Season 8 Episode 4

My Happy Place

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD and Elliot consider the possibility of dating again, while Dr. Cox and Turk struggle with their trust issues.

    For me, this is without a doubt in my top five for favorite episodes. I know a lot of people hate "will they/won't they" couples but really, any good show needs a relationship to make the lead guy more... "Real". I wanted JD and Elliot to end up together in last year's final and was highly disappointed when they didn't. To see Elliot and JD, give their relationship another try, a last try is just an amazing thing. They're relationship for me was a running fuel for a lot of the good storylines this series has had and to have them not end up together is just torture.

    The fact that they weren't just thrown together but their relationship was discussed, developed, the obvious downfalls and bad breaks were brought up proved their growth and that's what will make this relationship work.

    Dr. Cox and Turk, they had a nice story as well. I love the return of The Todd. I missed him. Having Cox tell Turk he trusted him shows a huge advancement in their relationship.

    Having Dr. Kelso help JD and Elliot not only discover their real feelings but his real feelings as well, was a brilliant character development for Kelso. All around good episode.

    The Janitor needs more.
  • Finally, for the first time in awhile, an episode that brings together comedy and drama in the perfect blend. There wasn't too much focus on daydreams either.. We got a well written, well acted episode that combines everything good the show has done.

    What an awesome episode! The first thing I thought when I heard the synopsis of the episode is "Oh great, another "Elliot and J.D get together for an episode and break up again" plot line, but instead, was pleasantly surprised to see them actually pick up apart their relationship with each other and really show why it's logical these two should end up together. I heard one person talk about how they were referencing other shows and how they get themselves into these completely ridiculous situations (Friends, for instance) and it was clever to have them by themselves, talking about all of the stupid little things that have prevented them from being together.

    But enough of that.. This episode was just excellent. From Turk calling Cox "Baby," to the return of Jimmy, the touchy Orderly and of course, the return of the Janitor to his actual job. Everybody had some attention focused on them, whether large or small, and, as most of this season has been so far, there has been much less ridiculous daydream sequences and more realism. I like J.D's daydreams as much as the next person, but one every twenty seconds gets a little ridiculous.

    It'll be nice to see where the episodes go from here. All I know is that the show has been holding my attention more then it has in awhile.
  • JD and Elliot are together again

    Now that Maddox is fired, Sacred Heart returns to normalcy. No word yet on the replacement chief of medicine yet, I believe they have a substitute for now. Several characters retturn or go back to their usual positions: Turk returns from an unexplained absence last episode, there is a brief but funny cameo from Todd, who has been noticeably absent from Season Eight so far and for poor JD, his nemesis, the Janitor has returned. Hoped JD enjoyed those brief moments without his "buddy". JD and Elliot are enjoying how much time they're spending together, no strings attached. Turk is having trusts issues with Cox, since Cox overrides Turk whenever he gives out surgery advice because to Cox, all surgeons are idiots. Ted is hapy to see that the Janitor has returned since they're kind of buddies, but is confused when the Janitor explains that he's not actually rehired. He just fired his replacement and showed up back to work. Classic Janitor. Kelso is spending way too much time at Sacred Heart, despite his retirement, and surprisingly Ted, who has grown some backbone since Kelso quit, tells Kelso it's uncomfortable to see him there since Kelso doesn't work there anymore. Kelso just wants the muffins and he misses his old job but what the heck? He relocates to a coffee shop that eventually JD and Elliot stumble into. They both convince him to find his "happy" spot, wherever it is. Kelso then gives out a blunt guess, that JD and Elliot are dating again. The two assure that's not what's going on but as they explain their current relationship, Kelso tells them they're together except unofficially. The two realize there is something to what Kelso is saying and they have a confrontation. They empty out all their feelings for each other, why they should get together, and why they shouldn't. Kelso is the one who pushes them to restart because they don't have a good excuse not to get back together, they're just afraid. They should do what makes them happy. Kelso takes his own advice and returns to the hospital for his muffins. Cox and Turk finally negoitate a truce in where Cox is more willing to trust Turk in surgical decisions if not extremely willing. The Janitor fakes his way to a payroll and for now, he's technically working for Sacred Heart and terrorizing JD. As for JD and Elliot, they decide to give their romance one more try. Part of me wants them to succeed because they've grown up so much since they were last together, Elliot is more controlled and less neurotic than she used to be and JD has slightly matured. There's another part of me that doesn't want them to have a relationship because after season one, any relationship they ever had since had been sabotageued. If they wind up together in the end or if this attempt will be the final, I don't know. With Scrubs, it can go either way. The only question I have on this episode is the lack of JD flashbacks. Other than that, the episode was great and season eight continues to be an extremely powerful final season.
  • Turk and Dr Cox come to an understanding, The Todd returns, and the Janitor gets back to work.

    Another great episode here. It was lovely to see JD and Elliot work things out between them and also that Turk and Dr Cox can trust each other just a little bit now. The scenes with Dr Kelso actually were quite poignant, especially when he said he never thought he'd end up being an old man wondering what to do with the rest of his life. Of course, the Janitor's scenes were simply brilliant. He managed to fire his own replacement and is now replacing the replacement (unofficially, of course). He even managed to wangle a pay cheque from the admin lady. Pure genius!
  • Jd And Elliot, fifth times the charm.

    Over the years I've gone back and forth when it comes to Jd and Elliot. Originally I wanted them to work it out, then when they finally became friends once and for all I was happy with them staying in that place and got a little mad when they tried to force things between them at the end of season 6 (even though it made sense story wise). I was pleased when they kind of shurked it off as a fluke but now in season 8 I find myself with a renewed interest in seeing them back together. I don't really know what happened, I was against it at the end of season 6 but now I'm starting to remember why I thought they were so cute once upon a time and as Jd said they've both changed. Elliot a much much stronger, confident lady and Jd though perhaps not so changed as Elliot has grown up a lot and become less of a codependent person. I also loved their conversation in this episode about how they don't have to be that couple, the Ross/Rachel couple. They can just be. Over the years they've had plenty of Ross/Rachel stuff stretching all the way back to the first season but I'm thinking it could be this time which is kind of remarkable but feels right. I'm especially surprsised that it doesn't feel forced, considering this is the last season of Scrubs it could potentially feel like they were putting them together just because the show was ending but it actually feels like one of their more natural hookups. I'm hopeful that it stays that way and from spoilers it looks like they could be safe but it's still Jd and Elliot, they're both giant sabotage addicts and even though they've mostly gotten rid of that I'm not going to get to reattached to them just yet. I do feel like over the years a lot of what's happened between them has made sense, both as a couple and as friends, and this latest chapter is just another great example of that but knowing Jd and Elliot I doubt they'll find their happily ever after with another anything but simple. But how cute was that end scene though? They're so sweet with one another, I had almost forgotten.
  • Boom! Headshot. It is amazing to see JD and Elliot back at it again.

    I think the thing is that I relate so much to this storyline. I've neber been able to get over the idea of a past relationship. And I'm still crazy about her so almost every line of JD and Elliot hit my like bricks to the face. Well, except for those of sex in a pond or head kicking. But the writters sure knew how to lay out how yearning all of us were to see those to nuts together again. The season it's just begining and I'm sure this will grow. I just hope it lasts all the way through.
  • JD and Elliot get closer to one another as the janitor returns to the hospital. Meanwhile Dr.Cox lets his distrust of surgeons show as Turk is slowly infuriated by Cox's constant watching of what he does.

    It seems that now that we are 4 episodes into the 8th season we are slowly getting a picture of what the show has in store for us this season. It would seem that emotion is taking centre stage and while to comedy is still there it is lacking the spotlight and sting from the first five seasons. That said the show seems to have recovered from the two very poor seasons that came before it.

    This week JD and Elliot are getting closer without really realizing what they are in for. They hang out all the time now and seem on the surface to be a couple. They are oblivious to it before Kelso points it out.

    Speaking of Kelso he seems to be running out of things to do so he spends most of his time at the Coffee Bucks in the hospital. When Ted calls him on it he tells everyone that him and Enid are going to travel. But this is all a lie as he hides out at another coffee bucks just so it seems that he has a life outside the hospital. Pretty soon he realizes that he shouldn't care what people think about him hanging out at the hospital.

    Meanwhile Turk and Dr.Cox are at loggerheads when Turk notices that Cox never leaves the patient's room during a surgical consult. He confesses that it is because he doesn't trust surgeons as all they want to do is cut people open. Turk is very offended by this as he believes that being at the hospital fro 8 years should warrant some respect.

    In another story arc, the janitor makes his return to the hospital without actually being rehired. He poses as a doctor to fire the new janitor and slowly move back into his role. Which he does wih relative ease contrary to the panic of Ted that things wouldn't work out.

    This episode was all about the relationships between people and as such the humor took a back seat to a character piece. But seen as I have always found that the writers of Scrubs always did these kind of episodes better than those that are purely for laughs. This season seems like it is building to a great farewell for the show in the months to come. I can only hope that this season does the first 5 seasons justice.
  • bassically jd and elliot are discussing their relationship

    so they are back together for like the 8th time (at least once per season) and who knows where it will lead them this time. what about kelso though is what i want to know. will he solve his problem with money and touring. tune in next tuesday to find out. what about the janitor. is he really back. and who will be the new cheif of medicine replacing dr. maddox who replaced doctor kelso. sorry for spoiling this for those who have not seen previous season episodes. does any body think we will see more sammy this season (jd's son). please reply
  • thank god the janitor came back-i missed him! elliot and j.d. back together, who would guess?

    as far as medical dramas go, this one aint half bad. i am not a big fan of e.r. or greys anatomy etc. but this show is the best by far.
    i am liking the little changes to sacred heart like introducing jimmy (the overly touchy orderly) and bob kelso's retirement and yet how things stay the same. its about time though that j.d. and elliott had another stab at a relationship as i think they suit each other and wouldn't mind the series ending with them that way. bob kelso makes me sad though with no friends but i like the fact he still hangs around and got dr. cox to admit he is missed.
    bring on the next episode-wot else will i spend my time doing? work?...bahhh!
  • More of the same from the clowns at Sacred Heart.

    I will preface this review by saying that I do think this episode was the best one since the end of season six. So hopefully all of what I'm about to write is in vain and the show is on its way back up. Now that that is said, I believe Scrubs, which started out as one of my favorite TV shows to watch, has been in steady decline since season 5, with an abysmal 7th season. I still laugh here and there but most of the show seems very phoned-in by every cast member, save maybe Donald Faison, who doesn't seem to get quite as much face time as he did before. Watching Scrubs is starting to feel a lot like watching The Simpsons: the same old jokes, told in a different way that is less funny than the first time. As I sated before, I hope I'm wrong and the show is on its way back up after moving to its parent station; however, I just am not that optimistic. Since I'm a sucker, I will keep watching and will likely chime in here again.
  • JD y Elliot afrontan nuevamente su alianza amorosa, y los demas miembros del equipo medico resuelven problemas de confianza.

    Las historias paralelas son las siguientes: JD y Elliot afrontan su nueva relacion cuando encuentran al Dr. Kelso en una cafeteria (cuando en realidad les habia comentado que iria de vacaciones con su esposa). Dr. Cox debe aceptar que Turk es un cirujano competente, y el conserje retorna a Sacred Heart.
    Empezamos de atras hacia adelante: el conserje retorna al hospital sin ser contratado, pero se las arregla para que lo reintegren a pesar de no haber sido llamado. Cox sigue dudando de los cirujanos, a quienes detesta porque solo abren personas sin conocer su enfermedad a fondo, pero debe aceptar que Turk es un buen cirujano cuando ambos se ven en un caso de transplante de organos. Pero, la historia mas significativa es la de Elliot y JD, quienes siguen siendo amigos pero son vistos como pareja. MIentras conversan con Kelso en la cafeteria, se dan cuenta que ambos tienen miedo de iniciar una relacion, y temor a los comentarios de los demas. Finalmente, cuando salen del hospital, JD toma la mano de Elliot y salen abrazados de su centro de trabajo.

    Deberia darle 10 puntos a este capitulo. Scrubs vuelve a ser el de las primeras temporadas. Dialogos rapidos, situaciones que cada vez cobran mas hilacion en sus mas de 100 episodios. La escena final de una mano temblorosa de JD para tomar la de Elliot sera profundamente recordada por los seguidores de esta serie. Ademas, como es casi costumbre, la banda sonora al final merece mucha atencion.
  • 804

    I guess Courtney Cox leaving was just what this show needed to get back on top again. After going back and forth over the past 7 years, JD & Elliot get back together again, after not being together for 4 years, which is what made this episode so special. A lot of jokes reminded me of the earlier seasons of Scrubs. The janitor and his common antics, and thank god he got his job back by the way. Cox saying he trusts in Turk in the end of the episode, which gave a sense of emotion, which this seasons hasn't had just yet. Elliot & JD going off in their own world to talk about their relationship, was golden and completely fit their story. The Todd's first appearance in season eight, for a while there, I thought he left the show. He always reminds me of the earlier seasons of Scrubs.

    The ending was perfect, Kelso going back to the hospital, for the muffins of course. JD & Elliot getting together, and Cox still over Turk's shoulder. Great episode, with amazing development.
  • This is the main reason why I'm loving season 8 so far. My Happy Place needs to be considered as a classic.

    So, I don't know why people would think this one isn't that funny. It sure was hilarious at times, and very well done at the end. Very solid and very important for the season and the show overall [scrubs]. JD and Elliot come back to the same old on/off again, when Kelso mentions is nice to see them dating again. But this time they realise that and decide to avoid talking about their relationship past cause they've done that every year, "blah blahblah" was a nice detail. They realise they've changed, JD has a beard now. They do all this conversation with a black background effect (their little own world), that wasn't corny, but a detail they decided to do and it worked out. At the end, nothing "amazing!", is what made the episode so great, like it didn't feel forced. They just do what they were meant to do since the beginning. They hook up nervously, Elliot says if that's the right thing to do and JD replies "who cares?". Then they leave the hospital holding hands. There is the Janitor plot who confesses to Ted he practically doesn't work there, he has to come up with something when he doesn't get paid. There's funny stuff with these two guys. We also have Kelso hanging around the hospital eating free muffins, until he is discovered he has nothing else to do. He is like Norm in that b¡+ch! But he as well does what his heart tells him to do "who cares?"
    On the fourth hand, we have Dr. Cox and Turk having some issues between each other. They have some problems with two patients who don't want to have simultaneous organs 'switcheroo'. Turk feels like Dr. Cox doesn't trust surgeons overall, he thinks smartest surgeon is like being the smartest in the cast of the Hills. At the end we discover Dr. Cox really trusts Turk, in a moment where the characters were having their resolutions, meanwhile JD and Elliot pass by. Very nice.

    Funny stuff in this episode is everywhere. At least for me, this is what I consider to be hilarious Scrubs. At the beginning there is a classic Todd moment "I can feel little JD five!". The Oprah's references and the "do you want some cereal?". We have two funny stuff with Jimmy the overly touchy orderly, "I'll get my own gold, thank you!". JD and the Janitor reencounter again. When JD starts daydreaming about him and Turk in bed. Hilarious! Also the ninja vs. bigfoot moment was so funny. When JD pictures Elliot in a sexy oufit, then Elliot 'imagines' him posing too, funny moment. Turk mimicking he is stabbing Dr. Cox, awesome. The Todd and the glass. Dr. Jan Itor firing the new janitor. "you get a paycheck!". Sex buddies! (trumpets plays) And there's more. All in all I loved the episode, already in the top 20 at least.