Season 7 Episode 5

My Growing Pains

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 2007 on NBC

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    The continuity on this show continues to amaze me, yet another reference that they kept going in this episode. JD and growing up. This episode sure did have a surprising ending, almost heartbreaking actually.

    To be honest, I never was a huge fan of Kelso... until now. I completely understand him now, not just by this episode, but by the past 6 years. Elliot goes through Kelso's personal files to find out his age, so she can know what put on the cake for the party. Elliot throwing the surprise party for Kelso was a bit out of character, since Kelso always used to make Elliot's life miserable. We don't know this is important until the very end which probably shook Scrubs fans to their core.

    JD trying to grow up was reasonable but different, I'm glad he got back to his old ways. Turk & JD playing with their babies was absolutely hysterical! Probably the highlight of this episode. Cox breaks the rules yet again by telling someone's son he has leukemia when the parents weren't planning to tell him, which in the end, worked out for the better. As for the shocking ending, WOW. Now that Kelso is 65, he is ordered to step down from his position of dean of medicine. And it's all Elliot's fault. Great episode, amazing ending.
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