Season 8 Episode 13

My Full Moon

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2009 on NBC

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  • bill lawrence come in..are u there?

    what in the world!! now im just pissed at bill lawrence i mean cmon if you dont care about this great one of a kind show you started why did you bother letting abc take over?? here i thought you'd give the loyal fans one last great season...but clearly youve given up. For the last time we dont like the new interns stop shoving them in our faces hoping our opinions will change if we see them enough. Obvioulsy there tryin to get us used to seeing them so they can take over next season if there is one. I have nothing to say about the interns thats the impression theyve given me. Elliott and turk did have a couple of good moments and i chuckled at the patient who thought everyone were imposters. The scences with the girl with hiv could have been so much more emotional. Also i think they ended it with elliott thinking she would leave for a family because there gonna make her leave with j.d who she can have a family with, with sam.Just like in one tree hill with peyton and lucas.

    Having j.d not there as well as the rest of the cast is a good example of what the whole next season would be like. C.R.A.P! I am so dissapointed in the the whole writing staff. They just dont seem to care anymore. I love scrubs like many others do but how long can we watch this mediocre rubbish just because were loyal to the show????