Season 2 Episode 8

My Fruit Cups

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 14, 2002 on NBC

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  • Our favorite characters endure life's hardships. And what an ending! (spoilers)

    Ironically, the laid-back underdramatization of Scrubs is what has me hooked. In this episode in particular, at least five regular characters were directly affected by major life-changing events, but unlike in most sitcoms the significance of these events was implied subtly, allowing the viewers to do the dramatizing for themselves.

    Much of the primary motivation in this episode comes from money. J.D. is stealing pudding and toilet paper from the hospital with Turk and ultimately helps the janitor lift a computer; Carla and Turk, facing financial issues, try to put in longer hours at the hospital; and after finally asserting herself to her father, Elliot finds her funds cut off. While most of the Scrubs characters have dealt with financial issues before, Elliot's story will almost definitely change her life in future episodes, even if her character has not had time to react as of yet. The strength of Carla and Turk's bond is nonchalantly referred to in this episode, and we can apparently expect their relationship to grow in the direction of marriage from now on. And Dr. Cox experiences an undeniably life-changing plot twist in this episode: he has reunited with Jordan.

    His decision brings home the fact that Dr. Cox is an emotionally driven person, despite his harsh exterior. In this episode, he must choose between his sexy new girlfriend and his pregnant ex-wife. His decision-making process is depicted in a clever montage, which raises the audience's hopes that he will make the right choice even though his girlfriend is really hot. Ultimately, the show leads the audience to believe he has chosen to stay with her, which is disappointing until the end of the scene, when it becomes clear that what we are seeing is not quite reality, but is more of a visual representation of his thought process, a brilliant move on the part of the Scrubs team.

    Luckily, Perry and Jordan's sarcastic qualities are not lost with this sentimental episode. Jordan tries to maintain her apathy, telling him she didn't really want him back anyway, and the episode includes a bit of their caustic banter, which would be greatly missed in the series.

    The creative team at Scrubs has produced a winner of an episode. Dr. Cox's last scene is an emotional shocker; the music is varied and appropriate as usual, rather than being recycled from pop songs played on TV commercials; and the underdramatized nature of the plot encourages the audience to participate in making the show what it is. How thoughtful of the writers to assume its audience wants an engaging experience instead of the mindless entertainment increasingly found in many series.