Season 2 Episode 8

My Fruit Cups

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 14, 2002 on NBC

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  • Dignity much?

    So Cox tells Jordan how feels about her, she says that he would have to behave differently -he doesn't and she leaves him.

    She turns up pregnant, saying she can't have the baby alone and wants to get back together with him -and he just submits like a lapdog?

    Yep -being a cuckold (as far as Cox knows) and a back up plan is exactly what most people with even a semblance of dignity would do. . .totally realistic.
  • Jordan returns while Cox is trying to work out his relationship with Julie (Heather Locklear).

    Heather Locklear reprises her role as Julie in this episode. Cox continues to date Julie, only to be interrupted by his ex-wife who is now pregnant with someone else's baby who wants him back. Cox now has to make a choice between Julie and Jordan. Julie & Jordan battling it out for Cox was absolutely hilarious, and Jordan couldn't do any sexy things because she was pregnant, hilarious. Elliot is pressured by everyone at the hospital to become an OB/GYN. She refuses to be an OB/GYN. Then her dad comes to visit and forces her to take that path, Elliot explodes at him. Elliot then gets cut off from all of her father's money. It was nice to see some realistic plots on this show, such as Elliot's plot. And that doctors aren't always rich since they still have to pay for med school. Which brings us to the next plot. Turk & JD always steal pudding and toilet paper from the hospital because they can't afford it, since they pretty much have a waiter's salary. Turk & JD get in an argument over money, when all is resolved, you find out that Turk & Carla's relationship is more serious than you think. "Are you gonna marry her?" "Yeah." Such a great scene. You think Cox ends up choosing Julie, but in the end, he ends up picking his ex-wife who is now officially back together with. This episode was definitely eventful, and it faced with some more real plots which was enjoyable about this episode. The last scene when they're at the fancy restaurant was heart warming, it's a good group of friends that I enjoy watching. The only flaw I would have to say about this episode, is that it was kind of slow paced, but all the plots over powered that flaw. Great episode.
  • Dr. Cox and Julie hook up.

    JD and Turk's financial situation is highlighted with an insight on their food and toilet-paper thefts in the hospital. I found that pretty hilarious, but the information about a resident making as much as a WAITER is just wrong (i'm a waitress, if i made as much as a Medical Resident i'd be VERY happy)

    Elliot's father cuts her off after refusing to become an OBGYN at his request. I really appreciated that plot, because Elliot's character finally started to grown.

    A newly pregnant Jordan reappears, and Dr. Cox is faced choosing between her or Julie. I so saw Perry and Julie coming after the last episode. Of course i didn't see that Jordan thing (which is AWESOME) coming though.
  • "Paging Dr. Backbone to the bagingo ward"

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes. In my mind this seems like it should be a season finale. It shows that Carla and Turk have something serious going and they see themselves as a unit. Dr. Cox and Jordan finally have something insted of just one night stands after the devorce. Elliot stands up to her dad and tells him she should make her life decisions but intern gets cut off. All this comming together is really nice. I also really like the scene of Turk, Carla, J.D, and Elliot on the balcony dancing. It just bings a good feeling at the end.
  • Our favorite characters endure life's hardships. And what an ending! (spoilers)

    Ironically, the laid-back underdramatization of Scrubs is what has me hooked. In this episode in particular, at least five regular characters were directly affected by major life-changing events, but unlike in most sitcoms the significance of these events was implied subtly, allowing the viewers to do the dramatizing for themselves.

    Much of the primary motivation in this episode comes from money. J.D. is stealing pudding and toilet paper from the hospital with Turk and ultimately helps the janitor lift a computer; Carla and Turk, facing financial issues, try to put in longer hours at the hospital; and after finally asserting herself to her father, Elliot finds her funds cut off. While most of the Scrubs characters have dealt with financial issues before, Elliot's story will almost definitely change her life in future episodes, even if her character has not had time to react as of yet. The strength of Carla and Turk's bond is nonchalantly referred to in this episode, and we can apparently expect their relationship to grow in the direction of marriage from now on. And Dr. Cox experiences an undeniably life-changing plot twist in this episode: he has reunited with Jordan.

    His decision brings home the fact that Dr. Cox is an emotionally driven person, despite his harsh exterior. In this episode, he must choose between his sexy new girlfriend and his pregnant ex-wife. His decision-making process is depicted in a clever montage, which raises the audience's hopes that he will make the right choice even though his girlfriend is really hot. Ultimately, the show leads the audience to believe he has chosen to stay with her, which is disappointing until the end of the scene, when it becomes clear that what we are seeing is not quite reality, but is more of a visual representation of his thought process, a brilliant move on the part of the Scrubs team.

    Luckily, Perry and Jordan's sarcastic qualities are not lost with this sentimental episode. Jordan tries to maintain her apathy, telling him she didn't really want him back anyway, and the episode includes a bit of their caustic banter, which would be greatly missed in the series.

    The creative team at Scrubs has produced a winner of an episode. Dr. Cox's last scene is an emotional shocker; the music is varied and appropriate as usual, rather than being recycled from pop songs played on TV commercials; and the underdramatized nature of the plot encourages the audience to participate in making the show what it is. How thoughtful of the writers to assume its audience wants an engaging experience instead of the mindless entertainment increasingly found in many series.
  • Fine example

    When an expectant Jordan shows up unexpectedly, Dr. Cox is forced to choose between her and his new love, Julie.
    Meanwhile, J.D. and Turk take advantage of the hospital's supply closet for sleep, when they take on extra shifts at a free clinic to supplement their income. Carla encourages Elliot to stand up to her father, when he pressures her to pick a specialty more "suitable for a woman".


    As stated in my review for the previous episode, Julie - stunner! He should've chose her instead of Jordan but I doubt by season six they would have 2 kids? Which actually makes me wonder when Cox will buy a house instead of an apartment, it must be 2 bedrooms max!... for 4 people?
  • I laughed so hard when Jordan and Julie were trying to outdo each other

    When an expectant Jordan shows up unexpectedly, Cox is forced to choose between her and his new love, Julie.
    Meanwhile, J.D. and Turk take advantage of the hospital's supply closet for sleep, when they take on extra shifts at a free clinic to supplement their income. Carla encourages Elliot to stand up to her father, when he pressures her to pick a specialty more "suitable for a woman".

    This episode proves Scrubs is one of the best comedies around and the storylines were great, funny, enjoyable and the characters are funny especially Dr. Cox. I didn't think he would choose Jordan so I was surprised. The way that part was scened was good. Must-see episode.
  • Jordan's pregnant

    Dr. Cox's very pregnant ex-wife returns, in an effort to win him back and this time not just for sex. However, he has just entered into a new relationship with the ever popular Julie and even though Jordan dishes out her best game Dr. Cox just doesn't bite, and her pregnancy does throw her off a little. However, after it appears as though he had chosen Julie we all get a very nice very pregnant surprise. And I for one say right choice Perry! I love Christa Miller Lawrence as Jordan, she plays the role so well and I just love seeing more and more of her. Glad to see it appears as though she'll be sticking around, whoops I've said to much!
  • Yet another reason to watch Scrubs

    Wow, once again, this eppisode has it all.

    And, if you are a true scrubs fan, you will have noticed that Malik makes an appearence at the begining of the eppisode, showing how great the shows continuity factor is. (beep....beep- s4x01)

    Anywho, this was a great eppisode for so many reasons, showing a disturbing statistic that doctors are in a lot of debt, and how they deal with it. And what I love the most is that they deal with it by pulling together as friends, and sometimes by stealing stuff.

    Oh yeah, and I'd say great for a new or first time viewer.
  • What a cool episode!

    Jordan returns in order to tried to make Doctor Cox to raise their baby together, but Doctor Cox has some trouble to choose between Jordan and his new girlfriend, Julie. While, Elliot must confront his father for wanting him to do all what he ever wanted, and is kind of funny, while JD and Turk begin to assist into the emergency room at night, but accidentally JD gets Turk's job because Turk take him away one hundred dollars, this is such a cool episode, is really great!
  • The stuff that stood out mainly were the hilarious antics of J.D. and Turk, their situation in this episode was hilarious, but with a haunting touch of reality in it. I'm sorry this review is of practically no use unless you have actually watched the epis

    This was a great episode. Just how I like it: that side-spiltting quality mixed with that impossibility of this stuff ever happening to you, and yet with the mild aftertaste of reality coming back to bite you. Scrubs is one of my favourite shows, and I do have a preference to episdoes in the earlier seasons -- it has such a homey atmospher before that element of change. Anyway, back to the episode: great episode, crazy stuff, funny as hell. Gotta love it.
  • "Or you could steal things from the hospital"

    Janitor: Hold up! There's been a number of thefts around the hospital. We're doing bag checks.
    JD: But what about that guy taking scrubs? Janitor: Hey, Tom!
    Tom: Hey!
    Janitor: He doesn't have a bag.

    This is another fantastic Janitor plot but that isn't the best part of this episode. My favourite plot would have to be JD and Turk's because it has so many great jokes like the $300 and the fact that they watch The Brady Bunch, which I personally have never seen.
    Elliot's plot wasn't as funny but still had some great lines from Dr Kelso and proves to be a very pivotal episode.
  • This episode revolves around Dr. Cox juggling two relationships, Elliot dealing with her father and the pressure of choosing a specific job specialty, and a struggle between J.D. and Turk that goes along with each of the other's problems.

    The underlying theme in this episode is that one should not continually worry about what the future will bring and just live in the moment. Elliot learns this fairly suddenly when her father decides to cut her off, and Dr. Cox deals with the same thing when his life takes an unexpected turn as his ex-wife once again returns. Though people might be taken aback by the decision he makes at the end of the episode, there is no doubt that it was the correct choice. As for J.D. and Turk, they learn to deal with the struggles of the hospital one day at a time. Though just trying to make ends meet leads them to such petty things as stealing pudding from the hospital, that just thoroughly represents how any person, not just a young doctor, faces challenges in life. Though their relationship hits a setback in the episode, J.D. learns not to worry about the future, and the two of them take their respective female counterparts out to a fancy dinner. The parallel storylines really add to the theme of the episode, which emphasizes living in the present, and the result is a very solid episode that is also very humorous.