Season 3 Episode 8

My Friend the Doctor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 2003 on NBC

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  • Problems emerge in Elliot & JD's friendship.

    A great episode, that was pretty slow paced in the beginning but brought a lot of character development by the end. When Turk gets his "moment" in the surgery room, Elliot wants to have that "moment" that distinguishes her as a doctor, something that she hasn't had yet. Meanwhile Cox hurts his back, and realizes that he's getting older, the plot itself wasn't that great but I loved the Carla/Cox interaction, and it reminded me of the old days in which Carla & Cox had nice genuine moments. In this epsiode, that certainly did happen between them. Cox's plot becomes more serious when he starts referring to his future with his son. Everything else in his plot was pretty funny especially when he has to have sex with Jordan with his back hurt. There is not much going on in this episode which brought the rating down a bit, but both main plots were fantastic. Elliot tries to get that defining moment, until JD steals that moment and ends up saving a patient. Problems emerge in their friendship, and Elliot confronts JD on his feelings for her, but he is in denial that he even likes her anymore considering he is dating Danni. Then he finally lets Elliot have her moment, and her patient ends up dying on her, which I think in my opinion makes her character develop, I feel like she is toughening up. Regardless if her patient died or not, she finally refers herself as a doctor. A great emotional episode, regardless if not much was going on, it was still an enjoyable watch.
  • Wonderfull show, not the best episode.

    Mainly this episode reinforces the idea that JD and Elliot are having problems, and Dr. Cox is getting older, and the Janitor is odd.

    In this episode, JD is still dating Jordan\'s sister, Danni (Tara Reid). Turk has to do an operation on his own, and does well. JD, possibly out of jealousy of Turk or obsession of Elliot, tries to out-do Elliot. Elliot gets upset with JD. Dr. Cox hurts his back and only lets Carla know. The Janitor picks up a few diffrent accents and later admits to being an actor.

    And I really wanted to point out the fact that The Janitor (Neil Flynn) really is in The Fugitive(1993) credited as \"Transit Cop\".

    There really isn\'t alot going on in this episode. Mainly I just found it funny that they included a refference to The Fugitive.
  • Dr Cox hurts his back!

    Really good episode. I liked JD dating Danni! The Janitor was weird but funny. The minor chracters had some good lines (like Todd: "That's for the 'sex' part in Sussex.).
    Dr Cox badly hurts his back showing off in front of Turk and then realizes that he isn't the youngest anymore.

    The only thing kinda bothering was Jelliot. JD might be dating Danni now, but they still show him trying to compete with her. I always enjoyed Jelliot in the earlier Seasons. But it's just getting old now. JD isn't impressed with the false personalities the Janitor uses on the rest of the staff, until he recognizes him playing a transit policeman watching The Fugitive one night. I didn't really know that this happened in real life, but i think that it was a great idea!
  • I loved this episode.

    This episode seemed to some people i guess as not going anywhere and having no real conclusion.
    However in my view it had a huge effect. Good emotional touch when the janitor reveals it was true, (he really did play the part in the Fugitive). Aims his hands at JD in gun form, the music was extremely good fo that moment. fantastic episode in my view. "You tell anyone I'll kill you" the janitor says. Once again you hink the janitor is making relationship progress with JD, but nope.
    Heres a little bit of interesting info about the actor playing the janitor.
    He was originally supposed to play a tiny, pathetic part. But the actor, a natural induvidual refused to read, or remember his lines, (not caring) when he came out and did his own thing, everyone loved it and he got put back on again and again, after everyone loved the chemistry between JD and him.
  • A good episode!

    JD becomes obssessed with the Janitor when he finds out that no one seems to know him as well as he does, so he begins to complain about this with Danni and Carla, and later finds out that the Janitor take part of the movie "The Fugitive", but Janitor says that he is OK with this life. Meanwhile, Elliot feels that she is not a real doctor and when JD steals her great moment she becomes mad at him. Cox feels a really back ache and that causes troubles with Jordan, and Turk is really proud of doing a solo surgery. What a cool episode and this one was funny!
  • Elliot the doctor

    This episode is a very important part of Elliot Reid’s life, her sink or swim moment occurring not once but twice, the first being stolen by JD, the patient surviving and the second, her actually getting the opportunity and it being a sink, the patient flat-lining but Elliot does finally feel like a doctor from having that moment so she does bring something away from it.

    Janitor’s many different personalities was very funny aswell, especially when it is revealed the actual Janitor was in The Fugitive and Cox basically breaking his back, his pride forbidding him to admit it was also very humorous indeed.

    Overall, this episode is terrific with brilliant plots and jokes and is a great example of Scrubs.
  • i am really starting to enjoying this season

    Well where do i start with this episoide should be the first question, i liking this season better now then way it started few weeks ago. it started off slow but now it gained it's right pace.

    i will start with Carla & Dr.Cox, i loved their friendship, no matter what , they will always be friends and i really liked the way she helped him with his back-problem but what was more amusing when she dropped his I.D onto the floor and seeing him go to floor. Hand up who knew after dr.cox sprained his back, jorden would be in the mood for love?, it was way obvious but i would loved to see him cry. was it wrong that i enjoyed seeing Dr.Cox in pain?

    J.D and Ellote, tough break, i mean if J.D didn't let her do it and J.D had done it, would they be a diffrence. guss not. she did tell that women at end she's a doctor. Who was a little-bit freaked out seeing J.D as a black guy, That image i cannot get out of my head. :eek: