. Well this puts a new light on the subject. Scrubs apparently is not going anywhere. This episode was a fitting sendoff to a great show. I don't know if I'll watch next years. I'll just let this ending be the end. Bye forever J.D. and your crew, you made TV tolerable. Bye Kleso, Turk, Cox, Elliot and carla. Bye Janitor, and all the people that made Scrubs what it was. A fantastic show with a lasting ton of reruns. Once again goodbye Scrubs and may you live on in TVLAND HISTORY!
  • Couldnt have ended any better!

    Move over friends! Scrubs just took the top spot!

    Cant believe its over! Thank god though it was the best ending we could have asked for.. No sad sitcom ending tryin to end a story but instead we got an image of a future JD could have so we wouldnt be left wonderig....
    I dont think they should bring it back for another season with new characters.. Just leave it the way it ended on a fantastic note..

    One of the best shows on tv for 8 years.. Never let us down and continuosly made us laugh!!! Il miss you scrubs!!! :(
  • the perfect finale!

    this episode was my 3rd favourite episdoe of scrubs of all time. It's so well put together, the ending in my view is one of the greatest endings ever. I loved it and it also put together drama with comedy for e.g at the end jd says goodbye to dr cox and sets dr cox up to admit without knowing that jd is the best doctor ever to walk though sacred heart and also how he is his friend jd hears this, as he was supposed to as he and sonny set the whole thing up. Jd gives him a hug and walks how saying that he (Dr Cox) thinks hes a exeptional person. Then the best bit is when he walks down the corridor to the exit and as he does everyone who has been seen and known and has passed away in his care stand down it to show all the experience he has had at scared heart. Then we see hooch at the end as well with him saying "hooch IS crazy" haha. When he walks out he see's his future on the back of his goodbye banner. Where he has a baby with elliott and gets married to her and sam and izzie get married and jd faints (lol), and it is shere brilliance. Bill Lawrence then rips down the banner and makes an appearance saying goodnight, Jd says it back and drives off brilliant.
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