Season 7 Episode 5

My Growing Pains

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 2007 on NBC

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    The continuity on this show continues to amaze me, yet another reference that they kept going in this episode. JD and growing up. This episode sure did have a surprising ending, almost heartbreaking actually.

    To be honest, I never was a huge fan of Kelso... until now. I completely understand him now, not just by this episode, but by the past 6 years. Elliot goes through Kelso's personal files to find out his age, so she can know what put on the cake for the party. Elliot throwing the surprise party for Kelso was a bit out of character, since Kelso always used to make Elliot's life miserable. We don't know this is important until the very end which probably shook Scrubs fans to their core.

    JD trying to grow up was reasonable but different, I'm glad he got back to his old ways. Turk & JD playing with their babies was absolutely hysterical! Probably the highlight of this episode. Cox breaks the rules yet again by telling someone's son he has leukemia when the parents weren't planning to tell him, which in the end, worked out for the better. As for the shocking ending, WOW. Now that Kelso is 65, he is ordered to step down from his position of dean of medicine. And it's all Elliot's fault. Great episode, amazing ending.
  • This one has hilarious moments all over!

    This one makes me laugh out loud all the way through, all the time. Totally love it. Since the beggining, not exactly the breastfeeding scene, although it is funny. JD and Turk doing voices with Sam and Izzy, is just plain hilarious. "Sorry. Kids, huh? What are you gonna do?" Another very funny stuff is Hooch being crazy, he gets followed by 4 interns all the time. "Burn for a burn, baby. It's in the Bible." There are funny stuff the entire episode, I really liked the bells with the Janitor. And when he gave the idea to cut Kelso's legs and count the rings, priceless. One moment that most appealed to me is, "Kelso: The Janitor already gave me one. Nobody likes a copycat, Ted!
    Ted: But what do I do with this?
    Janitor: (pass by) Oooohh, thanks.
    Ted: Heeeey!" HAHAHA, love that part.

    Another funny stuff is the most giant sthethoscope.
    "JD: Oh my God, That's awesome! Isn't that awesome, Carla?
    Carla: Awesome! (to herself) Idiots.
    JD and Turk: We heard that!" Is even better!
    Or when JD holds the most giant clipboard, takes out a giant pencil and fakes writing, very funny. The best part is,
    "Dr. Kelso: What has two thumbs, a funny voice, and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso. I added the funny voice to keep it fresh." Brilliant! A funny following to the scene.
    "Janitor: You're old! Haha, I have been saying that for two hours when the elevator door opens and I got you. I finally got my man!"
    Everything else is just funny and so worth watching, if you just want to laugh and enjoy a well written episode of the amazing Scrubs. I think this is so the best episode of of the short Season 7.
  • Not that good but still awesome

    J.D. wonders what his baby is thinking when Turk asks him to shoot some hoops. Carla suggests that Turk would be better off spending some quality time with his daughter. Meanwhile, Bob mentions to a board member that he has a birthday coming up. When asked how old he'll be, Bob responds, "58." Later, J.D. and Turk hang out with their babies. Both of them miss doing goofy stuff with each other.
    Turk and J.D. get the afternoon off from caring for their babies and decide to do something stupid. Cox then checks on his young patient Josh and then tells his parents that Josh has Leukemia. They tell Cox they don't want to tell him yet. By the nurses' station, Elliot announces that she's planning a party for Bob's birthday and asks for help in finding out Bob's real age.
    J.D. and Turk plan to create the world's biggest black doctor and assemble some large novelty props. When J.D. shows Cox his huge clipboard, Cox calls J.D. an overgrown 32-year-old baby. Kelso also gives Turk a similar lecture, which forces J.D. to reconsider this prank. "It's probably time for us to grow up," J.D. tells his best friend. Meanwhile, the Janitor learns that Kelso is turning 65 and Cox tells Josh that he has Leukemia.
    Turk insists he's not ready to grow up and tells J.D. that, "I'm bringing you back." The Janitor and Elliot then tell Kelso they know his real age, and Kelso says it's none of their business. However, his age comes out when Elliot's party gets underway.
    J.D. and Cox sit down with Carla and Turk to hash out the notion of "growing up" versus changing who you are and to talk about telling Josh about his disease - Carla thinks Cox took his childhood away by telling him. Carla insists it's important for everyone to hang onto the "kid inside." J.D. realizes that Turk is right and gets into the giant black surgeon costume. Things are not as fun in Bob's office where a board member tells him that he will be forced to retire because of his age.
  • Hilarious, and a good moral story. one of the funniest episodes, hooch is crazy!

    Hilarious moments, when Turk and J.D are talking for issie and sam, is comic genius, also j.ds day dream of milk at the beginning was jokes. Sweet moments with Dr. Cox and family, with the silly voice, just added to everything. The caremal bear also hilarious. It wasn't as 'odd' as some of the other episodes have been because of turk and j.d finnaly (sort of) growing up. It is weird though, how elliot has changed alot, not being scared of kelso. Hooch is crazy and hilarious! "Burn for a burn baby, that's in the bible",the funniest line in episode.. Everything from J.Ds giant clipboard and stethescope to interns following hooch, then holding them in a hostage situation means that this episode was just perfect!
  • Jd starts to realize he needs to be more mature. Dr. Cox is shocked that a 10-year-old's parents don't want to tell him he has Leukeimia and we learn Dr.Kelso has been lying about his age.

    I hate that fact that Josh's parents didn't want him to know that he had one of the most commen illness' that children can get, How would he be treated if he didn't know? And how is looking up the illness on his laptop takeing his childhood away? to be honest at the end when Turk, Carla, JD and Perry are dicussing this whole thing, i'd support Perry and JD because if Jd didn't start acting like a parent Kim might think he'd be a bad influence on Sam and Perry: Josh's parent's would have to let him know eventually because they had to give him treatment and he'd proberbly figure it out on his own, and if it wasn't treated he'd die all because of his parents. When the scene where Kelso tell's the board member he'll be 58 i immiediatly knew he was lying because he said he was 57 in 5x06-My Missed Perception and that was 2 season's before this he couln't have gone a whole year without ageing.
    But It was still a great episode and maybe at the end of the series Kelso finally retires.
  • Now that J.D. has a kid he thinks he is supposed to grow up and start acting like an adult. Dr. Cox struggles with the parents of a 10-year-old Leukemia patient. It is also Dr. Kelso's birthday, and Elliot is determined to throw a party for him.

    This episode is my favorite episode this season so far. This is exactly why I watch this show. They are always revealing new things from their past and referencing things in the show that they talked about in earlier episodes. I love that they brought back Hooch. I love how they can be ridiculously silly and serious and dramatic without crossing the line. The scene with the cancer patient was moving, but then Carla references one of Dr. Cox's classic stances (the hands behind the head). My favorite scene by far in this episode is with Sam and Izzy. Not only were they incredibily adorable, but I love it when Turk and J.D. get together. They are my favorite TV couple. I think their friendship is the kind of friendship that everyone wishes they could have. It is just one of those episodes you have to watch. Even if you haven't seen the past two seasons you won't get lost or confused. It was just an all around great episode.
  • Kelso is old.

    This was a good episode. I love it when JD and Turk were playing with Sam and Izzy and Turk decides that they should get married so him and JD can hang out all the time. Aww man the flashback with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite was great too. "Chocolate Bear, Vanilla Bear, Caramel Bear!" Haha great!! Dr. Cox tells this little kid that he has leukemia and JD decides that he's not mature enough just because Dr. Cox said so. I have to say that my most favorite parts were with Hooch. "A burn for a burn baby!" "Hooch is crazy!" O yeah and Dr. Kelso finding out that he's being replaced because he is too old. That's kind of sad character wise but show wise, since it's the last season, it makes sense. Giant black doctor was great. "Excuse me miss would you like to sign a petition to make this hospital more giant accessible?" Great stuff.
  • Hilarious episode that possess a great message.

    One of the best episodes so far this season. Zach Braff's directing, as always, was very well done (I liked the crane shot from the window, along with that 360 camera move near the end). The return of Hooch was great; he was always funny when the episode focused on him and the interns (the "Burn for a Burn" moment: priceless).

    As for the whole message of growing up, it was done well. It's better to have a balance of being silly and having fun while having responsibility of work and family than to be completely serious.

    And it seems Kelso loves Sacred Heart, since he faked his age to prevent retirement. Sad to see him go, but I'm glad he'll still be on the show.

    Great episode.
  • A lot of good, but still a nagging issue with character development..

    This is my first review of an episode this season, though I am really pleased with the season as compared to last year. I still don't know exactly what happened last season, as the tone of the writing was very much off, in my opinion.

    While the episode is bringing the characters closer to conclusion, I thought the way they introduced the Kelso age issue was another example of questionable writing. We have gotten to know the Scrubs characters over the past 7 years, and see that the hospital is their lives. Are you trying to tell me that 7 years in, Elliot would not know Kelso's birthday, and gets hell bent on throwing him a party this year--on what just happens to be his 65th birthday?

    I made a similar comment last year, when Keith and Elliot learned of each other's political orientation after a year of dating. There was also another recent example where the staff "discovered" that Carla had no sense of humor in setting up a storyline. While it is likely little more than nit-picking on my part, that is something I have noticed from the writers on several occasions. They tend to use the "did you ever notice"...technique on people that are around each other every single day. All in though, I am more pleased that I am not laboring to watch the final season, and that is good enough for me.
  • The thin line between age and maturity.

    With only one poor scene in the whole episode (breast milk fantasy), this episode is fantastic, both hilarious and terrific plots about growing up but still keeping hold of the childish qualities.

    While Kelso's retirement was predictable from the first scene that the board member grilled him about his age, the plot was still entertaining with some great scenes with Elliot, Ted, and the Janitor, though the bells joke went on a little too long.

    JD's plot was unbeatable, and possibly the best storyline of the season so far, with hilarious interacions with Dr Cox, Turk, and Hooch, him being the hilarious father figure, the scene at the park being particularly the scenes I was hoping for this season and hopefully there are more JD/Turk/Sam/Izzy immature parenting moments.

    Even more relieving is the fact that Scrubs has remembered that it is a medical show, given that the first 5 seasons had every episode relating to medicine, and in season 7, two episodes didn't have a medical plot at all. While it's not one of the strongest, Cox's plot was still great, with some very funny moments like Jack's "I made a lightning ???" subtitle and the cafeteria scene with the two "teams" arguing. While he violated the parents' rights by telling Josh, when it may have worked better to confront and rant at the parents, and not have him be a bad doctor, the plot still worked that way, and overall was quite entertaining.

    The Giant Black Doctor (the previously mentioned attempt having the response that people ran) was quite a good ending to show that while Turk and JD will become responsible parents, it doesn't mean they have to be mature.

    Overall, this is a hilarious episode, and the exact kind I was expecting from the season with JD as a hilarious father figure, back to medical writing, and Hooch was an added bonus, making this the most entertaining episode so far this season.
  • A patient has cancer and his parents dont wanna tell him, while JD faces growing up again. And finally Bob Kelso is revealed as 65 after hiding it. Turns out that is the age of his forced retirement.

    Easily the best show of the season! This started a story arc for Bob Kelso that is also acting as foreshadowing for "The End" while it continued JD's storyarc for growing up. It had everything a great Scrubs episode should have. Humor, patients, a moral and a storyarc. The humor was excellent as every joke seemed to hit its mark. The patient was good, not dominating any plots, but it served its purpose. While the storyarc really seems like something I can sink my teeth in for the remainder of the series. Just when everyone thought that they lost it.... there they go.
  • The end is coming!!!

    Well at this point we can really start to see the end of this show getting closer & closer..I have to say that i saw the end of this episode was all pretty clear from the beggining....but anyways nothing bad to say about it...i actually felt sorry for dr this years, i too ,have learned to appreciate him..:) JD is rapidly growing up....and it looks like that this "trasformation" is going to happen pretty fast in a few episodes....luckly thought the series is still very funny and is actually starting to pick up the pace...i really can't believe that we are going to have to say goodbye to this show! I'll miss it so much....because at thi time is one of the few series that i consider worth watching....
  • Foreshadowing the end...

    Up until the final five minutes or so, this was merely an average episode of Scrubs.

    I disliked the initial message that one should "grow up", and considering how I'd heard Zach Braff wishing to give the show a more serious tone, this left a very sour taste.

    Still, the episode turns this around and attests that we should attempt to retain some of those young qualities, a message I found pretty apt and refreshing, even though it's not a new idea.

    In the final moments, we learn that Kelso will have to step down soon, which is obvious foreshadowing to the end of the show, where I imagine that one of the principle cast members (surely Cox) will become the new administrator of the hospital.
  • Loved this episode. Great story with super cool ending. Warning SPOILERS!

    This is an awesome episode with an awesome ending.

    J.D gets Sam from Kim and spends time with him. While Turk and J.D plan their next prank. Dr Cox tells J.D to grow up.

    Elliot then finds out it's Dr. Kelso's birthday tomorrow and plans a party. While having a conversation with Ted, Elliot finds out that nobody knows Kelso's real age. Thus with some help from the Janitor, Elliot finds out that Kelso's really 65 which coincidentally is the mandatory retirement age for people at Sacred Hart.

    Meanwhile Cox has a 10 year old patient, Josh which has Leukemia. Cox decides to tell Josh that he has Cancer despite his parents telling Cox that they want to keep it from him.

    All in All Super Episode.
  • an episode that all of the things that a good Scrubs episode should have - a patient, bit of plot development, most of the characters, good jokes, and a lesson, silly as it was, albeit quite important for JD at this point.

    As I said, this episode had many good things going for it, and there are a bunch of really good jokes thrown around, plus we get a patient storyline, and some plot development concerning Kelso. \Only thing I'm missing is some JD/Elliot development. They built it all up in the end of Season6, like a nice house from cards, and it's like they now refuse to put the last few levels on there. I guess we will just have to wait. The commentary for this episode was pretty interesting (done by Zach this week). He revealed so many little things that they payed attention to, and I felt a little bad because I didn't notice any of those things... like spinning cameras, long shots, etc. Still, interesting to hear.

    Decent ep!
  • Spoilers! Good episode that gets you slowly ready for the end.

    After 4 episode which showed slow progress. This is the one episode that starts wrapping things up. The storylines were great and fresh, except Dr. Cox's story, which could be done better. JD and Turk were in good shape, Janitor's role was small, but the one that made the episode important was Kelso. He was funny and you really felt with him at the end. It was a funny episode too, the jokes were mostly old and classic jokes from the older seasons. Overall this episode made me feel safe to let go of the series, since i now know that it still has clever plots to wrap it all up for once and for all.
  • SPOILERS! Setting the course for the end?

    When I started to watch this episode, I thought it was going to be the standard fare for this season, one theme for the episode, not leading anywhere. I have been fine with this formula as it has given some good moments and entertainment, but doesn't compell me to tune in the next week.

    I have grown a little tired of JD and the rest of the main cast this season (bar Cox), and as has been the case for all the episodes so far, Kelso, Janitor and Ted once again gave us the most hilarious moments (The Kelso/Janitor present giving, Ted's inability to say "No" and Janitor's bells had me roaring) I had a feeling it was going to another one week story, with the moral being everyone gets old, you have to accept it but you don't have to change but then... The twist at the end seems to have set a course for the culmination of a fantastic show. What happens when the bubble bursts?

    All in all another good episode made outstanding by the ending.
  • What an ending! WARNING Has spoilers

    Arguably the best episode of the season. My Growing Pains was funny, cleverly plotted, and brought back some classic things from previous seasons. Remember Giant Doctor? Get ready for Giant Black Doctor! He's just like you, except black and giant! And it was a classic prank when JD and Turk offer to cover their intern, Rex, i he follows Hooch around all day without telling him why. Unfortunately for Rex, Hooch is crazy! Dr. Cox has too break the grim news one of his patients, a child, has leukemia. He has the burden (which he didn't think was a big deal) of ending his childhood too soon.

    And it's Dr. Kelso's birthday. He's gonna be 58 right? No. He was born in 1942, making him 65, and at Sacred Heart, 65 is the mandatory retirement age. BUM BUM BUM. Great episode, great twist.