Season 1 Episode 1

My First Day

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2001 on NBC

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  • The first day for John "JD" Dorian and others at a new hospital, bringing out their fear and insecurities

    I like the pilot episode of Scrubs. It\'s one of my favourite of the first season. It leaves room to find out more about the characters, and shows how strong JD and Turk\'s bond already is. While the characters obviously haven\'t been fully developed yet, later on, they get their own signature personalities (especially Elliot).

    One thing I like about the pilot, and season one in general, is the fantasies. They are something no other shows really have, and they add to the charm of Scrubs as a show.

    The pilot of Scrubs shows how difficult and scary it can be on the first day of a new job, and draws out all your insecurities about being a doctor.

    Just as a thought, what\'s with that resident guy Jeffrey? They should have just made Dr. Cox do it all.

    Highlights of the episode:
    * The fantasies
    * The first JD/Janitor interaction scene, which is revisited in the last episode of season one
    * Dr Cox -- I liked him a lot in the pilot