Season 8 Episode 4

My Happy Place

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • JD and Elliot get closer to one another as the janitor returns to the hospital. Meanwhile Dr.Cox lets his distrust of surgeons show as Turk is slowly infuriated by Cox's constant watching of what he does.

    It seems that now that we are 4 episodes into the 8th season we are slowly getting a picture of what the show has in store for us this season. It would seem that emotion is taking centre stage and while to comedy is still there it is lacking the spotlight and sting from the first five seasons. That said the show seems to have recovered from the two very poor seasons that came before it.

    This week JD and Elliot are getting closer without really realizing what they are in for. They hang out all the time now and seem on the surface to be a couple. They are oblivious to it before Kelso points it out.

    Speaking of Kelso he seems to be running out of things to do so he spends most of his time at the Coffee Bucks in the hospital. When Ted calls him on it he tells everyone that him and Enid are going to travel. But this is all a lie as he hides out at another coffee bucks just so it seems that he has a life outside the hospital. Pretty soon he realizes that he shouldn't care what people think about him hanging out at the hospital.

    Meanwhile Turk and Dr.Cox are at loggerheads when Turk notices that Cox never leaves the patient's room during a surgical consult. He confesses that it is because he doesn't trust surgeons as all they want to do is cut people open. Turk is very offended by this as he believes that being at the hospital fro 8 years should warrant some respect.

    In another story arc, the janitor makes his return to the hospital without actually being rehired. He poses as a doctor to fire the new janitor and slowly move back into his role. Which he does wih relative ease contrary to the panic of Ted that things wouldn't work out.

    This episode was all about the relationships between people and as such the humor took a back seat to a character piece. But seen as I have always found that the writers of Scrubs always did these kind of episodes better than those that are purely for laughs. This season seems like it is building to a great farewell for the show in the months to come. I can only hope that this season does the first 5 seasons justice.