Season 4 Episode 4

My First Kill

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 21, 2004 on NBC

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  • Elliot & Molly's friendship is tested.

    All plots were pretty much amazing in this episode, and so far season four has definitely impressed me. Lets hope they continue with this amazing streak they have had. This episode was definitely emotional in some ways counting on the fact that the plots were pretty serious once you were right down too it. I'll start off with the light fun plot was when Carla loses Rowdy, Turk's stuffed dead dog. And she tries to replace it with the help of the janitor. Definitely an odd situation, but it's always an enjoyable one. When JD realizes that he hasn't really had his "first kill," he starts to worry when he will kill his first patient which steers him away from a surgical procedure that he needs to get done. It was nice to see the past patients that JD killed, good continuity. he best & most serious plot is Elliot's. Elliot fight for her drug recovering patient to get a new heart valve. Molly & Elliot's friendship is tested when Molly begs to differ and goes against Elliot professionally, while still trying to be her friend. Elliot ends up getting what she wants, until her patient, like predicted, went back on drugs. It was sad to see Elliot like that, but Molly ended up being for her by the end. Great emotional episode, Scrubs continues to be a great show after four seasons running.
  • JD becomes worried when he will kill his first patient.

    After JD asks Cox to give his interns a speech, he tells them they will kill someone eventually. JD doesnt believe this, but soon learns its true. He becomes worried he will kill someone. Meanwhile, Carla gets Rowdy dry-cleaned, but then losses him. She gets the janitors help to find a replacement "dead stuffed yellow dog" They cant find one and Carla is worried Turk will find out. Cox tells JD he has killed before and JD is happy until he learns Cox was lying. Cox gives him a speech and JD becomes ok. The janitor trades his squirrel army for a new stuffed dog and gives it to Carla. Turk falls for the replacement.
  • Rowdy or Steven?

    This episode is quite fun because it has a whole storyline dedicated to Rowdy and Carla actually managing to lose a dead stuffed dog and also manages to continue the Janitor's fascination with squirrels which is also very entertaining.

    The main plot however is even more terrific because we get to see that every doctor eventually kills a person whether it's Turk, Doug, Todd, Doug, Elliot, Doug and everyone except (so far) JD, Cox and Doug, oh wait, he's killed before too.

    Overall, this episode is both funny and plotted very well, Dr Cox having his advice taken quite seriously and the end really sums up his character.
  • Cool!

    JD asks Cox to tell JD's residents something to motivate them, but later Cox tells him that they will eventually kill a patient and that puts everyone nervous, even JD who is convince that he had never kill someone, but he also discovers that everyone in the hospital do accept they have kill someone and JD is really scare of doing a difficult procedure to a patient. But thanks to Cox, JD manages to do it in the end. Meanwhile, Turk gets mad at Carla for throwing Rowdy to the floor and in repay he wants to clean Rowdy, but ends up losing him, so Janitor offers to help but does not brings exactly Rowdy, and Elliot believes that Molly is not her friend because of not supporting her in something she push her on. Cool episode!