Season 7 Episode 5

My Growing Pains

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • Jd starts to realize he needs to be more mature. Dr. Cox is shocked that a 10-year-old's parents don't want to tell him he has Leukeimia and we learn Dr.Kelso has been lying about his age.

    I hate that fact that Josh's parents didn't want him to know that he had one of the most commen illness' that children can get, How would he be treated if he didn't know? And how is looking up the illness on his laptop takeing his childhood away? to be honest at the end when Turk, Carla, JD and Perry are dicussing this whole thing, i'd support Perry and JD because if Jd didn't start acting like a parent Kim might think he'd be a bad influence on Sam and Perry: Josh's parent's would have to let him know eventually because they had to give him treatment and he'd proberbly figure it out on his own, and if it wasn't treated he'd die all because of his parents. When the scene where Kelso tell's the board member he'll be 58 i immiediatly knew he was lying because he said he was 57 in 5x06-My Missed Perception and that was 2 season's before this he couln't have gone a whole year without ageing.
    But It was still a great episode and maybe at the end of the series Kelso finally retires.
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