Season 7 Episode 2

My Hard Labor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • I know this is late but....

    I just had to say this. Dr. Cox is soooo adorable with his daughter. The man who seems to love everyone being scared of him is willing wander around the hospital for hours just so his child will never fear him.
  • 702

    The episode where JD becomes a father was definitely groundbreaking, Kim & JD's relationship comes to an end when JD realizes he might never love her. But in some ways, it's just the beginning, like stated in this episode. Some emotional scenes, and a subtle Laverne mention, and you got yourself an episode worth watching.

    I used to really like Kim, but now it seems like she's holding the show back if anything else, when ironically, I felt like she really supported the cast well in season 5. Looks like maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of her now, since her & JD have a son together. Kieth continues to hate Elliot, which she completely deserves, which was funny. Cox trying to find a doctor that can give s hot to his baby, was a great plot. And related to JD's, in a lot of ways. About parenting, the pep talk that Cox gave to JD was one of his best. Carla & Turk playing a video game was pretty funny too, I loved the ending, a very heartwarming episode, that I'm sure touched a lot of the Scrubs fans' hearts.
  • Great episode with some funny moments.

    Great, Great episode for everyone involved. I first want to talk about Carla and Turk and The Janitor in this episode. Turk wanting to finish the game was really funny and Carla wanting to get rid of it was a great touch. And the Janitor wanting to pray for his 'fallen' friends, I guess you could say was so funny and just added to the wierd character of the Janitor well and was so funny. Also, I loved how cute Carla and Turk were when they finally got the game finished, They really do love each other don't they? :) I also really loved where Turk is happy he finished it and Carla is like 'I finished this game 3 times'. The moment where Kelso is talking to Harrison was so beautiful and I honestly felt so happy for Kelso to finally show himself as a nice character. Next thing I want to talk about is how angry Kim was at J.D, I have to admit that I would be too if I was in Kim's situation, I loved that she was giving birth to the baby in this episode but it wasn't as good as it could of been and doesn't match up to either of Jordan's birth's or Carla's birth. Sorry Kim, I love you as a character but didn't care for you on this episode. :(

    Last thing I want to comment on individually is when J.D is standing up against the wall with the baby pictures and diagrams laying up behind him and Keith walks past and is like 'Hey JD' and then he's like 'Oh, That's disgusting' when Elliot walked past, I thought it was so hilarious!! I hated Keith through s5, but he's definitely come my favourite Elliot boyfriend. Even above JD. (He's actualy like, 4th if you wanna know.)

    Great Episode. One of the best. 10/10
  • JD becomes a dad.

    Amazing episode, beautifully scripted and masterfully executed. One of the defining moments in Scrubs emphasising the importance of family and the unrewarded sacrifices people make for others. This is relevant to life in general and I am glad that it has been acknowledged in such a superb script. Dr. Cox's and JD's sacrifices for their kids enlightened me more to my own parents' altruism which is often taken for granted by many sons and daughters. The acting was excellent and although all characters stayed true to their personality for which they are known, we saw a rare sensitive moment from Dr. Cox when consoling JD and it is because of their rarity, and the extent to which JD seeks his guidance that it is always memorable when Dr. Cox actually helps him.
  • The second time in the series where the second episode of a season has the birth of one of the main characters' child...

    Kim goes into labor, and J.D. struggles to decide if he should tell her what he really thinks of their relationship.
    Turk, desperate to do something not baby-related, races to beat a video game before Carla discovers him. Dr. Cox searches for someone he trusts enough to give his daughter a shot. A very funny episode that, contrary to some people's opinions, demonstrates the level of comedy that Scrubs still has from the first two seasons. Jordan was hilarious in this one although she didnt really have to say anything! Kim is also hilarious in this one as the ranting pregnant woman and the birth of 'Sammy' rounds of this nice episode.
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    well i really think kim and jd would still b together if she never went to tacoma and i really do think they should be together for sams sake but well they obviously dont want to be ahah jd always messes evewrything up and he always says the wrong things with all his girlfriends but ever since the start ive always been able to picture him with eliott and i think they are going to get married or someone is in the episode my commitment coming i think may 15 but its so awesome that jd finally became a dad everyone else settles down and hes the only one that hasnt
  • Jd becomes a dad! also Dr. Cox searches for a doctor to give his daughter a shot because he doesn't want his daughter to forever associate him with pain. Plus, Turk and Carla try to finish a video game because they need a break from baby stuff.

    This episode was a very emotional one for me, I felt so happy when Jd became a father. His son sam, is so cute. Plus I had an 'aww' moment when Dr. Cox went to such extrordenary lengths just so his daughter wouldn't associate him with him. I also thought it was very sweet when Turk and Carla tried so hard to finish a video game just so they could finish, and focus her attention back on taking care of Izzie.

    Overall, I felt that this episode was a great example of what this show is. The part I loved most was when Jd became a father because I thought he'd be a great dad. Although I always wanted Jd and Kim to be together. However, I thought this was a great episode!!!!!
  • In this episode Kim goes into labor and J.D. realizes he doens't love Kim.

    I thought this episode was really entertaining. I didn't like how Kim was so calm about the whole "Oh-I-Love-you" Thing. I think she should have been a little more emotional. But I think that was just a poor acting thing. Anyways, yeah the episode was really good. I liked that Alma popped in as another character. It was a very original idea. I really liked this episode but the episodes these days just don't seem complete. Like I don't want the series to end with weak episodes that would be so awful like I dont think you know. But oh well.
  • J.D.'s a dad!

    Good Stuff:
    -I thought it was refreshing that we finally got a complication-free birth. Instead, they used the relationship between J.D. and Kim for drama, which I thought was much better.
    -Just when I was complaining about the lack of little J.D. and Izzie, they show up. I mean, Izzie wasn't really around, but still...
    -Dr. Cox's subplot was great. It's a step in the right direction towards what I think should be focused on this season: namely, Dr. Cox dealing with having a daughter.

    Bad Stuff:
    -I'm not deducting anything for it, but I always find it annoying when TV shows get video games completely wrong. The random button-mashing, the 80's-style sound effects, everything.
    -In fact, all of Turk and Carla's subplot was pretty stupid.

    Writing: 2/2 Good as usual.
    Acting: 1.5/2 Mainly towards Elizabeth Banks.
    Plot: 1.5/2 For J.D. and Dr. Cox, deducted by Turk.
    Humor: 1.5/2 Nothing standout, though the "Land Down Under" guy was great. Would have been better if it wasn't in the commercials.
    Fun: 1.5/2 Detracted by Turk and Carla.
    Overall: 8/10
  • Good things happening in this episode: JD has son, JD/Kim are over, overall good episode, but somewhat lacking in humour

    I'll quickly get the good things out of the way so that I can whine about things i didnt like.
    First of, JD/Kim are over, which is good. It was also very well done I thought, and it played all the best points. I'm also glad that Kim dumped JD and not the other way around. I think it worked out great in the end...
    And umm... thats pretty much it. Now the bad things:

    1. As I said, i found the episode to have less humor than usual, but it was still decent
    2. Elliot had like 5 sentences totaling about 30 seconds in full airtime! I like Elliot! Bring her back!
    3. I didn't like Cox, Turk/Carla story lines too much. I felt that there was no real point in them
    4. Did I mention lack of Elliot yet? Oh i Did. Whatever! It deserves at least 2 points

    Even though I have an entire list of things i didnt really like, on the overall for some reason I thought it was a good ep and i'm giving it 8
  • Scrubs, season 6

    Even though Friends will always be my favorite comedy, Scrubs is such a crazy show you can't help but love. Well, there might be so-so episode (which when it came to Friends never happened) but it's a great show anyway. This was an average episode yet funny. The whole birth issue brought out JD's fears about being a Dad, but I like the fact he is really trying to change and become a better person.

    Dr. Cox and Jordan are always fun to watch. She is the biggest b!tch ever, actually but her way of acting just crack me up. Dr. Cox looking for someone who treats his daughter was priceless.

    I didn't like Tux and Carla's story line. Enough of that dumb video game! I would have preferred them being there for JD, but I guess they'll make it up to him.
    Kim and JD's interaction was great, when she was freaking out and JD was like "Oh my God"... that was simply classic.

    Elliot needs more screen-time. And Keith needs to get over the whole wedding thing. He's starting to be annoying. Which is not good.
  • Absolute garbage

    Bill Lawrence has clearly either run out of ideas or hes got alzheimer's,as the seasons have continued he's slowly but surely started to repeat the same story lines until they're not funny anymore! This episode, like the last one and the ones towards the end of last season, was full of lame attempts to make us laugh. Its turned into the sort of comedy (if you can call it that) that falls flat on its face and you almost expect a guy with a stupid hat to bash three drums and a symbol after each 'joke' just to remind you that that was supposed to be a funny bit. Crap.
  • JD finally becomes a father

    Nine months has passed since the fifth season finale (in Scrubs time anyway) and the moment we all, or at least I, have been waiting for has arrived, with Sam being born, which should lead to both comedic and dramatic moments of JD being a father, and becoming responsible. This should be quite an entertaining season, and while it is off to a rough start, it is Scrubs, and can only get better.

    The JD/Kim plot is certainly the best in both importance and humour, with Kim needing drugs, her "quiet" voice, the cheesy jumping group hug, and even the breakup was dealt with well. While Kim and JD have been my favourite couple on the show, after JD and Jamie, the plot was still quite funny, though Kim's love not being returned was kind of harsh on JD's part.

    Turk's plot about the video game seemed a little out of place and was just barely connected to a parenting plot but it was still quite funny with interactions with both the Janitor and Carla, though Todd could have brought a lot of comedy to the table had he appeared.

    Cox's plot was kind of stupid, but it had more to do with the parenting responsibilities that made JD stand up and be a man (which he's needed convincing of a lot the past year). It wasn't that funny either, and though he has his moments, the funniest being his conversation with JD (would you be proud to be my son?), the annoying voiced intern was overused, and should be kept as an occasional character since she's a one-joke character.

    Overall, the episode is an improvement over the premiere but I'd really like to see an episode that focused on them being doctors again, given that this is in fact not a soapie but a show that has actual patients that nobody seems to notice anymore. The episode is great, but could be a lot funnier.
  • Good change from last weeks episode

    I was very disappointed by the episode of last week, because I felt that everyone's character was cut short and thus they all seemed a little out of character. I am glad that they finally ended JD - Kim's relationship because the ending of the season premiere led me to believe that this would be a terribly dramatic season for Scrubs.

    Who caught the glimpse of the black nurse who JD is like that person looks so familiar -- Nurse Roberts (apparently that is supposed to be her twin sister who is completely the opposite of her but I was just like what?)

    Now I'm more excited about Scrubs for its last season, I just hope that the show remains more in the hospital and less about the JD - Elliot crap. I just don't want to see this season to decline like Friends did in its last season with all the Ross - Rachel bull.
  • JD finally becomes a dad...

    I really liked this episode, thought it was very solid. So far, so good this season. Hopefully it won't stop. If the episodes are as good as these first 2, then this may be the best season.

    Anyway onto the episodes. Warning, this review may contain spoilers. Don not read any further if you've yet to see this episode.

    First off, i did like the storyline with Turk and Carla playing the video game, it drew away from the drama that the other storylines had (Dr. Cox trying to find a doctor to give his daughter a shot & JD and Kim having a baby), as they were more dramatic. I'm liking the direction the season is going, and i'm glad Kim and JD aren't together. I don't really know why, but i just don't like them as a couple. Anyway, great job again guys. Keep up the great work.
  • Bringing back that old scrub's magic...

    This episode just seems so familiar, so formulaic. JD does something stupid, or in this episode, uncomfortable, not being able to commit to Kim. Turk does something immature, wanting to finish a video game rather then spend time with his kid. Carla finds what immature action Turk was doing and wraps up with a very insightful observation at the end, there are times when an adult needs to have their own alone time. Cox is on his normal quirk, finding anyone but himself to administer an allergy shot for his daughter because he does not want to be associated with pain whenever she sees him.

    BUT I still watch. I still tune in. I still laugh at just how outrageous the characters are. I still feel a bit warm and fuzzy at the end, when they wrap up the episode with their patent "ah ha" insight. I'm not sure if it is because the characters are that good, or the acting that great, or the writing that outstanding, or the formula that wonderful. Maybe it is a bit of all. I do know that I'm tuning in next week and the next until it finally ends this season.
  • One Word - Amazing

    JD is a father. What more can be said. My last reveiw was not favourable and I did say that I hope they could pick it up and they have. This was an excellent episode which was well written and seemed perfect in line with the life changing event of the main character. But it was keeping with side story of Turk trying to finish his video game and Dr. Cox trying to find someone to treat his baby daughter (having Jordan back was a bonus) were both classic moments combining together to bring us an emotionaly charged great episode. Keep it up.
  • Little Sammy Is Born....

    I Loved This Episode. I Think It Gave A Good End, To Jd & Kim, Although I Still Feel Bad For Kim, I Think, If They Don't Love Each Other, They Shouldn't Be Together. The Turk & Carla Storyline, Wasnt My Faveorite, & I Think They Focused On Them Trying To Complete The Game More Than The Fact That Jd Was About To Become A Parent. I Loved The Fact The Soft Side, That Is Being Shown In Dr Cox, He's A Soft Person Under The Tough Exterior.

    Overall I Think The End Scene, When Sammy Is Born & The Amazing Use Of The Song Jose Gonalaz - Heartbeats, Was Beautiful.

    Can't Wait For The Next Episode & How Jd & Kim Cope Being Parents!!!
  • Good episode, loved it

    This is a fine example of how good scubs can be and often are. This episode were perfect. Good sidestory and the main with JDs baby was really good. Im gonna miss Scrubs very much when its over. The side storys like, dr.cox and his baby, kelso, janitor carla and turks game playing were great. I do hope JD will love kim someday, cause they are such a great couple. I do not wanna se JD and elliot together againg, which probably will happen. And the music in the end with Jose Gonzalez heartbeats were perfect. A perfect score 10/10. Loved it
  • Season 6 and last week's season premiere were weak, but I feel like this episode signifies a turnaround.

    I watched this episode with some friends and we laughed a LOT. Recently Scrubs hasn't made me laugh as much, I still find it funny but I usually just smile. This episode's jokes were on the ball; nearly all of them were hilarious.

    Plot-wise, it was strong but seems to have filler plots. (Dr. Cox giving his daughter a shot, Carla and Turk playing video games.) But the JD/Kim relationship was real this episode. *Spoiler* I was so sick of Kim apologizing over and over for what she did to JD, and in this episode, she acts like a real woman. Their interaction was really funny, as was the brief one between JD and Dr. Cox. But what really hooked me about this episode was JD's maturity. What's been turning me off recently was JD's character. I heard he's supposed to grow up, and the season premiere talked about but never showed this. He said he was going to stop sabotaging his life, but because he said it and it was so bold, I felt it wasn't as real. In this episode, JD just acts. Him going in that room and being there for Kim even when she hates him was true maturity, and although JD isn't a man quite yet, I'm very excited to see him finally grow up.
  • I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like it.

    So far this season I've seen an entirely different series. Where did Scrubs go? what is this crap I've been watching? You figure in a pivital episode where J.D. and Kim finally have their baby... you'd feel more urged to shed a tear and be a part of it. This season of Scrubs so far has been very off, feeling impersonal and lacking a classic style unique among sitcoms. This episode again lacks certain characteristics of the series such as frequent fantasies, dying patients, clumsy Elliot, and J.D. being... funny. All the characters seem a bit off in the final season, and I'm not gonna lie... I'm not liking it.

    However, it is still Scrubs... and I'm not giving up yet.