Season 5 Episode 9

My Half-Acre

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • "Because I know you."

    This was such a hilarious episode. The thing that I really loved about this episode is that Scrubs this season, has lost it's sense of realism in some place, and in this episode, it seemed to gain back it's realism. The other thing of course that it's hilarious, and it surprisingly helped with the development as well. Mandy Moore guest stars as JD's new klutz girlfriend, that made this episode all the more funnier. We got to see some development in Elliot & JD's friendship. Elliot warns JD that he's going too fast with Julie, she gives him advice throughout the episode. Cox doesn't want to be a sensitive dad, and Turk becomes part of an air band with the janitor, but things go awry when Turk disrespects Kelso. In the end, everything is resolved because of these words: "Because I know you." It was heartwarming in a sense, and it brought development since JD bought a space with Julie, but she continues to be a klutz which continues to be hysterical. A hilarious heartwarming episode with development.
  • The BEST episode of Scrubs!!!!

    Seriously, this is my favourite episode, it's smart and hilarious. Julie and JD have an amazing relationship, that I wish would have gone on for more than 2 episodes. But that's the way it went. Everything about this episode was perfect (Except for the scene with Elliot in JD's wig). The airbanding was funny, the music choices seemed to fit... and Turk's "Poison" dance!!!!!!!! Haha. That was one of the greatest dance scenes in history.
    The romance was sweet, and the way that Elliot was influencing JD's relationship was also funny. Altogether, this episode is a fine example of the way Scrubs should have been more like in Seasons 6 and 7.
  • My Half-Acre is one of the Scrubs episodes that seemlessly blends comedy, story and music into one neat little package.

    This is one of those irreverent episodes that has it all. From the start of the episode with Ted, Janitor and Lloyd's air band, he just rolls along from there. As the episode progresses, the air band is used to mix in some good songs that are not only fun to listen to, but also propel the story arcs in this episode. Mandy Moore does a nice job as JD's klutzy girlfriend. I realize that she and Zach Braff were dating at the time this episode was filmed, but I also think that a lot of the episode's charm has to do with Moore's acting ability. Also, there is a nice story arc involving the emotional growth of Dr. Cox. While I knew where that particular arc was going to go, it was nonetheless an enjoyable ride.

    For me, it was the air band that made this episode especially memorable. Ted, Lloyd and Janitor approach the air band with some sort of fanatical obsession. The Todd's audition, which was really heightened by the fact that the Todd hadn't dressed up for it, was a good gag. However, it was Turk's audition for the air band that showcased the episode's sense of silliness the best. Donald Faison did a spectacular job dancing to Bel Biv Devoe's Poison, but it was the reactions from the other band members that really got me laughing. They acted as though this was not only the band member they had been looking for, but the one that would propel them to stardom. All in all, very well done.
  • Funny. I love this series because it can make me laugh and cry. This episode is just laugh out loud funny. Air-Banding and hide the saultine.

    Mandy Moore guest stars and is fantastic. I love the air-banding. The ending with the three different camera is amazing. This is an under-rated episode of Scrubs. It holds true to the shows core meaning and is one of the funniest episodes period. Without question I can watch this episode over and over. Also, it stands alone very well. I usually need to watch a series from episode 1 to the end. This episode can stand alone and be watched and enjoyed by someone with little to no knowledge of the series as well as being enjoyed by die-hard scrubs fans.
  • Amazing episode

    The BEST EPISODE EVER!!!! I can watch this episode on my ipod 100x and still laugh my head off! Mandy more is amazing. Also, watch "Her Story", the episode after, to finish out mandy's hilarious 2-episode guest starring role!
    It is why this show is the best live-action comedy on television! This episode is a must-have for any self respecting scrubs fan.

    Ignore this, It's cuz i need 100 words... silly rule!
    Ignore this, It's cuz i need 100 words... silly rule!
    Ignore this, It's cuz i need 100 words... silly rule!
    Ignore this, It's cuz i need 100 words... silly rule!
    Ignore this, It's cuz i need 100 words... silly rule!
  • My Half-Acre; Great Episode. Amazing. 10/10.

    This was an amazing episode. This is a fine example of proving that Scrubs has still got it. It was seriously funny and well written. All the storylines were interesting. I think the only other episode that's happened to, is my all time favourite episode, 'My Lucky Night'. Anyway this is 'My Half Acre'. JD had a blind date with a girl named Julie, who is a clut. Actually it's one on the few Scrubs episodes where the slapstick humour his hilarious. Especially at the end when they both trip up on each other. Any who? JD kills the moment with her and walks out, however clears everything up from the help of Elliot. Other funny clips with this storyline is when there both sitting on the couch but looking old, only to relise their wearing a mask. Also the "Hey Julie" montage; played by 'Fountains of Wayne'.

    In other news, The Janitor, Delivery guy & Ted put together an air band, and Turk joins by showing them his hip hop dancing. But not before The Todd showing them his ridiculous but hilarious dancing to them, while 'Everybody's Working' is playing. And dressed like an idiot.

    Hilarious episode
  • Another fun filled episode of scrubs

    This episode is personally one of my favourite for many reasons mainly becuase of the music and mandy moore being in it. The episode starts with J.D going a date with a girl who is just as clumsy as he is, he then loses the romance in the situation he is in like he always does, so elliot offers to help him but he of course says he doesn't need but uses her advice anyway. Turk becomes the lead singer in a band which uses air instruments. Carla tries to help Dr. Cox kiss his baby by helping him find his soft side.
  • J.D., ignoring Eliot's words, begins to go too fast with Julie. Meanwhile, Ted and the Janitor are looking for a fourth member in their air band, and Dr. Cox is hesitant to show his affectionate side with his son.

    There are so many great moments in this episode that help make it my favorite of all the "Scrubs" episodes. The whole subplot with Turk and the air band was hilarious. Turk dancing to "Poison" is a can't miss.

    Another reason I love this episode is because I thought Julie was the best J.D. girlfriend in the series. They always seemed to be on the same page, and their two-fold clumsiness was always fun to watch.

    The main reason I love this episode, though, is because of the musical montages. "Hey Julie" by Fountains of Wayne once again helped show how in sync J.D. and Julie were, in terms of interests. The best musical montage ever, though, was the air band's performance of Boston's "More Than A Feeling" at the conclusion of the episode. It was the perfect song for the end of the episode and wrapped up all three stories very nicely. I can never hear that song again without playing air guitar (poorly, I might add).

    If you are a "Scrubs" fan, I highly recommend this episode. It is a can't miss.
  • Quite possibly the best episode ever.

    The first great thing about this episode is the music. Fountains of Wayne, only well known for "Stacy's Mom" have a great song in this one, "Hey Julie" which is an amazing song. Also, there's "More Than A Feeling" by Boston. A song that I had never heard before watching this episode of Scrubs. This song is amazing and the air band playing it made it funny and really great. Whenever I hear the guitar solo I picture Ted playing the air guitar and getting into the song.
    Next great thing is Mandy Moore. She is absolutely beautiful. She plays an easy to love klutz and made a great member of the cast for her few episodes. Seeing J.D. with a new girlfriend that he should be with forever really makes me happy, it's too bad things would get worse in the next episode.
    This episode also starts developing Cox as a father. This is really crucial for the show to progress anywhere.
    The last thing is that this episode has some great moments that make you remember it, while other episodes may fade from your memory. I will always love and remember this episode.
  • The Cool Cats

    When Turk, the Janitor, Ted, and Lloyd form that air band. I mean they were good! It was so funny to watch, too. Turk did a killer job. I particularly love their end performance of Boston's "More Than A Feeling". That was the best!

    Todd though, what was with that outfit?
  • Airbands and Halfacres, how can you go wrong?

    Season five is quickly becoming one of my favourite seasons of Scrubs yet, with great episodes like My Jiggly Ball and My Way Home and now this one, a great guest appearance by Mandy Moore, a spectacular and hilarious dance by Turk and three brilliantly plotted scripts, involving Kelso, Ted and Jordan.

    My favourite plot would have to be the air band plot because it is just so hard to beat, and if you’ve seen the episode, you’ll know why. Followed closely behind is Cox and the Jehovah’s Witness/baby kissing freak out and this episode does have some of the best lines from Dr Cox in the series.

    Of course it wouldn’t be Scrubs without JD and who better to play his new girlfriend than his girlfriend who he has also made big steps with. Julie’s clumsy antics are very funny indeed, however slapstick they may be.

    The end is very effective, many of the hospital staff showing how much they know each other after the five years at the hospital and is terrifically played, ending one very funny episode.
  • Turk dancing to poison, it gets no better

    Mandy Moore was surprisingly pretty funny especially when she knocks elliot in the face. The best part for me was Turk busting out to Poison. Easily the best part of the episode. Plus they summed it all up pretty good in the end and you cant beat the janitor and ted in an air guitar band. Just a good episode.
  • Air band performance of "More than a Feeling" = awesome.

    I think the main thing that sealed this episode for me was the air band performance of Boston\'s \"More Than a Feeling, which was shot like a concert video. I love it when this show ends on a high note, especially when there\'s classic rock involved. This is why I watch the show.
  • Good one...

    A nice Episode.

    J.D. meets Julie, who seems to be his dream girl, Janitor starts some kind of air-play band, together with some strange guy, Ted the lawyer and Turk and Dr. Cox does not want to kiss his son.

    All together it was a nice and really good scrubs episode. But it wasn't as good as the last ones. A really hillarious joke was missing, so do NOT expect a joke in this episode where you will lying on the floor laughing after!

    The best scene is Turk, showing of at the "audition" from Janitors band - Turks dancing rocks big time!
  • One more good one

    The makers of Scrubs did it again !!! I was watching this episode, oviously cause I am writing it about it now, but anyways... This was a really good episode because of so many reasons. First of all it was a two parter, and there was not a full week inbetween the two episodes. The next thing is Mandy Moore, who I don't care for most of the times, did a really great job, and she played a perfect oposite of JD. The air band was so great along with that and Tedd and the Janitor were funny as per usual.

    Just an upstainding show.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • JD meets his dream girl, Julie(played by possibly RL girlfriend Mandy Moore) and the Janitor starts up an air guitar band.

    I loved it! I'm a huge Scrubs fan as it is, and tonight's first episode was just awesome- I'm watching the second one now. I love how they (JD and Julie) are both so klutzy. I hope they keep Mandy on for a few more shows.
    The Air guitar storyline was GREAT. I love the Janitor, he's one of my favorite actors. And Boston's "More than a feeling" rocked.
    Dr. Cox's little plot was alright, but kinda steered away from the main story. It didn't contribute a whole lot to the episode, but I suppose it had it's own little thing, with Dr. Cox's insecurities with his son.
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