Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • A near-perfect end to a near-perfect show.

    I cannot believe the show's been on the air for 8 years. It would've been such a wacky idea when it started to imagine it running this long, but it's a testament to its originality that it had such sticking power.

    Other reviewers have said already what an emotional punch this episode packed, so I won't add too much to that. One thing it seems no one's mentioned was that even though it was very much a wrap-up episode, there was still medicine. When JD and his patient's son were talking about Huntington's, I realised Scrubs has been one of the best shows to balance comedy and drama, and I think that's why we cared so much that the show (or at least JD's part in it) was ending.

    So what did get wrapped up?
    1. Cox finally reveals his true feelings about JD, and they hug (well the latter didn't reciprocate, but I think him not telling JD to stop was his version of hugging him).
    2. The Janitor's name is revealed. Now I know that one minute after he told JD, that a passing orderly addressed him otherwise, but I'd like to think that the orderly was wrong and the Janitor was telling JD the truth. Of course given the Janitor's penchant for lying, we can't ever really know (and I think that's what Bill Lawrence and Neil Flynn wanted).
    3. Elliot moves in with JD, Kelso returns to part-time work.

    And that last 10 minutes will go down as a classic ending - the hallway walk, the 'Book of Love' future montage, Ted's band singing the theme song as JD departed for the last time. I can't remember laughing so hard as when I saw JD and Turk's reaction to their children getting engaged (and I'd like to think that really would happen)!

    I can't say this about most other shows I've watched, but the first 5 seasons of Scrubs were so timeless and classic that I will continue re-watching them for a long time. The show did have a few rough years in the middle, but this last season has done a superb job of making me care about the characters again and the choices they've recently made. RIP, Scrubs.