Season 1 Episode 1

My First Day

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2001 on NBC

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  • JD gets his close experience with the hospital...

    The first episode ever from Scrubs, it is such a funny episode, JD finds it difficult to fit himself into the rules of the hospital and then it comes even more difficult when JD meets with a cute girl name Elliot, and he falls in love with her, but later discovers that she doesn't wants anything serious with her...
    While, his best friend Turk reveals that he is afraid of the hospital too and in the end agrees to live with JD again, while Cox seems to give JD the appropiate advices that he needs, while JD discovers that the well behaved Kelso is the total encarnation of Satan.
    And Carla forces Turk to take out his clothes in order to see how is he, but they end up with nothing, and later when Elliot tells something about it, she goes mad.
    This episode is the first episode of Scrubs, and I think that this is one of the best episodes of Season 1.
  • A spectacular show of an amazing serie

    It is a great show that introduce to the viewers the theme and hilarious characters as JD, Turk, Carla and Elliot. Including Laverne, Todd, Kelso, Dr. Cox and the Janitor.
    The episode treats about the first 3 days of JD as an intern, his fears of screwing it up and killing someone and the comic thing tha happen to him. He has a crush on Elliot, other intern that didn't help him when he need it. Turk, his best friend and room mate, that is a surgery intern, tell him that he is moving out. He was so confident on himself, not like JD that was scared like hell, so JD's world started falling apart.
    Elliot didn't really like him, Turk was moving out, and he was so scared of screwing it up. But then Kelso helped him defeating his fears, Turk move in again because he was also scared, and Elliot end up being his friend.
  • You get an idea of what everyones like pretty quickly.

    This is the pilot episode of one of the best sitcoms in modern times.

    Its a fantastic start and straight away you learn a fair bit about each characters personalities and what they will continue to act like in the future.

    JD (played by Zach Braff) is the star of the show, he starts narrating straight away so you'll gather that very quickly.

    He and his best friend Turk have completed Med school and are about to start working at Sacred Heart hospital.

    JD encounters all the people who will have a significant part of his life. The main plot seems to circle around him Dr Cox and Dr Kelso.

    Cox initially comes across as a gruff bad guy, Kelso is as he calls it the interns "safety net". By the end of the episode JD learns that Dr Cox is the one who should be trusted and Kelso is the bad guy.

    JD also goes through a bunch of jittery moments as a doctor but by the end of the episode he has some new friends, seen his first patient die (wasn't his fault though)and he has completed task as a doctor.
  • Great start to a terrific series

    This episode is hilarious and introduces all of the regulars on the show including The Todd, Laverne and Ted in his hilarious scene about "the hospital doesn't want to be sued" and in the background blackboard "ALCOHOL + SURGERY = NO NO".
    The Janitor's first torment is terrific (Why a penny?") and was so popular that Neil Flynn became a regular on the show with even more hilarious torments. Elliot is not the right character in this episode as she is more uptight and fortunately this characteristic is changed after the first few episodes.
    John Dorian also receives all the nicknames that are frequently used in the show by various characters (JD, Bambi, Newbie).
    All the characters have very memorable scenes in this pilot and this is a brilliant example of all Scrubs episodes to come.
  • The Pilot

    Neil Flynn (aka "The Janitor")is a genius. His ablibs are fantastic. How Zach Braff doesnt burst out laughing every scene is beyond me. The music and dream sequences make a big impression as does JD's characters narration. THe characters are so well cast. This is my favourite show BAR NONE.
  • This is John 'JD' Dorien, Chris Turk and Elliot Reed's first day at Sacret Heart Hospital, where they meet Nurse Carla, Dr Cox, Dr Kelso and the Janitor.

    Okay, this episode is really good! It introduces the main characters, JD, Elliot, Turk, Carla, Cox, Kelso and the Janitor! It immediately shows us the main characters personalities, JD the nervous medical intern who talks to himself. Elliot, the nervous, over-achieving intern. Turk, JD\'s best friend since college, a new surgical intern. Carla, the motherly (to Bambie aka, JD) but sexy (to Turk and Cox) nurse. Cox the sarcastic, mean, yet slightly nice when JD needs it, Doctor. Kelso the \"evilest person on earth, possibly the devil himself\" in the words of Cox, is the Chief of Medicine and the Janitor, who\'s mean, sarcastic and loves to torment JD. All over, it\'s a great pilot episode!
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