Season 6 Episode 5

My Friend With Money

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 11, 2007 on NBC

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    "Isn't she lovely?"

    Well I have to say Jordan stole the show here. As Jordan enters her third trimester, Cox goes out of his way to not be with her. But it turns out she is the one that ends up saving the day in the end, well at least for Carla. In the last episode, we learned that Carla had postpartum depression. It was strange watching the Scrubs cast discuss postpartum depression in a comical manner. Considering it's very serious, that's the same way I felt when the Scrubs cast started talking about abortion in the episode where Carla had her baby. Jordan gives advice in both these episodes, in this episode they manage to make it twice as hilarious.

    Elliot has become the most unlikable character ever since she joined private practice. I miss seeing her as the mess she really is. Seeing her successful, and her acting above everyone else was just plain annoying. "Your just jealous"? Wow, that's pathetic. It's weird because Elliot used to be my favorite character in the earlier seasons. The secret room was hilarious, and I like seeing the janitor and Cox interact. They've always made a good team. It was nice to see Kim over web chat, which Elliot fixed up for JD. A great comical yet subtly serious episode with minor annoyances.
  • Elliot's making the big bucks.

    Now that Elliot is in the private practice, she gets to clock off at 5 and dith her patients on the other Doc's like Cox whoisn't please by this at all. He refers to her as a sell out.

    Meanwhile she uses all the extra money she is earning to buy a whole lot of snazzy gear for her and J.D's place. J.D. fantisies about what it would be like to have trampoline floors. Hilarious!

    J.D. is trying to keep in touch with Kim and sends her pictures of Keith pretending that it's his rock hard abs. later they get a bit freaky with webcams.

    Carla can't deal with the new baby and is freaking out. Turk doesn't know what to do about it so he talks to Cox and she gets the very pregnant Jordan in to help.

    Cox and the Janitor have stumbled upon there own little hide away. A swanky new patients room for really rich patients. But it doesn't work out and they fight over the room. The Janitor goes as far as to put up a wall where the door used to be.

    By the end of the episode Carla seems to be coming to terms with being a mum and J.D. admits he is jealous of Elliot.

    Liek the title says, another great installment. Enjoyed the J.D. and Keith stuff and the trampoline floor as great.
  • Elliot makes more scrap than JD and he's jealous, Carla has post-partum depression, and Janitor lives in the Hospital

    Every year, Scrubs needs a few episodes in before it truly warms up and starts to be truly funny. This is Season Six's first true episode (My House was close, but fell just short).

    I loved Keith's singlet, and of course, Evil Pregnant Jordan storming down the hallways ("If you interrupt me again I'm going to eat you!"), and Jordan's Insane Cravings ("I WASN'T FINISHED!"), Janitor dancing to The Girl From Impanempa, Janitor eating the potpourri ("A hint of I taste hickory?"), Janitor's evil genius moment ("I've been expecting you.")

    All the good aside, the one problem with this episode was that the Jaintor/Cox story seemed to be lacking- a problem that can be easily explained (the scrubs podcast says that 4 minutes of that story was cut), but a troubling one nonetheless.
  • Another issue dealt with both realistically and comedically

    With three pregnancies going on at the same time, variety is evidently hard to do within storylines but Scrubs yet again shows its clever writing style, with separation between expected parents, even worse anger problems from Jordan when she's pregnant and post-partum depression.

    With abortion decisions dealt with earlier in the season quite well, this issue is dealt with an even better way, Turk trying to get Carla help and eventually going to Jordan, a very risky option, but adds to the hilarity of the episode, seeing the extremes of Carla's depression about throwing Isabella out the window.

    JD realising his jealousy of Elliot's new job while missing Kim, Dr Cox and the Janitor's war over the peaceful room and Turk helping Carla all had both their hilarious and emotional moments and overall, this episode is very well written and plotted, as always.
  • A grea, revealing episode!

    Another good episode of Scrubs, Scrubs never fails to disappoint me, and I think that this episode was a great continuation where we left off last episode. In this episode we see more character development around a lot of the characters in here.

    First of all, Elliot becomes a private practice doctor, which eventually raises jealousy in Elliot and in JD. Though, I agree that they were both jealous, I did really think that Elliot was being a little insensitive with them, giving them orders and making fun of them, and even of Dr. Kelso, who still does not speak to her. Another good thing about this episode is the fact that JD’s daydreaming seems to be returning finally, which is cool, since I noticed some fewer in previous episodes.

    In another storyline, Carla is feeling with post partum depression. At first, Turk seems to think that Carla will be able to overcome this, but every time she gets worse. Turk tries to convince her to get help, but she does not. It is not until Cox gets some help, from now giant Jordan that she is finally able to overcome her depression. Dr. Cox and the Janitor also begin sharing the new hospital suite room, but they are just not compatible enough to get along there. Until they call Kelso, he is able to drive them out. This episode is just one of the greatest this season, all of them are great, and this one was good too!
  • Flashbacks, Keith and Jordan all make a return to an episode that was funny and well written

    This episode was a good scrubs episode, it had just the right balance of JD's flashbacks - my favourite being the goat one with jordan, the silly humour, and the drama surrounding carla.

    Keith's reappearance was heartening since I think he has a great deal of comedy value, and the wrestling scene was pretty damn funny. Cox and Janitor were once again back at that awkward not quite friends stage which i think provides some decent humour, especially when it fell apart.

    Jordan's entrace had my laughing out loud, but Todd's breast feeding obbession is a little old now, and that joke once again appeared.

    The tension between JD, Cox and Elliott, went away a little to easily, the ending was a little soft i felt, and while Cox and JD maybe jealous of the money, I cant see them conceeding on the 'extra mile' point. But thats my only real complaint about the episode.

    Towards the end you also see JD tell Kim he really does miss her, and despite others not liking her, I do think she has potential to provide a lot of humour in the show, so i'm happy to see JD wanting to keep her.

    All in all, a very satisfying and entertaining episode
  • Finally!!!

    I said it in my last review but it is about time we saw some more Jordan and some more (evidently a LOT more) Keith!
    And watching Jordan in series one i have to say Christa Miller has brought this character such a long way and she's just fantastic now. Hooray for Jordan.
    Admittedly this has ben the best of season 6 so far and I honedtly think it's because Kim wasn't there (you know what i mean). It's back to the old gang and the old relationships. Except Janitor and Coxy that was a little different to say the least and yet oddly the same.
    Ok now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they get over The Todd's breastfeeding obssession because as much as it's the Todd I don't think even he could be that wrong.... he is a surgeon after all. Anyway I can't complain about any appearance from The Todd so I shan't.

    Al in all a great episode and I hope this highly anticipated musical episode is even better. i honestly can't wait.
    I've seen the videos of everything comes down to poo and Guy love and I'm in love with them :-)
    Until next time Hooray for Scrubs!
  • great episode

    Scrubs has been on a roll this season, like always. All of the story lines have been very enjoyable to me. I really enjoyed the Turk and Carla post pregnacy depression story as it was the serious story that scrubs makes funny (which they do so well). It was also nice to see jordan come back after not being on for a few weeks. Also returning was keith who hasnt been featured on the show in awhile. His few minutes were hilarious. Unfortunately there was no Ted this episode and only a 2 second appearance by the todd. Hopefully we can see more of them soon
  • Poor Carla

    I felt so bad for Carla in this episode, where she suffers from postpartum depression, you just really feel bad for her when she can't keep her hormones in check and can not admit even to herself that she is having some trouble. After she leaves Isabelle, her new baby girl, with a very young kid and has a ggod talk with a very pregnant Jordan she does realize that there is nothing wrong with having postpartum depression, that it happens to everyone, and there is nothing shameful about having it or needing help with it. Good for her for doing the right thing and having the courage to help herself with something that wasn't her fault in the least.