Season 7 Episode 5

My Growing Pains

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Dr. Kelso's age is inconsistent. In "My Kingdom," Dr. Cox puts up a sign that says Kelso's year of birth is 1947, but in this episode, it's said that his year of birth is 1942.

    • J.D. said Sam couldn't pretend to kiss Izzy in the park scene until Sam could hold his head up for real. However, J.D. only held Sam's head when he mentioned having to hold his head. Before that line and after, Sam was holding his own head up without J.D.'s help.

    • Although it has been alluded before, it was now confirmed that Dr. Cox's parents were violently abusive alcoholics.

    • Dr. Cox reveals that he's 47.

    • Zach Braff stated in the audio commentary that Neil Flynn improvised most of the "bells" shot.

    • When Turk is getting the Giant Black Doctor ready, the stethoscope he wore around his neck was the same stethoscope used in episode 6-20 "My Conventional Wisdom" where J.D. was daydreaming about the Doctor Toilet.

    • Featured Music:

      "The Man" by Pete Yorn

    • J.D. and Turk used to have a third bear named Caramel Bear before he was abducted and likely killed.

    • In the season 3 episode "My Clean Break" J.D. mentions "We tried playing Giant Black Doctor, remember what happened? People ran." However, Turk implies that giant black doctor is a brand new idea in this episode.

    • We find out Dr. Kelso's real age is 65.

    • In this episode everyone asks Dr. Kelso what his age his and he responds 58. Elliot later finds out it's 65 but what is interesting about this is that Dr. Kelso was 58 when the show started.

    • This is Hooch's first appearence since the season four finale, "My Changing Ways".

  • Quotes

    • Janitor: (elevator opens) You're old! Yes! I've been saying that when the door opens for the last two hours, and I finally got my man! (As the elevator door starts to close) Come on, give it up, a little something. (elevator's almost closed) Still got time. (door closes) We'll do it later!

    • Dr. Kelso: What has two thumbs, a funny voice and doesn't give a crap? (weird voice) Bob Kelso! ...I added the funny voice to keep it fresh.

    • Dr. Cox: Who cares about losing your childhood? I damn sure didn't.
      J.D.: Yeah, because your parents were violently abusive alcoholics. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It was probably very exciting.

    • Turk: Ok, we're both off in an hour, so I planned our plan.
      J.D.: You just used the same word twice in the same sentence.
      Turk: You just did too.
      J.D.: That is so weird that I didn't even notice that I did that. Same word, four times, one sentence!
      Turk: Dude, you're in the zone.
      J.D.: I feel it.

    • J.D.: It's just that when I have Sam I'm so busy, you know? We're up at 6, I feed him, I bathe him, then it's poopy time, then it's his poopy time.

    • Turk: I'm off. Uh, you wanna go shoot some hoops?
      J.D.: I have a baby strapped to my chest.
      Turk: So I just won't pass to you.
      J.D.: Cool, same as always.

    • J.D.'s narration: No matter how old you are you should never forget the importance of childhood. Whether it's letting your kid hold on to his... or holding on to your own; Because everything happens so fast, it all can slip away before you know it.

    • J.D.'s narration: They say that the truth hurts; and sometimes it does. But sometimes it's just surprising, and other times the truth just wasn't supposed to be heard in the first place.

    • Ted: Sir, I got you a power drill. I know you wanted one for your hobby shop.
      Dr. Kelso: The Janitor already gave me one. Nobody likes a copycat, Ted.
      Ted: So what do I do with this?
      Janitor: Ooh! Thanks.
      Ted: Heeeey.

    • Hooch: (to the interns who are following him) I'm about to use the toilet right now. So I hope you all are happy with the order that you're standing in. Because if you follow me in there, that is the order that I'm going to kill you. (to himself) Oh yeah! Today is gonna be a good day. Yes it is!

    • Elliot: So, how do we find out Kelso's age?
      Ted: We pay a hundred people, age one to a hundred, line them all up and see which one Kelso looks like.
      Janitor: I say, we cut off Kelso's legs, and we count the rings.
      Elliot: That only works on trees.
      Janitor: And puppets.

    • Ted: Kelso makes my life hell. Now, I know usually I cave, but there's no way I'm going to his party.
      Elliot: I understand, Ted.
      Ted: Fine, I'll go. Damned!

    • Elliot: Oh my god, is that a smile?
      Dr. Kelso: Well, it's like last year, when the safety brake failed on Enid's wheelchair, and she started rolling toward our pool. I told myself: "Bob, it's already too late to stop it so you might as well sit back and enjoy it."

    • Ted: Chicks, ah? They're all soft and cuddly, but you'll never get to be with one.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: March 26, 2008 on TV3
      Venezuela: May 20, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Sweden: July 5, 2008 on TV6
      Germany: October 1, 2008 on ProSieben

  • Allusions

    • The Addams Family:
      When the Janitor pops into the scene when Elliot is trying to find out Kelso's age he says, "You rang?"

      Lurch, the butler from the Addams Family would appear immediately and respond, "You rang?" when the family pulled a bell.

    • "Growing Pains" is the title of a TV series which ran from 1985 to 1992.

    • J.D.: His roommate got straight A's that semester without even going to class.

      J.D. is referencing a common legend, that a college student whose roommate dies will get a 4.0 GPA for the next term.