Season 1 Episode 1

My First Day

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 02, 2001 on NBC

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  • A great start... for a great series!

    The beginning of the legendary Scrubs! One of my favorite comedy programs these days, and I am really excited to see the new season this november. But that is not the point, this episode introduces us to JD's life and to his best friend, Turk and the first day of his internship. First he meets with Kelso, who apparently is a good doctor and cares a lot about the interns and their beginners' mistakes. Then, he meets with Elliot a medical intern whom to him is attracted, but after asking her on a date she apparently accepts, but later decides not to defend JD, which causes to mistrust her. Also, he meets with Carla who is nice to him, but bad to Elliot, and with Dr. Cox who seems like the type of sarcastic doctor, who is at fisr the bad guy of the movie, but after Kelso reveals who he really is, JD begins searching mentorship into Cox. The funniest part was the Janitor, to whom JD accidentally tells there is a penny stuck into the door, and he finds one, swearing that he is going to torment JD throughout all the time he stays on the hospital. This episode is one of my favorites, is really cool!