Season 8 Episode 13

My Full Moon

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • Turk, Eliott, The Todd, and the Interns...oh my!

    There is quite a split among Scrubs fans over whether this season is glorious or disastrous. I'm happy to find myself on the "glorious" side.

    Scrubs this season has emphasized a slower, more thoughtful pace, different character relationships, and the interns. Bill Lawrence and his crew have turned budget restraints from a negative to a positive by focusing on the relationships of certain characters when other characters are gone, and focusing on them in new ways. Looking at old characters in new ways has paid dividends for viewers.

    My Full Moon adds thoughtful insights into the relationship of Turk and Elliot, seamlessly conveying previously hidden nuances about each character through their actions in various hospital situations and through their conversations.

    On the "new" front - I think the interns are funny and fascinating and showed their extraordinary potential in this episode. Seeing each of them deal with an unusual patient problem, from imposter syndrome to repressed flatulence, led to markedly different types of laugh out loud hilarity.
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