Season 5 Episode 13

My Five Stages (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • A good episode, but not a gret one.

    The thing i felt with this episode is that it was quite funny, but i found none of the storylines interesting, if you catch my drift. It's a bit like the new mr. bean movie, there isn't really a plot (even though there was for the episode) but it was funny.

    The JD and Cox story, with Mrs. Wilk was quite dull actually, it was cool seeing them work together as a strong team, but it kind of seemed forced (storyline wise) just to get Mrs. Wilk out of the show. She's been in it for a chunk of the season and has formed into decent character, but in My Cabbage, the whole staff were sad because she was leaving, but in this episode she was dieing and no one seemed to care.

    Instead, Elliot was starting to actually like Keith so that they could date as a couple instead of being booty calls. This was annoying because the actor of Keith is soooo dislikeable, probably because he acts a bit like JD, and as if he's been on the show for 6 years. No disrespect to the actor, just the charcter created.

    Anywho, not the best episode.
  • Although it wasn't as good as the last episode, this episode really owned up to it's cliffhanger.

    My Five stages was a good follow up to the amazing cliffhanger we got in the last episode, but it definitely wasn't as good as the last episode. We definitely get to see a lot of Cox and JD bonding here but of course JD always has to ruin everything. In this episode, Cox and JD go through the five stages of death when Ms. Wilkes is dying because of the infection that got from Cabbage in the last episode. The counselor doesn't fail to be annoying to Cox and JD, but he turns out to be right about everything.

    Meanwhile Elliot starts to like Keith after countless booty calls. Turk makes Keith seem like he doesn't care about Elliot. But then they become boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of the episode.

    Kelso trying to buy off Ted and the janitor standing idly by was entertaining. Great episode overall.
  • Oh, poor Jd!

    He and Dr. Cox finally start to bond, I mean for goodness sake Dr. Cox says we when referring to himself and Jd, but tha darned soda! He just had to open it and that three tap menthod thing, okay sure! I'm almost 100% positive that it never ever works, Jd pretty much just proved that. As a result he loses front seat privlages, too. Understandable, I mean he just had to open that freaking soda.

    I love the character of Dr. Mchead, too. He just kinda gets under Dr. Cox's skin and is impervious to his particular brand of insults. I love the scene where he just kind of pops up and says, "That sounds a lot like bargaining!" Then he makes a point of explaining he wasn't all hunched down on the floor just so he could pop up and say that, he was just plugging in his IPOD!
  • I really like this episode!

    I think that this episode was really clever and very well written, and thus there were more sad moments than funny moments, I really like it. One of the main reasons I like this episode is because JD and Cox in some way finally team up in order to fight against Hedrick, when Cox says the words "we", JD begins using that term for everything, and even slipping out that he wants them to go on private practice together. The five stages of Grief in this episode were also really well written, first it was denial (which they obviously denied [at which point Dr. Cox discovers that Hedrick is immmune to his threats]), then we have anger, when Cox goes on a rampage in Hedrick's group for the terminally ill, in where JD shows his "dark side", bargainig when they look at Mrs. Wilks and Hedrick appears from the floor pointing that detail, depression when Mrs. Wilks finally dies, and finally acceptance. I really like this episode and also the quotes in it, for example when Dr. Cox and JD are hanging in tubes of the ICU with JD using prostetic arms and when they break, he just says "Ow" and picks up with his real arms. In another storyline, Elliot discovers that she was Keith's booty call, and soon a battle enrages between Turk and Carla to see who of the two, Elliot or Keith, get the power. A great, histerical episode!
  • JD and Cox go through the five stages of losing a patient

    This was a terrific episode as it dealt with Mrs Wilk’s death, a patient Cox and JD have gotten close with over the season and also had some great jokes, more proof that Scrubs mixes humour and drama better than any other show out there.

    Examples of the funny scenes would be the Janitor’s sandcastle, JD messing up Cox’s Porsche and Kelso running over the psychobabblist that annoyed the hell out of Cox (sometimes you gotta love Kelso).

    Ted was hilarious in this episode as it shows not only his pathetic side but also his incompetent side, both been done before but rarely in the same episode, and also some great moments from the main cast (Turk’s impression of Keith, Elliot using Keith’s dad as an image to help her) and overall, the plots of this episode are all done well together and this is yet another season five classic.
  • This episode was really good...

    I think that this episode is not that so bad, but I don't think that is so good either, I think that the rating I give to them was fair and I think that this episode is good indeed, it make me laughed, but not as much as previous episodes, but even tough I think that this episode is still one of the best episodes I have ever watch but I think that it does not overpasses the one hundredth episode, I think that this episode is okay for its aired, and I'm glad to know that the show has not so go down after some time.
  • Still good, but sort of missing the "old" 'Scrubs'.

    I miss the old Scrubs, when the characters actually had character, and the show relied more on plot and characters than wacky comedy. Don't get me wrong, the comedy is sometimes the best I've seen, but the show used to be able to combine that wackiness with truly emotional scenes. Like, I should have been really touched by J.D. and Dr. Cox's attachment to the old lady. (And, wasn't the old lady also a favourite patient of Turk, Carla, Elliot and Dr. Kelso? Where were their grief and participation?)

    Instead, I found myself focusing more on the complete ridiculousness that is the Janitor. I love the Janitor, but the thing with him and the castle, it's not, just, real enough. Yeah, I know that it's supposed to be a little bit weird, but these sort of things used to happen in a crazy day-dream, not in the real world of Scrubs. I dunno.

    And as for Elliot and her new squeeze, I haven't seen any chemistry until the end of the episode. It was nice, in a weird way. But the thing with his dad's photograph "keeping her going", was just creepy, and not in a usual creepy, cute, Elliot-way.

    Still keeping it's place as one of the funniest things on TV. My favourite thing of the season: "Beware of birds." Ah. Jason Bateman.
  • truly silly episode - I maybe chuckled once, but never once laughed

    This episode is one big dissappointement from the beginning to the last scene. It's not funny, it's not clever, it's not even sad; although it is dealing with death... To point out an example of what I miss: the little 'lessons' that previous episodes pointed out so cleverly and which made the series not only a great laugh but also a reminder of the important things in life. None of which takes place in this episode - it's a true waste of time. Dr. Cox' for example character is not on point at all - he seems to get weaker in character each episode. Turk and Carla aren't funny neither. It's pathetic and I feel sorry for the cast to be part of such a regrettable piece of film. Don't watch it.
  • Worst Episode I've ever seen

    I really need to say this. This episode sucked! Not only the Jokes were really bad but also there was no dramatic moment. In fact the Storyline was really flat and it seemed like the actors were a little stiff. However, I expected a funny and well-acted episode like the one with Ben's death. Indeed I am very dissapointed. The reason for this is that I am used to a brilliant Storyline, were drama and comedy is well-balanced.
    The Background music was even worse. Not even a single tear could reach my cheek. It's not that I hate Scrubs, for me it is really hard to write this review, but it just needs to be said.

    My Screw-up and My Philosophy are perfect examples for how a Scrubs episode should be. My Screw up really touched me, although I watched the episode about 100 times and still the tears flew every time.

    When Scrubs keeps it up like this I guarantee you that the fan community will shrink rapidly.
    My bottomline is, Scrubs can do better, but at the moment there is no improvement in sight!
  • Mrs. Wilk is going to die, and Dr. Cox and JD have to deal with it. The others are dealing with changes in their own lives.

    What Scrubs does so well is integrate humor with drama, and in this episode there is a lot of powerful drama punctuated by well-timed humor. Some say that this episode isn't as powerful as My Old Lady in season one, and this is true. It wasn't a waste of an opportunity, but it definitely could have been better. The acting was emotional, but the problem was that unlike in My Old Lady, the storylines were too dissimilar to make a very powerful episode. I think the writers were struggling to come up with connections between the three storylines (Ted, Elliot, JD), and what ended up happening was a weak message and crippled emotional investment by the viewer.

    I think that's the problem with this season so far. The overriding storyline has been too weakly developed (JD's hatred for Keith seemed to come from nowhere), but the writers have to continue with it, and keep having to make weak connections between all the characters.

    I do like the increasing role the sideline characters are receiving. Including the janitor and Ted more is a good, refreshing move. The only downside is that other characters (Turk and Carla) get left out of the episodes.
  • Woman gets better, woman about to die. Watch JD and Cox bond over the thought of death.

    Decent, I have come to expect better from them. Why do I feel like I have seen this somewhere else. Ultimetly a failed attempt at a tear jerker (the music was the only thing that deleivered genuine emotion). The best part was Turk bustin out the walkin stick, what a smooth pimp.
  • A two-part story arc with a brilliant part 1 ending wasted on a rehash of "My Old Lady" with less emotion and drama

    After a brilliant and emotional setup on the previous episode the Scrubs writers let us down and deliver a carbon copy of one of the very first episodes of Scrubs -- the old woman that wants to die while JD struggles to accept it.

    Worse than the wasted two-parter opportunity and the familiar subject material is the writing and performances themselves. The writing is sloppy and as a result, when Mrs. Wilk does die, the viewer has little to no emotional response. Dr. Cox and JD seem to be purely going through the motions -- not only are we not affected by her death -- it's hard to believe that they are either. John C. McGinley's performance seems very off in this episode.

    Turk and Carla have little to do in this episode, and at this point in their relationship we really don't care much for Keith and Elliot either.

    On the comedic side of things the episode isn't too bad but as expected it's toned down in an episode such as this.

    Scrubs usually does its serious/sad episodes well, even when it DOES rehash basic plot elements or themes -- see the brilliant Ben episodes -- but this just seems like a major misstep.