Season 1 Episode 1

My First Day

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2001 on NBC

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  • Quirky characters

    This show has some the most unique and quirky characters I have ever seen. First there is Jd, our sort of lead guy/nerd without a prayer. He's fidgety, self deprecating, and desperate for attention. But at his heart he's kind of a sweet guy and a little bit of a good. Then there's his best friend Turk, a god complex mized with a healthy dose of confidence to off set Jd's lack there of. They make a great comedic pair and really work together. Elliot is Jd's "will they, won't they" love interest and the girl is basket case crazy which she just let's spew onto anyone who is nearby. She is a mental breakdown waiting to happen and even more spastic then Jd. Carla, Turk's love interest to be, is a sassy nurse who is defenitely the lady in charge with an attitude to match. Dr. Cox, Jd's reluctant mentor, is a sullen overbearing loner with a ego to match. The guy just endlessly rides each and every person he possibly can every chance he can. Dr. Kelso the head of this little hospital gang is a particularly unappreciative and cruel man. But the best of all these character is The Janitor. He's torturous, vindictive, and just plain loves to mess with everyone. And despite all these seriously messed up qualities each and every character brings their own brand of comedy and makes you want to watch them week after week. Generally I'm not a fan of pilots but I do like this episode. J.D: Maybe there's a penny stuck in there.
    Janitor: Why a penny?
    J.D.: I don't know. Janitor: Did you stick a penny in there?
    J.D.: No, I was just making small talk.
    Janitor: If I find a penny in there, I'm taking you down
  • Scrubs took its first step in the right direction.

    I thought that this episode of Scrubs was really good for being a pilot episode. It really showed all of the characters in their personality that they will carry for the entire series running. It wasn't really the funniest episode by any means but it did give a good descrption of everyone and gave the viewer a good idea of what to expect from the show. Dr. Cox is the good guy, Dr. Kelsow the bad guy. J.D. and Turk are best friends and even the janitor got a nice role in this episode. Overall, it is a must-see for any Scrubs fan, just to see how much the same they are from start to finish.
  • A good start

    Scrubs got on a good start with the pilot episode "My first day" it was one of the best episodes and introduces the characters well. It shows what it is like to be a new doctor in a hospital with JD and it does this well with medical procedures he can't do a mentor who sees him as a screw up and a chief of medicine who changes from the good guy to eventually reveal the jerk he is. JD is great in this episode in his reaction to having patients for the first time and we see how nervous he is. As well as JD all the other of the main cast are introduced and are great in the episode.
  • This is John 'JD' Dorien, Chris Turk and Elliot Reed's first day at Sacret Heart Hospital, where they meet Nurse Carla, Dr Cox, Dr Kelso and the Janitor.

    Okay, this episode is really good! It introduces the main characters, JD, Elliot, Turk, Carla, Cox, Kelso and the Janitor! It immediately shows us the main characters personalities, JD the nervous medical intern who talks to himself. Elliot, the nervous, over-achieving intern. Turk, JD\'s best friend since college, a new surgical intern. Carla, the motherly (to Bambie aka, JD) but sexy (to Turk and Cox) nurse. Cox the sarcastic, mean, yet slightly nice when JD needs it, Doctor. Kelso the \"evilest person on earth, possibly the devil himself\" in the words of Cox, is the Chief of Medicine and the Janitor, who\'s mean, sarcastic and loves to torment JD. All over, it\'s a great pilot episode!
  • Great format.

    I thought this pilot was definitely a great start off the the show, all the characters were introduced, the format was also introduced. I love the format of this show. In the perspective of a guy named JD. He can't do it on his own (Hence the theme song). He has funny thoughts in his head, that really show what he's thinking but he never actually says what he's thinking. We were introduced to some possible relationships in this show such as JD/Elliot, and Turk/Carla. We see some of the jerk doctors such as Dr. Kelso, and even Dr. Cox at times, but he was classified as the "good guy". The janitor was also a funny character. A great start.
  • A great pilot for a great, quirky show

    The pilot of Scrubs focuses on the first day of interns at the hospital Sacred Heart. The main interns that are focused on are J.D, who is an awdward, light hearted person. There is also Turk, J.Ds best friend since college and there is also Elliot, an intern to whom J.D is immediately attracted. Once this has been established, the interns realise when they enter the hospital is that they "don't know jack". The reality of the hospital is then displayed to the interns. J.D. meets Dr Cox, a doctor who he sees as insensitive at first, but learns to aspire to him and Dr Cox is now, in J.Ds mind, a mentor. This idea sets the basis of the entire programme, where J.D. constantly tries to impress him. The episode also has a fairly sad ending, as again it shows how realistic working in a hospital is. Overall, this episode, with a mixture of humour, flashbacks and more serious moments has a great formula going which will become the basis of Scrubs for the rest of the seasons :). A great episode.
  • awesome

    this was a great episode but of course it was the first scrubs episode thats why last night when i watched the finale last night it was like an ending of this whole series but of course it was the great episode cause bill lawrence of course he made the 1st and last episode amazing just like every other episode ok so thats why they made this episode awesome jd was scared but i loved when they sang good time also bill lawrence it was de ja vu in season 8 because bill lawrence is very smart to maki it like this also its funny with ted
  • The beginnings of one of the best shows on television.

    It's JD's first days in Sacred Heart Hospital and they are more difficult than he has imagined. He has to face his own fear of hurting his patients, a ranting new boss who seems to be very mean, a nice new boss who turns out to be mean, a hyper-competetie collegue with whom he falls in love with, a best friend who wants to "branch out a little", a nurse who calls him Bambi and some other very disturbing characters (including an annoyed nurse, a very crazy lawyer and the hospital's janitor). The janitor becomes annoyed with JD for starting a conversation, foreshadowing a horrible seven year relationship.
  • The beginning of one of the best shows ever - and what a wonderful beginning.

    It's JD's first day in Sacred Heart Hospital and they are more difficult than he has imagined. He has to face his own fear of hurting his patients, a ranting new boss who seems to be very mean, a nice new boss who turns out to be mean, a hyper-competetie collegue with whom he falls in love with, a best friend who wants to "branch out a little", a nurse who calls him Bambi and some other very disturbing characters (including an annoyed nurse, a very crazy lawyer and the hospital's janitor)

    This first episode of Scrubs is the fantastic and funny beginning to a wonderful series. The jokes, the dynamic, the sounds and the stories in this episode are just great. Although this episode is almost seven years old and has some things that are now different (Elliot being this competitive, Kelso trying to play nice, the hospital, the many, many sounds and the line at the end, which I would have kept) the characters and basic stories are already there and as funny as they will be in the years to come (Ted, Cox ranting, JD and Turk's friendship and so many more)
  • It's J.D.'s first day as a hospital intern at Sacred Heart Hospital with his best friend Chris Turk, and he develops a crush on fellow intern Elliot Reid.

    I liked this episode a lot. I really like the show Scrubs and this episode was really funny and good for a pilot episode. There was a lot of humor and I liked how you could hear and occasionally see what J.D. was thinking. This is a good show and it began with a good episode. Good shows don't always start with a good pilot episode, but this one did and it was really funny. I enjoyed it and thought it was fast-paced and well done. There is not much I can say about this show that is bad. It had pretty good acting and this episode got me attached to the show.
  • A Great Start

    This was a very good start to a great show. It is basically showing J.D.'s first day and him meeting all the his co workers. Like Cox,Carla and Elliot. Also the love affair between Turk and Carla begins. I like how Cox always calls J.D. newbie and Carla calls him bamby. It dont even make sense but its brilliant. Also how they show Bob is really evil and the devil himself as J.D. learns that is pretty funny. Theres not much else to say about the show except that it was clever and funny. The episode basically started it off for you as any plot would. In the end good start to the show and love this show.
  • A great start to a brillant Programme.

    this was a good episode and a good start to Scrubs, one thing i noticed about this episode is how quickly the relationships were formed i.e JD and Dr Cox. This episode really set the tone of the series very quickly and did it very well. This episode also has many funny moments but before it could become a brilliantly funny show it had to form the relationships and give the viewer what the show was going to be about. Overall this was a good episode with many funny moments and some brilliant character development in only 30 minutes. I personally think Scrubs improved every season so this was one of my least favourite Season openers also partly due to the way Elliot is.
  • My First Day

    In this first episode, the insecure, John Dorian begins his first day at Sacred heart.
    But after orientation day he thinks that the hospital is more about not getting a lawsuit than the personal care of the patients.
    you'll meet all the main characters: superman Turk, sarcastic doctor Cox, bossy Carla, the nervous lawyer Ted, angel and demon Bob, barbie elliot, and the obsessed Janitor.
    But "The Todd" isn't the sex maniac he'll become.
    It's a real introduction episode, so you'll get to know how the persons gonna be most of the time.
    After all it worked to combine the life lesson with hilarious moments.
  • A strong foundation for an extremely underrated show.

    The pilot episode of Scrubs was fantastic. This being Zach Braff\'s first leading role, he was perfect as the insecure John (J.D.) Dorian. His own fears about carrying the show played well as J.D. was nervous about the transition from medical school into residency. For characters as complete as these, very strong foundations were built for further character development. Braff and Donald Faison\'s budding off screen friendship also made their charcters\' bond more believable. Its interesting to see that the character of Elliot Reid was fine tuned as season one continued, as she was portrayed more as an only out for herself type in the beginning, only to show her more neurotic and insecure self later on. Also, the road was paved for Dr. Kelso\'s turn from friedly Chief of staff to money grubbing monster. However, we didn\'t get the clearest idea who Dr. Cox and Carla were. Outstanding debut.
  • The Pilot

    Neil Flynn (aka "The Janitor")is a genius. His ablibs are fantastic. How Zach Braff doesnt burst out laughing every scene is beyond me. The music and dream sequences make a big impression as does JD's characters narration. THe characters are so well cast. This is my favourite show BAR NONE.
  • the beginning of one of the best shows on television

    Although looking back on this episode it is not quite the same as the average scrubs episode it's all forgiven for a few reasons:

    1. It's the start of the best show on tv.
    2. It's a pilot, they are hardly ever brilliant and shows do generally change to the pilots
    3. It is not the same because it is J.D's first day

    The fact that it's his first day makes him nervous meaning there would be less happy fun moments. I use those reasons as my excuse as to why it's not as good.

    The fact that there is a different hospital used also is something you don't really think about until you pay close attention and that hospital also does not help by the fact that it gives the show a darker feel, colours wise.

    Anyway this pilot started one of the best shows on television :)
  • This is a completely off the wall and brilliant series for sure, it revolves around the principle characters of JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, Perry and Bob and not forgetting my favourite, the janitor.

    The episode starts with the show's principal character, JD, by narrating everything that goes around him, that he has been able to sleep through anything, storms, sirens, but his first day at sacred heart meant that he wasnt able to sleep.
    He's feeling pretty cocky and full of himself as he is a newly qualified Dr. capable of anything and everything, this comes crashing down the moment he steps through the doors and into the reality of being a doctor, as he just doesnt know where to go, what to do, what's happening where, when or by whom.

    Then the stark reality of who does all the work, knows all that is happening and is the centre of the wards is made known, the nurses, and the main nurse being carla takes JD under her wing and calls him bambi and takes him under her wing, esp. when Perry asks him to do a procedure, only for him to take too long, so he gets Carla to do it.
    Perry as a defence mechanism, doesn't call JD by his name but insists on calling him a variety of girls names, so that he can detach himself from various underlings.

    Bob Kelso, shows his true inner self, as he tells JD, that he is only to treat patients with insurance. Then Perry tells him that if it becomes known that the nurses are doing his procedures for him, that he'll be fired, but it gives him the incentive to get the nurses to help him get them right.

    On his second day, he has to wait by the sliding door as the Janitor is fixing it, JD suggests it might be a penny, the janitor asks why a penny and the mind games of the janitor starts. Also the friendship between Elliot and JD heats up, when she says she doesnt know the answer when JD is stuck, but answers it when she is asked. Turk says he needs some space and that he and JD should not room together, but by the end of the episode has relented this decision and has JDs keys in his pocket.

    But Elliott gets back into JDs good books by getting the permission of a family member to perform an autopsy on their recently departed family member. Then as he is wraping up his 3 days on shift, feeling good that he didnt really make a complete prat of himself, he knocks himself out on the exit door. LOL TFF.
  • You get an idea of what everyones like pretty quickly.

    This is the pilot episode of one of the best sitcoms in modern times.

    Its a fantastic start and straight away you learn a fair bit about each characters personalities and what they will continue to act like in the future.

    JD (played by Zach Braff) is the star of the show, he starts narrating straight away so you'll gather that very quickly.

    He and his best friend Turk have completed Med school and are about to start working at Sacred Heart hospital.

    JD encounters all the people who will have a significant part of his life. The main plot seems to circle around him Dr Cox and Dr Kelso.

    Cox initially comes across as a gruff bad guy, Kelso is as he calls it the interns "safety net". By the end of the episode JD learns that Dr Cox is the one who should be trusted and Kelso is the bad guy.

    JD also goes through a bunch of jittery moments as a doctor but by the end of the episode he has some new friends, seen his first patient die (wasn't his fault though)and he has completed task as a doctor.
  • Great start to a terrific series

    This episode is hilarious and introduces all of the regulars on the show including The Todd, Laverne and Ted in his hilarious scene about "the hospital doesn't want to be sued" and in the background blackboard "ALCOHOL + SURGERY = NO NO".
    The Janitor's first torment is terrific (Why a penny?") and was so popular that Neil Flynn became a regular on the show with even more hilarious torments. Elliot is not the right character in this episode as she is more uptight and fortunately this characteristic is changed after the first few episodes.
    John Dorian also receives all the nicknames that are frequently used in the show by various characters (JD, Bambi, Newbie).
    All the characters have very memorable scenes in this pilot and this is a brilliant example of all Scrubs episodes to come.
  • A great start... for a great series!

    The beginning of the legendary Scrubs! One of my favorite comedy programs these days, and I am really excited to see the new season this november. But that is not the point, this episode introduces us to JD's life and to his best friend, Turk and the first day of his internship. First he meets with Kelso, who apparently is a good doctor and cares a lot about the interns and their beginners' mistakes. Then, he meets with Elliot a medical intern whom to him is attracted, but after asking her on a date she apparently accepts, but later decides not to defend JD, which causes to mistrust her. Also, he meets with Carla who is nice to him, but bad to Elliot, and with Dr. Cox who seems like the type of sarcastic doctor, who is at fisr the bad guy of the movie, but after Kelso reveals who he really is, JD begins searching mentorship into Cox. The funniest part was the Janitor, to whom JD accidentally tells there is a penny stuck into the door, and he finds one, swearing that he is going to torment JD throughout all the time he stays on the hospital. This episode is one of my favorites, is really cool!
  • A great beginning.

    The pilot episode of "Scrubs" is a great beginning to what is an amazing show. In the pilot all the major characters are introduced and you truly get a feel for what type of a person JD is. The pilot begins with JD's first day on the job and his first night on the job. It shows what a great comedy the show is while at the same time still being a good drama. Creating a good dramdy is one of the hardest possible shows to make, yet even in the first episode it is pulled off perfectly. If you watch this show you must see this episode.
  • The First Day of Scrubs, plain and simple

    I think it was amazing. I was too young to know about scrubs when it first came out (I was 7, so i was watching Disney Channel)and i started watching when i was 13. I had een a lot of episodes before this one so is was to to look back and see how it all started out. I really think this was a good way to start the series, just as funny as most of the episode..just the way it should be. I really think this pilot was one of he best i've ever seen. It really shapes the characters' futures.
  • The first day for John "JD" Dorian and others at a new hospital, bringing out their fear and insecurities

    I like the pilot episode of Scrubs. It\'s one of my favourite of the first season. It leaves room to find out more about the characters, and shows how strong JD and Turk\'s bond already is. While the characters obviously haven\'t been fully developed yet, later on, they get their own signature personalities (especially Elliot).

    One thing I like about the pilot, and season one in general, is the fantasies. They are something no other shows really have, and they add to the charm of Scrubs as a show.

    The pilot of Scrubs shows how difficult and scary it can be on the first day of a new job, and draws out all your insecurities about being a doctor.

    Just as a thought, what\'s with that resident guy Jeffrey? They should have just made Dr. Cox do it all.

    Highlights of the episode:
    * The fantasies
    * The first JD/Janitor interaction scene, which is revisited in the last episode of season one
    * Dr Cox -- I liked him a lot in the pilot
  • Great start for the show!!

    This was really a fantastic pilot episode. Most of the time, pilots are still a little weak. Well, not this one. I liked the way the characters were introduced and i found them all either likable or ar least entertaining. You really can't wait till the next episode after you watched the pilot. Donald and Zach have a great 'friend' chemistry. One thing i didn't like that much, were the sound effects. They were really too much and luckily they got rid of them. The hospital looked slightly weird (green) compared to the later episodes. I'm glad that they changed the hospital right after that. I liked how JD struggled with treating the patients in the beginning and how Cox helps him overcome his fear in the end of the episode.
  • Start of one of the best shows on tv today!

    The first episode of Scrubs is not only a great one, its one to be remembered. The episode is about a young doctor named John Dorian "JD" who is starting his first day at Sacred Heart. While he is a Medical doctor, his best frind Chris Turk, is a surgeon. He meets another doctor named Elliot Reed, who he automatically likes, even though she has a strange personality. Turk also falls for someone, a nurse named Carla. JD assumes that the head of medicice, Dr. Kelso is the good guy and his mentor, Dr. Cox is the bad guy. He soon realizes that is backwards. To top all that off, JD starts his never ending hatrid relationship with the janitor after he correctly guesses whats wrong with a door by mistake. Awesome episode and great start to a great show! They need it on iTunes though.
  • Fine Example of how a hit starts! Great begining to a great series!

    In this first ever episode of the hit series Scrubs we are intorduced to many of the shows main characters! Though the characters have changed a lot throughout the course of the series we get a great look at what this show is about, and what it can and will become! JD and his best friend Turk show a true example of how friendship can conquer all, even if it takes awhile to realize this! Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso do an amazing job at balancing each other out! Bill Lawerence and his crew of writers did an amazing job at putting this sitcom together and it has only gotten better over the years!
  • Unintentionally funny

    John Dorian or "J.D.", is a boyishly handsome, likeable guy who would be confident if he only realised his assets. Four years of medical school have prepared J.D. for his first day as an intern at Sacred Heart Hospital — but he has his doubts. As J.D. is thrown into the chaotic world of hospital life, we not only get to see the quirky characters that he encounters, but also hear the humorous commentary of thoughts streaming through J.D.'s head.

    The handsome and confident Chris Turk is J.D's buddy from college. As a new surgical intern, Turk struts around with a cocky demeanor that hides a terror that he only admits to J.D. The attractive Elliot Reid is a medical intern as well and J.D. quickly finds out her beauty is only surpassed by her hyper-competitive attitude.

    Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso, Chief of Medicine, 'the safety net' wants the interns to think they can count on him. On the other side of the personality spectrum is Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox, a steamroller of a man short on patience. Watching over the interns with a teasing but caring attitude, is nurse Carla Espinosa, a woman who is motherly and sexy at the same time — which appeals to Turk. The minor characters like Ted, Todd, Laverne and the Janitor are also there to offer their little jokes to this great pilot episode which couldnt have asked for more.
  • My First Day is a really good episode, especially for a pilot. It really captures how J.D. is feeling as a new intern and also sets up the personalities and feelings of the other characters in the show. You learn a lot. Overall, very good episode. :)

    My First Day is the pilot episode for Scrubs. It takes place in an un-named hospital, because according to DVD commentary, they were still deciding hospital locations when it was filmed. The rest of the series takes place in a different hospital, named Sacred Heart Hospital, and there is no more changes after that. It starts out as J.D. waking up and being nervous about his first day at a hospital. It basically really captures the overwhelming emotions of going into a hospital as an intern, not entirely knowing what to expect.

    Characters are established early on, such as J.D's best friend Turk and Turk's future wife Carla and attending doctor, Perry Cox. The off and on again relationship of J.D and Elliot is also quickly established. The chief of medicine, Robert Kelso, is also shown and his relationship with J.D. is established.

    This episode generally introduces all of the characters and how the interact with one another. Character development and actions are made here. I like this episode, because it really sets Scrubs up for what it's going to be. A serious medical show from a first person perspective with humor thrown in to mellow out all the drama. It is done very well here and overall, this is a great introduction and set up for what the rest of the series is going to be like over the course of the next 8 years.
  • Best pilot EVER!

    This is the episode that set the bar for Scrubs! There are more sound effects in the pilot than the other episodes but I think that's something they could have kept and the show would still work. Right away they set up all the main characters. Carla the older nurse who has been working there forever, Turk JD's surgeon friend who he's known since college, Elliot the medical geek who may be gay the Janitor who is mean to JD for no reason, Dr. Kelso or should I say satin, and Dr. Cox the nice guy that's not so nice. And of course JD our narrator, our main character, our star who no one knows. This is a show that you can watch and have no idea if you are watching the pilot or season 3. GREAT!
  • Meet J.D, A Fresh Faced Intern Who Works In Sacred Heart Hospital With His Best Friend Chris Turk, J.D. Encounters Many Adventures On His First Day.

    John Dorian, Fresh Outta Medical School And Working In Sacred Heart Hospital As A Medical Intern, Alongside Him Is His College Buddy Chris Turk Who Is A Surgeon.
    J.D. Meets The Ever-So-Sarcastic Dr.Perry Cox, The Scared Lawyer, Ted, The Chief Of Medicine Robert "Bob" Kelso, The Nurse Carla Espinosa & The Todd, Who Cracks Rude Jokes Every Now & Then.
    J.D. Gets Scared To Do Anything On A Patient, But In The End, He Did It! :D Go JD!
    We Also Meet Elliot, A Blonde Woman Who Comes From Conneticut, And Has A Family Who Works In Medicine.
    I Love This Show & I Love Hearing J.D. Thoughts! It's Very Thought Provoking.
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