Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • the best ending ever

    it is j.d last day and he expects it to be something big. but it was not a big good bye. when i saw the commercial for the last episode and i thought j.d would get a big goodbye. wrongo. he got bye's from all his friends and dr.cox told j.d he did not care that it was his last day. it seemed to j.d that this would be a bad goodbye. as j.d leaves the hospital for the last time the janitors last words to him were."it was nice knowing you john dorian" he seemed to mean it to. as soon as j.d leaves the hospital dr.cox is tricked in revealing his true feelings about j.d. unfortuantly for dr.cox j.d was still there and hear every word dr.cox said. and as j.d walks down the hallway to leave the hospital for the last time he imagines old girl frinds. his brother and old friends and new friends are lined in the hall way. with lavern saying to j.d "keep it holy q-tip" to the last person in the hall hooch. and as everyone else has said it, it is now hooches turn to say it. "hooch is crazy" and as j.d turns around he see's it's all gone. as he leaves the hospital he has another fantasy. and i don't care you did not like this episode everyone loved the ending. j.d fantacy was of his future. with the song "book of love" playing. it show's him and elliot getting married and izzy and sam getting married. j.d step's down the steps looks up at the hospital as a janitor(played by the creator of the show) say's good night to j.d as j.d responds back "good night" then drives away
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