Season 3 Episode 8

My Friend the Doctor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 2003 on NBC

Episode Recap

A patient requires emergency surgery and Dr. Wen has been in a car accident. The other doctor is also unavailable so Turk needs to perform the surgery and does so well. He's the stud of the hospital. Dr. Cox upstages him by dunking on the basketball court where Turk missed the basket. However, his landing was not so well and his back hurts. The Janitor tells different people he is Klaus the German, Nigel the Brit and a stutterer. J.D. wants to know who he really is. At the bar, Elliot explains that still doesn't feel like a doctor and the situation with Turk made her notice that. Carla wants Dr. Cox to admit that his back hurts, so she drops his badge and he slowly picks it up. At home, Danni, J.D. and Carla watch 'The Fugitive'. J.D. won't stop talking about the janitor and the they leave. J.D. sees the janitor in a scene of the Fugitive. Perry arrives at home to rest his back on the couch. Jordan, who he complaint to not have enough sex lately, thought about his earlier remark and wants to have sex right now in a physically demanding position. She jumps him and his back hurts even more. Elliot gets an emergency code but J.D. gets there first and takes over, while Elliot just watches and gets in his way. The family of the patient are grateful but Elliot is mad. Jordan doesn't like Perry crying during sex, and his back is still aching.

Elliot complains that J.D. stole her moment. He replies that it was an emergency and it was all about saving lives. Carla plans to have a baby after they get married but Turk makes sure she is on the pill. Carla then finds Dr. Cox lying on his back with his feet up. She helps him feel more relaxed and explains he is entering a new stage of his life. Dr. Cox is worried he is too old while having a 6-month old son and people will think he is this weird old guy. Carla understands and would rather have a baby early, and that she is ready. J.D. confronts the janitor about his scene in 'The Fugitive' and he says he chose the job at the hospital instead. Elliot gets another code and J.D. over takes her on the way. But he stops at the door and lets her in to help out. J.D. watches and is impressed with her work. Unfortunately the patient doesn't make it. J.D. tells the janitor he is just a jerk who likes to mess with people and he would like him to be the actor from 'The Fugitive'. Carla and Dr. Cox admit they are old and need to accept it. Elliot finally feels like a doctor as she leaves the hospital.
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