Season 8 Episode 4

My Happy Place

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD and Elliot are together again

    Now that Maddox is fired, Sacred Heart returns to normalcy. No word yet on the replacement chief of medicine yet, I believe they have a substitute for now. Several characters retturn or go back to their usual positions: Turk returns from an unexplained absence last episode, there is a brief but funny cameo from Todd, who has been noticeably absent from Season Eight so far and for poor JD, his nemesis, the Janitor has returned. Hoped JD enjoyed those brief moments without his "buddy". JD and Elliot are enjoying how much time they're spending together, no strings attached. Turk is having trusts issues with Cox, since Cox overrides Turk whenever he gives out surgery advice because to Cox, all surgeons are idiots. Ted is hapy to see that the Janitor has returned since they're kind of buddies, but is confused when the Janitor explains that he's not actually rehired. He just fired his replacement and showed up back to work. Classic Janitor. Kelso is spending way too much time at Sacred Heart, despite his retirement, and surprisingly Ted, who has grown some backbone since Kelso quit, tells Kelso it's uncomfortable to see him there since Kelso doesn't work there anymore. Kelso just wants the muffins and he misses his old job but what the heck? He relocates to a coffee shop that eventually JD and Elliot stumble into. They both convince him to find his "happy" spot, wherever it is. Kelso then gives out a blunt guess, that JD and Elliot are dating again. The two assure that's not what's going on but as they explain their current relationship, Kelso tells them they're together except unofficially. The two realize there is something to what Kelso is saying and they have a confrontation. They empty out all their feelings for each other, why they should get together, and why they shouldn't. Kelso is the one who pushes them to restart because they don't have a good excuse not to get back together, they're just afraid. They should do what makes them happy. Kelso takes his own advice and returns to the hospital for his muffins. Cox and Turk finally negoitate a truce in where Cox is more willing to trust Turk in surgical decisions if not extremely willing. The Janitor fakes his way to a payroll and for now, he's technically working for Sacred Heart and terrorizing JD. As for JD and Elliot, they decide to give their romance one more try. Part of me wants them to succeed because they've grown up so much since they were last together, Elliot is more controlled and less neurotic than she used to be and JD has slightly matured. There's another part of me that doesn't want them to have a relationship because after season one, any relationship they ever had since had been sabotageued. If they wind up together in the end or if this attempt will be the final, I don't know. With Scrubs, it can go either way. The only question I have on this episode is the lack of JD flashbacks. Other than that, the episode was great and season eight continues to be an extremely powerful final season.