Season 2 Episode 7

My First Step

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 07, 2002 on NBC

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  • Heather Locklear guest stars.

    Wow, this episode really impressed me. As I was watching this season, I honestly thought this show was losing it's touch, but this episode proved me wrong. It wasn't because of Heather's appearance as Julie. It's that everyone's plots were pretty amazing to sum it up. They managed to recycle a plot, usually that's not a good thing to do, but they pulled it off in this case. Carla doubts her jobs as a nurse which has been done last season, but this time Turk is the one that offends her. I am astonished at the abuse Carla takes from Kelso, just because she's a nurse. She considers going to Practitioner school in the end, but she reveals she is sacrificing her job opportunities for Turk, we get to see some friendly Cox/Carla scenes which is always good. Everyone is falling for the pharmaceutical worker, Julie. Cox even gets put under her spell, even if he hates her. Julie likes him too, he rejects her but by the end, you can tell he's willing to "take a chance" with her. Which gets me excited for Julie's next appearance. I also liked the JD/Elliot plot, it made me nostalgic on the season 1 days. JD always manages to say the wrong things when Elliot needs to take a chance by sending a patient to surgery or waiting and seeing. JD implies he is a better doctor than Elliot. Elliot sends her patient to surgery, and she ends up dying on the operating table. Kelso reveals that Elliot made the best choice. Which resolves the conflict between Elliot & JD, but JD wants to learn to take a chance, so Elliot takes JD to a cliff to sky dive. That was such a perfect scene, and it made us get the gist of the whole episode: Taking a chance. A great episode, with a great message. Great plots from all the characters.
  • JD's first big step

    Dr. Cox and Julie, the drug-promotion agent on whom everyone has a secret crush, clash, as do JD and Elliot over who's the better doctor. Carla worries over ambitions about 'just being a nurse'. The Cox/Julie plot was very enjoyable. I think i enjoyed it the most out of all the plots. Julie is one of these guest stars a liked right away. The JD and Elliot storyline was good too thought. The one that annoyed me a bit was Carla and her 'just a nurse thing' but it still wasn't a unberable plot or something. It had some really awesome/funny moments and i really liked it all in all.
  • Fine example.

    All of the male doctors are euphoric due to the visit of Julie Keaton, the pharmaceutical sales rep, except for Dr. Cox, who still believes in treating patients for their best health, instead of trying to get some attention from the hot Ms. Keaton. Meanwhile, J.D. and Elliot argue over a risky decision regarding one of Elliot's patients. Turk tries to talk Carla into entering a practitioner nurse course, so she won't be so underestimated by the doctors.


    Julie! what a stunner. Dr. cox was one lucky bloke. The scenes were she was spanking her ass made me go wild, only joking - calm down. Good episode though, don't know why he chose her over Jordan! (even though as of season six, the choice seems to have paid off).
  • Great!

    JD begins to feel bad when he disovers that he does not takes as much risks as he should have done, when Dr. Kelso tells him to do it. That makes him feel depressed. Meanwhile, Carla feels depressed when she discovers that her job and life is not as exciting as she once thought it was thanks to Dr. Kelso's statements, and that makes her feel bad, and Dr. Cox begins to get interested in the medicine girl, Julie, that is also interested in him. This was such a cool episode and I like it very much!
  • JD's wait-and-see approach is proved wrong

    This episode is hilarious, all plots having terrific jokes such as Julie (probably the funniest plot) with gags such as "Were you named after a precious jewel-ie?" and "I'm getting two out of three just having the conversation", Turk and Carla's with the hilarious Steak scene, Turk "eating his body mass in steak" and of course JD's where he never takes any risks with scenes such as "Snaggletooth", the peanut butter cracker and, of course, JD choosing his words carefully ("I guess I was right after all").

    This episode is hilarious and, as the title suggests, involves JD taking his first big step.
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