Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • A great end to a great show!

    I feel that over the years Finales have been unfairly treated with a huge expectation on them. But really all a finale shoulf be expected to do is leave no stone unturned and leave your audience with the feeling that the ride is over. Battlestar copped alot for a poor finale as some say it fizzled out. But at the end of the day it left no stone unturned and as a die hard fan of that show I was left with needing no more to see. Scrubs did just that very same thing this week. For the sake of time I will push the two parts of this ep together.

    J.D is prepping for his last day at Sacred Heart as he realizes that Eliott has almost all her stuff in his new apartment. He sees that she is secretly moving in with him, but just feigns anger to get morning sex. Turk then gives him a huge goddbye when he arrives but now Turk fears that his goodbye was too early. J.D intends to have a very important day and get Perry to finally open up to him about his feelings for him. But Perry insists that he will never do that. But J.D has more pressing problems to worry about as the Janitor tries to grill him about the pnny in the door 8 years ago. On top of all that he has a patient with Huntingtons whose son decides not to be tested for and he loses a patient due to lack of focus. He is also upset that more people care about Kelso moving on than they are that he is.

    All is resolved of coarse as J.D tricks Perry to opeing up, he admits to the Janitor that he did put the penny in the door and in return the Janitor tells him his real name (Glen Matthews) we think anyway as another doctor passes calling him Tony. Soon J.D takes his final walk out of Sacred Heart and fantasizes about all the people he has met and let into his heart and then he fantasizes about his possible future. The fantasy plays out like a slide show of his and Elliott's wedding, Elliott pregnant, a christmas party with Perry and Jordan and Sam marrying Izzy. Sure this ep wasn't as funny as some this season and certain moments did seem more labored than they should have been, but it left no stone unturned. And as a huge fan of the show I can happily say that they should end it there on a high rather than reboot without J.D, Kelso, Perry, Turk, The Janitor and a host of others following Zach out the door. Just be greatful for the 8 years of laughs and drama in Sacred Heart.