Season 8 Episode 19

My Finale, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • A fantastic end to a brilliant, albeit predictable, series

    Well, I'm a grown heterosexual man, with the emotional complexity of the average brick. And yet - don't tell anyone - the end of this episode moved me to tears. Apparantly I'm more delicate than my tough-guy persona lets on...

    The series hasn't really done itself proud in terms of storyline twists, with the Dorian/Reid reunion that was almost obligated to occur, Nurse Turk becoming pregnant, and the evolution of Cox probably being the only real highlights in that regard. It has been mostly business as usual in terms of the episodes themselves, although the formula never seems to get old. The finale didn't actually deviate from it much. But this ep's underlying theme, of farewells, fantasia and future, was captured incredibly well by Lawrence et al. and it was unforgettably satisfying to see JD get his comeuppance over Percival at long last!

    It was the silver screen moment at the end, though, which set off the eye shower. It was the Peter Gabriel track, I swear... that man is a god! Still, JD's look into his future was incredibly poignant, and I can only bet that Bill Lawrence had an incredibly enjoyable time writing and filming that bit. The walk through his past encounters at Sacred Heart was also a brilliant touch. Overall, it was a fantastic send-off to the show. I'm not sure I'll bother getting into the new series, as it does seem like they're flogging a dead horse a bit with the change in direction. Still, they pulled out the magic here. An incredible episode, and one which I'm sure I'll be watching again at some point. I'll be prepared for the emotional ending this time, though...
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