Season 6 Episode 11

My Fishbowl

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 08, 2007 on NBC

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    One of my favorite episodes of Scrubs, definitely. I am astonished at what a great episode this show can bring after six years.

    We learn new things about everyone, and running gags are resolved, the minor flaw that this episode had was it tended to be a bit cheesy at times, but everything else about this episode conquered that minor flaw. Elliot once tried to commit suicide, which sort of gave redemption to her character a bit, and we got to understand her character a bit more as a person. This episode is about Brian, the recurring patient this season, trying to kill himself because there's nothing else going on in his life. Cox, Carla, Turk, JD, and Elliot all stay in the room until he admits to what he did.

    So we are probably all familiar with the running gag when JD suspects that Turk slept with his girlfriend in college. This gag has finally come to a close when Turk finally admits to sleeping with her, just as Brian admits to killing himself. It was nice to see seriousness in Elliot's character, something we haven't seen in a long time. Carla trying to be funny was a bit cheesy, the janitor holding the fish was genius! The way it ended, you can't help but to feel bad for the poor janitor. An amazing episode overall, dealing with suicide, outstanding.
  • This was one of my favorites of season six. Lots of humor with a good message as usual.

    This was one of my favorites of season six. Lots of humor with a good message as usual.

    The janitor's scene with the fish were hilarious. Dr. Kelso's picture of him when he was in his 20's made me laugh out loud. J.D. and Turk had classic flashback recollections of what really happened with Turk and J.D.'s college girlfriend Stacy.

    The serious side of the show had Dr. Cox give Brian Dancer a tough love speech and everyone talks about bad things they've went through with some humor thrown in to keep things bright.

    The music in the episode was great as usual and perfect for the moods they were trying to set.

    The episode ended with Elliot kissing a depressed Brian Dancer. She was actually dating Kieth at the moment but she knew the kiss was exactly what Brian needed to lift his spirits and Kieth would have totally understood. There's nothing like the attention from the opposite sex to bring someone right back to the top of the world.
  • I liked it but I want Dancer to come back.

    Rhis eposode was good. Though it was abit annoying with Carla trying to be funny. It didn't really seem that is something that her character would feel she has to prove. Also I really liked the Dancer character and I hope that he comes back oneday if Elliot is ever single. I would like to see if anything could come of them. But I wouldn't want anything major to come of them. Another thing is Dr.Cox's hair... What is up with that?? Shaved in the episode before yet in this one its back in full throttle? They should have written it into the script or something because his hair is his thing and over the years the characters always comment on it. So what happened? I guess thats it. Oh and what is up with the kiss for Dancer even though Elliot still has a man?
  • For an episode of something, it was awesome. For an episode of Scrubs... it was ok... But why did Elliot kiss another guy when she's still dating Keith?

    Apart from the annoyances I had with Elliot completely forgetting that she's dating someone, this episode was still pretty good. It revealed a little more about Elliot's background, and the side story about the Janitor and the fish was hilarious, especially the end.
    Ted was only in for a few lines but gave us his usual great performance, which is where Sam Lloyd excels as an actor that you can just bring in for a few scenes, and then leave, but he's still in some of the greatest moments of the episode. Overall, not bad, but not good for a Scrubs episode.
  • it was quite good

    although its not my favorite story, it is quite good but its a bit more like a drama episode and i thought scrubs was a comedy but...oh well! learning about elliot trying to kill herself was ok and J.D's watermelon seed spiting talent was funny and not suprising! but i think elliot has kinda cheated on keith because she kissed pvt.Brain Dancer.
    The fish is a bit random though, but the janitor is funny while he is holding the fish. J.D's fantisy about turk farting was funny but there wasn't much other comedy in this episode so i was, once again, slightly disapointed!
  • Private Dancer is being discharged and is bummed about life...the Sacred Heart staff try to cheer him up...apparently all it takes is a kiss from Elliot...

    I have to say, I have loved the Private Dancer arc until this episode. While I can appreciate and understand the depression that PVT Dancer is feeling, I thought this was a relatively glib handling of a serious topic. I normally appreciate how Scurbs is a bit over the top, but tonight's episode felt forced, although I did appreciate the bit with the janitor and the goldfish...However, if all it takes to help chase away those suicidal blues is the promise of a date with Dr. Reed IF she is ever single, then chances are good you are going to be alright...As a random sidenote, PVT Dancer went from barely being able to hold a pencil to being able to open a childproof medicine bottle in less than three weeks, as stated by Dr. Cox about how long they had been working to save him...and where did all that hair come from? I know...not that important to the story, but definitely was the entire Stacy thing...hopefully now that it has played out in at least three episodes they can let it go...please...All in all...just not my favorite episode...felt the same way about the last one...I can normally count on Scrubs to have just the right mix of life lesson and zany comedy, but lately they are missing the mark...
  • I dont know what happened with this episode, it was really very average..

    I have been defending season six since it's first episode. Everyone complains about it, no one seems to like it but i have maintained all along that it was as good as, if not better than, most of the other seasons. Unfortunately, the writers insist on trying to prove me wrong.

    This episode looked like it was shot with a budget of about 30 dollars. Most of that went to buying a fish and a fishbowl, the remainder on the undergraduate computer special effects guy they got to do one of the fantasy scenes. They also, by the looks of things, decided not to pay the actors, so, in a form of rebellion, they appear to have stopped acting.

    For me, it felt like this was a bunch of people who couldnt act reading lines to eachother. I know they can do better than that, for the last 5 and a half seasons, they have been doing better than that! They grouped everyone in a room and made them have excuses not to leave until, well, the end of the episode. JD and Turk have some ridiculous fight that serves only as filler, Pvt Dancer continues to be a fairly useless character and an ungreatful SOB and Dr. Cox attacks Scrubs' ability to do subtle comedy by announcing WHY everyone is funny just to prove why Carla's not funny..

    I hope this is just another slip up for the Scrubs team. I watched the clip show again and didnt hate it as much as i did the first time. I think, in all honesty, i hated this one more. They are gonna have to pull out some seriously good episodes and soon.
  • In this episode, Pvt. Dancer, and some other doctors hang out in Dancers room.

    I like this episode. In the beginning, it was a little off. I don't think that the pictures sequence was necessary. I would agree with the Dr. Cox rant at the beginning on how all the characters are funny if I was new to the show. But I dont think if you have seen the show quite a while that it is really necessary to tell us how the characters are.


    The Janitor sequence was a pretty big waste of time in my opinion. I mean I thought it was funny, but I didn't really see the point of the sequence. I found that Dr. Kelso was really funny in this episode. The Stacy (JD's Ex-Girlfriend) was good at first, if they made the fact that she died a dramatic experience. I don't think making a joke was the most appropriate thing, although it was funny. I think they overdid it a little bit.


    Now onto the prime of the episode, the room. Basically, they were there because a few hours before Pvt. Dancer was being discharged, they found him unconscious. They decided to stay in the room with Dancer until he becomes conscious. They believed it was an accidental dosage mix up. Then, Elliot found a letter to Dancer. The letter states that Dancer can not be allowed into the army. They then believed that Dancer did it to himself. So they said they would not leave until he admitted it.

    Right then Dancer appeared conscious. He then admitted that he was awake the whole time, listening to everything. He then says he wont admit a thing since the Doc's aren't honest to themselves. Carla admits to Dr. Cox she switched his picture, Turk admits to J.D. that he slept with Stacy, and then.....

    Elliot admits she tried to commit suicide. This story would have been a good character development, but they made it to lame and not serious enough. Oh yeah, and turk has to fart.

    END: At the end, Dancer asks Elliot if she would would ever be into him. Dr. Cox laughs at Carla's joke, and all is well, I guess.


    Dancer was featured again
    The suicide story was featured.
    A real episode (My Night to Remember is a joke)

    Not a fan of the multi-colored scrubs
    The Carla joke mini-story was kind of dumb
    No character development. I thought the suicide thing would have been good. Turns out it was a just a waste.

    Climax: Dr. Cox's Suicide rant.

    Hope you enjoyed the read.

    See you for "My Scrubs"
  • I love Scrubs, and this is a great example of why I watch this show. Warning: review contains spoilers....

    I loved Dr. Cox's rant about how each person at the hospital is funny in their own way. I always loved J.D's narration, and I nearly spit out the water I was drinking when he imagined Dr. Cox as Alice from the Brady Bunch. It was pretty accurate too, and I'm still contemplating about whether that disturbs me or not. But anyways, you learn a lot about the characters, especially Eliot. You find out that she tried to commit suicide when she was a teenager, an I wasn't completely shocked by that. In the earlier seasons I saw that she was uncapabable of making friends very quickly, she was always stressed, and just trying to make her way in life. This episode is very revealing, but also very funny. I don't think it could be better in any way, except for the fact that the plotline got sidetracked a bit....
  • It wasnt my Favorite episode but i liked it. Too much drama

    As ive said before the small jokes rule. The 'Nam Fish was my favorite. My other Favorite was Snoop Dogg Intern. I mean hes the Rizzle to the Dizzle Residentizzle. I had to do it but also i love Teds back luck. Even pens hate him like water hates Janitor. " Ah dont have to go"" O wait im holding a bowl of swishy liquid Aw Man now i got to go again" I was shocked when i found out that Elliot tried to kill herself but i knew she must of tried something. It was funny when in the end JD kills the fish. I hope the best for Dancer
  • Dancer attempts suicide and on a more serious note, JD kills a fish!

    This episode is yet another brilliant episode of Scrubs and while season 6 isn't quite as hilarious as the previous season, with the combination of Kim and Brian, Sacred Heart remains interesting and entertaining.

    The running joke of Carla not being funny (eg/His Story 2) and Turk hooking up with JD's college girlfriend (mentioned twice before but still...) becoming subplots in the episode were hilarious, especially Turk's flashback.

    The Janitor bonding with the fish was also a terrific plot, especially since he only bonded with it because he was hallucinating from waiting to execute a prank for far too long and the backfire since he still agitated JD by accidentally causing him to inadvertantly kill his fish.

    Private Dancer leaving was an interesting plot, and brought up a lot of funny moments about the serious topic of suicide, most of these coming from Elliot, but then there was Turk's life shattering moment aswell.

    Overall, this episode was another great Scrubs episode, Elliot and the Janitor being the funniest in this particular episode, and we also say goodbye to Brian, who was a welcome temporary addition to the cast with bth funny and serious moments.
  • The first half was hilarious, unlike some of the other season six episodes, but the second half was a little too dramatic.

    This episode of Scrubs was very well put together. Dr. Cox did one of his trademark rants, J.D. and Turk had one of their silly arguments, and we learn a little something about Elliot, too. Now for the bad or not-so-good part. The whole episode was focused on Private Dancer, when usually an episode of Scrubs focuses on two or three different stories, with J.D. sharing the lesson which involves the rest of the characters. Towards the end, it was a bit more dramatic than your average Scrubs episode. I don't know if it was me, but Elliot acted a lot more mature in this episode than in any other episode (from the episodes I've seen, anyway). However, for a season six episode, this was much better than some of the previous ones.
  • In this episode the hospital is getting ready to discharge pvt. Dancer.

    I really liked this episode. It cheered me up because my friend died, so I sat down and watched it. I actually was kind of mad how J.D. and Turk didn't really make a big deal about Stacie's death. Other than that the episode was pretty good. I liked how Carla wasn't good at making jokes. That was a funny line. This episode was way way way better than last week's episode. I am so happy about that. I just want to know what is going to happen with Eilliot and Keith. That is such a shocker that she kissed him.
  • It was alright

    I was pretty glad to see the army guy leave I thought he was depressing and unfunny. I also thought it was strange out of know where we find out Elliot once tried to kill her self. I really hope we don't have to see the army guy again though it seemed like he was flirting with Elliot and it would really suck if they started dating. I also thought the gold fish scene was really really strange even for Scrubs and for one of the first times ever I didn't think the janitor was that funny. There was just somthing off in this ep but i still enjoyed it and parts made me laugh.
  • Scrubs is back on form...

    It wasn't the best episode ever, but it was a huge improvement. I did like the way we learned a little more about all of the characters, and especially Elliot. It wasn't the funniest episode in the world, but it was definitely good, and that's a relief because I thought Scrubs was losing the magic touch.

    Great scenes with the Janitor once again, and I love the talking fish! The whole Pvt. Dance thing was starting to annyo me slightly, so I'm glad he seems to be gone, but NO Elliot, what are you doing? You have Keith, do you hear me?! KEITH.
  • Two bad shows in a row. First a clip show and this one isn't much better.

    As much as I love Scrubs, this was one of the worse episodes ever. What happened to the writers this season? Did they just run out of ideas? The clip show was bad enough. They even admitted on that episode the writers could not come up with anything and thus the clip show. That was slightly funny, but I think this episode proves that they actually are running out of ideas. For instance, the Carla storyline where she tries to be funny but isn't, was just pathetic. And if that isn't bad enough they give Cox the job of pointing out how everyone else is funnier than her by them doing characterizations of themselves as he points to them...for instance Cox speaks spreading out word, Turk speaking like Snoop Dog, JD daydreaming, The Todd hitting on someone, the Janitor being weird, Kelso being an ass. Hello? You are telling me that scene wasn't a mini clipshow? That was like the writers saying "if you've never seen the show, here is a rundown of the characters and what they do". Where is the originality in that? This episode wasn't touching at all. It seemed like everone was just going through the motions. Even when Elliot revealed she once tried to commit suicide. Everyone just looked bored. Turk needed to fart? Are you kidding me? The Janitor and the goldfish was the only thing slightly funny about this episode. He is a great character. And what about Elliot and Private Dancer at the end? Kissing? Hello? Where was Keith? It's like they forgot he ever existed. I am just so disappointed.
  • While better than last week, and a few of the other more recent episodes, the overall tone of the show is still off, in my opinion.

    While I ranked this episode with a 7, a far better showing than I was able to rank previous showings, I still can't shake the feeling that the show is more forced and somehow off its prior timing. A few complaints similar to previous comments. The whole "Carla is not funny" storyline is more appropriate for a show in its 1st or 2nd season, not it's 6th. All of a sudden, Carla begins making jokes--and all of a sudden, Cox has to bring her lack of funniness to her attention? It just seemed like the writers are completely out of appropriate ideas for this stage of the series, despite the humor in a few of Cox's around-the-room potshots at the staff.

    Also, Elliot mentions the whole "peeing with the head in the oven" suicide attempt when she was 16. Seconds later, she said she didn't do it because "not again, after the prom fiasco". How many people go to proms when they are 16 or younger. It's a stretch, but just sloppy writing.

    I think JD's complete indifference to the death of his former girlfriend was in poor taste. Later, he asks Elliot if her suicide attempt was over him breaking up with her. While always self-centered, I feel like JD's character has become too egocentric. In past episodes, he would realize his selfishness, own up to it and make amends by the end of the episode. He's become a running gag of himself lately.

    Last few observations: too desperate for laughs with the potty humor (Janitor's peeing, Turk's farting), the Janitor is hit or miss funny, with the talking fish kinda funny but his standing in the doorway all day not so, why doesn't Kelso ever fire the Janitor when he openly defies him like that?

    Earlier in the night, I watched some re-runs from Season 1, and where the show is today is night and day less funny than the early days. I find I am watching now more out of obligation than anticipation, and that is sad to me.
  • The staff says goodbye to Private Dancer, who is being discharged--until he falls unconscious. Suspecting that Private Dancer is suicidal, Cox leads the rest of the staff in a bedside vigil.

    This was an enjoyable episode with many of the type of moments we've come to expect from Scrubs. Elliot's long, drawn-out story and Cox's reaction to it are priceless, as is JD's inordinate pleasure at having his blog referenced (albeit it as boring) during Cox's speech to Private Dancer. Best of all, the episode ended with a semi-cliffhanger showcasing Elliot at her best.

    However, parts of the episode dragged on, most noticably an overly long self-referential segment in which Cox explains how each character is funny. The unresolved conflict between Turk and JD over a girl from years past was never satisfactorily resolved, and JD's discovery of the girl's death was gloosed over. This was atypical of uber-sensitive JD.

    Overall, though, the episode worked well both comedically and dramatically.
  • This story line truly reveals a new side to Elliot Reid's character on Scrubs. Not only do we learn of what her childhood was like but we also see her in a new, unfaithful, way.

    I thought it was an okay episode but I was semi-disappointed about the way they turned Elliot's character. It is a great thing to hear about her past but to give it such a depressing story just kind of took some of the spunk out of her character. Also, her kiss with Pvt. Dancer really just shocked me.
  • Scrubs bounces back, thank God.

    After last week's embarrassing showing, Scrubs bounces back and gets deep like it is supposed to be. This episode is also very funny, especially about Carla.


    We find out that Private Brian Dancer, one of the main characters' favorite patients get depressed because the Army will not re-instate him and he finds himself lost and worthless. This causes all of the characters to admit to each other secrets of their past. The biggest surprise is that Elliot attempted to kill herself at 16 by drowning herself, only being saved by the school's row-team.

    This brings back the idea that the Sacred Heart crew is deep and not as happy-go-lucky as they appear to be. J.D. is still upset about Turk sleeping with his college girlfriend, which shows that there is still some things that those two haven't worked out. They end up being angry with each other at the end of the episode, meaning that in future episodes, they will have to work to fix it.

    This episode actually brings back comedy to the show that has been lacking since My Road To Nowhere. Carla not being funny started very, very early in Scrubs' history, and she will never admit it. Pulling stupid pranks and making corny jokes, she completely fails to make anybody laugh, until the end when she messes up Ted's shirt for the 3rd time in the episode. This is where the comedy of Scrubs is at its best, when they make fun of a single character through out the entire episode, driving them mad.

    Well played Scrubs. Keep the episodes rolling like this one, and you'll make up for several weak showings this season.
  • Scrubs deals with depression

    Good episode! Scrubs once again pulls back up, showcasing great moments, whether it be Ted being Ted, J.D. and Turk's fight, Dr. Cox (hair is back now?) and Carla. The great part of the episode was Private Dancer, whose storyline was dramatic and so not thrown together. I'm glad we got to see him for a few episodes so you felt for him. Elliot's suicide speech was a little too on the comedic side, but Scrubs can't keep up the drama for too long. All in all, a solid episode and it proves once again Scrubs has still got it!
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