Season 3 Episode 8

My Friend the Doctor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Dec 04, 2003 on NBC

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  • Problems emerge in Elliot & JD's friendship.

    A great episode, that was pretty slow paced in the beginning but brought a lot of character development by the end. When Turk gets his "moment" in the surgery room, Elliot wants to have that "moment" that distinguishes her as a doctor, something that she hasn't had yet. Meanwhile Cox hurts his back, and realizes that he's getting older, the plot itself wasn't that great but I loved the Carla/Cox interaction, and it reminded me of the old days in which Carla & Cox had nice genuine moments. In this epsiode, that certainly did happen between them. Cox's plot becomes more serious when he starts referring to his future with his son. Everything else in his plot was pretty funny especially when he has to have sex with Jordan with his back hurt. There is not much going on in this episode which brought the rating down a bit, but both main plots were fantastic. Elliot tries to get that defining moment, until JD steals that moment and ends up saving a patient. Problems emerge in their friendship, and Elliot confronts JD on his feelings for her, but he is in denial that he even likes her anymore considering he is dating Danni. Then he finally lets Elliot have her moment, and her patient ends up dying on her, which I think in my opinion makes her character develop, I feel like she is toughening up. Regardless if her patient died or not, she finally refers herself as a doctor. A great emotional episode, regardless if not much was going on, it was still an enjoyable watch.
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