Season 7 Episode 2

My Hard Labor

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great episode with some funny moments.

    Great, Great episode for everyone involved. I first want to talk about Carla and Turk and The Janitor in this episode. Turk wanting to finish the game was really funny and Carla wanting to get rid of it was a great touch. And the Janitor wanting to pray for his 'fallen' friends, I guess you could say was so funny and just added to the wierd character of the Janitor well and was so funny. Also, I loved how cute Carla and Turk were when they finally got the game finished, They really do love each other don't they? :) I also really loved where Turk is happy he finished it and Carla is like 'I finished this game 3 times'. The moment where Kelso is talking to Harrison was so beautiful and I honestly felt so happy for Kelso to finally show himself as a nice character. Next thing I want to talk about is how angry Kim was at J.D, I have to admit that I would be too if I was in Kim's situation, I loved that she was giving birth to the baby in this episode but it wasn't as good as it could of been and doesn't match up to either of Jordan's birth's or Carla's birth. Sorry Kim, I love you as a character but didn't care for you on this episode. :(

    Last thing I want to comment on individually is when J.D is standing up against the wall with the baby pictures and diagrams laying up behind him and Keith walks past and is like 'Hey JD' and then he's like 'Oh, That's disgusting' when Elliot walked past, I thought it was so hilarious!! I hated Keith through s5, but he's definitely come my favourite Elliot boyfriend. Even above JD. (He's actualy like, 4th if you wanna know.)

    Great Episode. One of the best. 10/10
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