Season 2 Episode 8

My Fruit Cups

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 14, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

While J.D. and Turk steal food and toilet paper from the hospital and work extra shifts to cover expenses, Elliot is comfortable living off her father's money and Dr. Cox is very comfortable with the hot pharmaceutical rep, Julie.

When Turk finds an extra shift in pediatrics for him and J.D. he neglects to tell J.D. about a hundred dollar difference in price and keeps the money for himself. Upon finding this out, J.D. gets Turk out of a job, forcing him to ride around in an ambulance and a rift to form in the friendship.

When Elliot's father comes to town, he tries to get Elliot to change her career into OB-GYN, until Elliot stands up to him, and he takes her off his support, causing Elliot to fend for herself and move out of her deluxe apartment.

Jordan comes back, six months pregnant with another man's baby and tells Dr. Cox that she wants him back, forcing him to choose between her and Julie, Dr. Cox first going with the obvious choice but then realizing that regardless of their problems, he still loves Jordan.

The Janitor is onto J.D. stealing pudding and toilet paper and when J.D. inadvertently blurts out a pretty big hint, the Janitor enlists his help in stealing a computer.

When J.D. and Carla are talking, J.D. realizes how commited Carla is to Turk and immediately goes to tell him about it, Turk also saying that he may ask her to marry him. Their friendship resolved, the group go out to dinner, despite the fact that they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.