Season 8 Episode 4

My Happy Place

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 13, 2009 on NBC

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  • This is the main reason why I'm loving season 8 so far. My Happy Place needs to be considered as a classic.

    So, I don't know why people would think this one isn't that funny. It sure was hilarious at times, and very well done at the end. Very solid and very important for the season and the show overall [scrubs]. JD and Elliot come back to the same old on/off again, when Kelso mentions is nice to see them dating again. But this time they realise that and decide to avoid talking about their relationship past cause they've done that every year, "blah blahblah" was a nice detail. They realise they've changed, JD has a beard now. They do all this conversation with a black background effect (their little own world), that wasn't corny, but a detail they decided to do and it worked out. At the end, nothing "amazing!", is what made the episode so great, like it didn't feel forced. They just do what they were meant to do since the beginning. They hook up nervously, Elliot says if that's the right thing to do and JD replies "who cares?". Then they leave the hospital holding hands. There is the Janitor plot who confesses to Ted he practically doesn't work there, he has to come up with something when he doesn't get paid. There's funny stuff with these two guys. We also have Kelso hanging around the hospital eating free muffins, until he is discovered he has nothing else to do. He is like Norm in that b¡+ch! But he as well does what his heart tells him to do "who cares?"
    On the fourth hand, we have Dr. Cox and Turk having some issues between each other. They have some problems with two patients who don't want to have simultaneous organs 'switcheroo'. Turk feels like Dr. Cox doesn't trust surgeons overall, he thinks smartest surgeon is like being the smartest in the cast of the Hills. At the end we discover Dr. Cox really trusts Turk, in a moment where the characters were having their resolutions, meanwhile JD and Elliot pass by. Very nice.

    Funny stuff in this episode is everywhere. At least for me, this is what I consider to be hilarious Scrubs. At the beginning there is a classic Todd moment "I can feel little JD five!". The Oprah's references and the "do you want some cereal?". We have two funny stuff with Jimmy the overly touchy orderly, "I'll get my own gold, thank you!". JD and the Janitor reencounter again. When JD starts daydreaming about him and Turk in bed. Hilarious! Also the ninja vs. bigfoot moment was so funny. When JD pictures Elliot in a sexy oufit, then Elliot 'imagines' him posing too, funny moment. Turk mimicking he is stabbing Dr. Cox, awesome. The Todd and the glass. Dr. Jan Itor firing the new janitor. "you get a paycheck!". Sex buddies! (trumpets plays) And there's more. All in all I loved the episode, already in the top 20 at least.