Season 7 Episode 2

My Hard Labor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kim gets ready for birth, and J.D. struggles with the realization that he doesn't love her. When Kim is about to go into labor, and when she professes her love for him, and he doesn't reciprocate, Kim gets infuriated that J.D. "hopes that he can fall in love with her someday" and decides to break up with him. J.D. is upset by this, as he believes that children have a higher likelihood to grow up without any trouble, if the parents stick together. As he becomes depressed after the break-up, Dr. Cox counsels him and tells him that the only thing that matters as far as J.D.'s child is concerned, is whether or not J.D. will be a good father. Realizing this, J.D. joins Kim in the delivery room. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox needs to get Jennifer Dylan a shot, but doesn't want to put her in the hands of interns. He goes around the hospital, looking for a suitable doctor, to give the injection to Jennifer. Trying not to give it to her himself, as he doesn't want her to regard him as a daunting figure, he finally is able to grab hold of a competent doctor (Keith) to give the injection.

Turk gets engrossed in a game, and wants to finish it, so that there won't be anymore distractions. Carla, who is equally as distracted by the game, joins Turk, and the two realize that there is a time for fun and a time for responsibilities (taking care of Izzie).