Season 1 Episode 23

My Hero (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 14, 2002 on NBC
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Ben takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well - at least better than his sister Jordan and J.D. Remarkably, it is Dr. Cox who is the voice of reason and compassion, until his own fears get in the way. Meanwhile, Turk and Elliot have their own issues to deal with. Turk is upset because he wasn't chosen to assist on a difficult surgery and Elliot is criticized during rounds by Dr. Kelso for the 100th time.moreless

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  • Emotional but still finds it's way back to funny.

    In continuation to Ben having leukemia, you think this is probably going to be one of the most emotional episode's of the season, but somehow through all of the emotional things that we're going on: I found myself laughing through almost all of it. Which is what's so great about Scrubs. Ben goes in to chemotherapy, while JD, Jordan, and Cox are forced to wait around to see if Ben will be okay. Memorable hilarious scenes include: "The Real World" parody. So hilarious, I thought that was the funniest scene of the episode. A just memorable scene: Is the editing when everyone is feeling alone in the end, and they just have to suck it up and do what they have to. Dr. Kelso tries to find out if the interns hate him, so he gives Elliot an evaluation of his performance to fill out. Carla fills out the most meanest things about Kelso. Then Elliot realizes she was set up by Kelso since no one else got the "anonymous" evaluation. Carla owns up to writing the evaluation by the end, and Kelso becomes slightly nicer. We definitely got to see the softer side of Cox in multiple scenes, which is amazing. Turk finds out that Todd is the best surgeon, it turns out Turk thinks too much while performing surgery, Todd doesn't. Strangely, Turk decides to be more like Todd by the end, by not thinking too much while in the operating room. The best plot was definitely JD's. The thing that annoyed me about this epsiode was the ant-climactic ending. It just ends with JD saying that Ben responded to the chemo and he's fine for now. No heartfelt goodbyes, no sister/brother moment. Still a really great episode.moreless
  • k

    Ben takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well, better than his sister Jordan and J.D. Dr. Cox tells Ben, Jordan and J.D. that they can beat the cancer, making J.D. see him as a hero. Later, Dr. Zeltzer wants to start Ben on chemotherapy straight away but he doesn't want to. Ben is not happy about Dr. Cox not being there at the first session. In fact, Dr. Cox bails from the entire situation, because he is afraid for Ben. Dr. Cox, who is confronted by J.D., is afraid of Ben dying and doesn't want to stay at the hospital. Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he's the one who is afraid he may have to rely on himself for a while. J.D. makes his way to Ben's room and realizes that Dr. Cox had arrived earlier so he leaves. Dr. Cox mentions to Ben that he got scared and is not good at talking about this kind of situation. Fortunately, Ben's cancer goes into remission.

    good epmoreless
  • The goes on were My Occurrence ended.

    Even though i liked My Occurrence a tiny bit better, this was still a very very good episode. There really wasn't too much 'fun' in this episode, but i still enjoyed the plot very much. And i'm not a cancer plot fan. The Janitor wasn't as funny as he usually was in Season 1 but Dr Kelso and Dr Cox were great. I hated the way this ended. Ben dissapeared and we do not hear from him again until Seasons later. That really dissapointed me. I really liked how they made Dr Cox deal with Ben's illness and JD trying to help him. I miss JD/Cox moments in later Seasons! I also enjoyed Ted's Band's performance!moreless
  • Fine example

    A very good episode which deserves a huge round of applause. The analogy of Dr Cox being a hero is great and the singing hospital employees singing underdog just adds feeling to this episode. When his cape slips it is quite emotional. As usual scrubs handles the sadness really well by making it funny but not critisicing.
  • Ben has found out he has leukemia, and tries to find himself and his new situation. At the same time, Dr. Cox tries to get Ben and Jordan together as a team, and then Dr. Cox is the one who bails outmoreless

    I felt that you were really into the characters situation while watching this episode. It was felt with emotional moments, at the same time as the comedy part was still there. The Janitor vs JD part was really good, with Janitor telling JD facts about his life and freaking JD out, even though we find out at the end that he has got it alla from JD's diary.

    There were also some great moments with Dr. Cox in this episode. I especially loved the part where he left the hospital with the imaginary cape falling off his shoulders.

    And the Superman references were really Classic. And Ted's band made a classic appearence, and their song "Underdog" really made the end of this episode something extra.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Scrubs all timemoreless
Donald Faison

Donald Faison

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Duncan Turk

John C. McGinley

John C. McGinley

Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes

Nurse Carla Espinosa

Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke

Dr. Elliot Reid

Zach Braff

Zach Braff

Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian

Katya Abelsky

Katya Abelsky

Child #2

Guest Star

Brennan Louie

Brennan Louie

Child #1

Guest Star

Paul Perry

Paul Perry


Guest Star

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Jordan Sullivan

Recurring Role

Robert Clendenin

Robert Clendenin

Dr. Zeltzer

Recurring Role

Charles Chun

Charles Chun

Dr. Wen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • The Janitor states that J.D's first kiss was with a girl named Sara Briggs. His future girlfriend on the show is named Kim Briggs.

    • The Janitor breaking into J.D.'s locker and reading his diary was foreshadowed in the previous episode, when Ben's photographs of the Janitor included a shot of him poking his head out from behind a block of lockers. This is similar to the shot of the Janitor appearing from behind the same block of lockers in this episode.

    • J.D.'s female name given to him in this episode by Dr. Cox is Rhonda.

    • During the part in the episode where J.D. is saying that everyone feels alone, many of the cast members are shown doing the same thing. In the commentary, it is revealed that Judy Reyes did the movements like a mirror image so they flipped it in editing. This is why you can see Carla's name tag on the side of her scrubs opposite the one she normally wears it on.

    • The procedure that Todd says he wants to perform is the whipple procedure, the same procedure that Turk wanted.

    • Featured Music:
      "Speedracer" and "Underdog" performed by The Blanks
      "Fresh Feeling" by Eels

    • While the characters are watching the TV show Wings, J.D. and Dr. Cox talk about how much they like the character played by Tony Shaloub. Tony Shaloub would later star on the TV show Monk and beat out Zach Braff for an Emmy in 2005.

    • The janitor reveals that J.D.'s first kiss was with a girl named Sarah Briggs and sometimes he wonders if she still thinks about him. On the DVD commentary creator Bill Lawrence reveals that his high-school girlfriend was named Sarah Briggs and sometimes he wonders if she still thinks about him.

    • The writers originally wanted to use the "Superman" theme for the episode, but they couldn't afford the rights. So they went with "Underdog" instead.

    • J.D's middle name is Michael.

    • When The Worthless Peons sing and J.D. walks past, the items on the desk change from a pile of folders with a bedpan on top to a different pile of folders and a box of medical supplies in only a few seconds.

    • Surgery board mistakes: Appendix is spelled "Apendix", Varicocele is spelled "Varicoscale", Tonsillectomy is spelled " Toncilectomy".

    • Reversed X-Ray: When the X-Ray with the word "SCRUBS" is placed on the light box, it is reversed with the heart on the wrong side. Of course, there is a small percentage of people who actually have their heart on the right side of the body. All of their internal organs are flipped, so they appear to be a mirror image.

      In the commentary for the Scrubs Pilot on the Season 1 DVD, Bill Lawrence explains that the name of the show 'Scrubs' is a double meaning - they wear scrubs, and they are scrubs - medicore, the ones who make mistakes. Hence, the X-Ray is backwards because essentially the interns who sometimes screw up.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Turk: Dr. Wen, I just want to take this opportunity to once again apologize to you, and the entire Asian community.
      Dr. Wen: I'll pass it on at the next big meeting.

    • J.D.: What's wrong?
      Janitor: I lost my mop.
      J.D.: Really?
      Janitor: No! That's what you think? I'm a Janitor, the only thing that would make me sad is losing my mop!

    • Janitor going through J.D.'s diary
      Janitor: "He'll always be a hero to me." What a girl. What else we got? Theater camp. Ha ha. Bingo.

    • Dr. Cox: Oh, give me a break. I'm not good at this stuff, you know that.
      Ben: It's okay.
      Dr. Cox: I don't like the big conversations.
      Ben: It's cool. I've been thinking about death a lot lately.
      Dr. Cox: Oh, you gotta be kidding me...

    • Ben: Oh, man. I love you but you-you're a complete wuss.
      Dr. Cox: I guess I got a little scared.
      Ben: Well, let me know if there's anything I can do to help you through this rough patch.

    • Dr. Cox: So, uh... you know, what's up?
      Ben: You know, this and that. Hey, I met someone.
      Dr. Cox: Really?
      Ben: Yes. Well, she took a stool sample so I think she works here. Uh, redhead? Uh, tall?
      Dr. Cox: Not on the staff, no.
      Ben: No? Strange young lady.

    • Carla: Dr. Kelso, I wrote that evaluation. It was me. Elliot didn't write a word.
      Elliot: But I would've written every single word if I had the courage! And the other side of the tracks upbringing that Carla did! Because you know what I think of you?
      Carla: You tell him!
      Elliot: You're mean.

    • J.D.: You gotta get back in the game, Coxie!... Okay, Coxie was a mistake. Pretend I didn't say Coxie.
      Dr. Cox: Geeeet out!

    • Elliot: Sir, I'm so sorry. Are we cool?
      Dr. Kelso: What could possibly have possessed you to write such filth!
      Carla: Uh, Dr. Kelso? I need to tell you something.
      Elliot: That's okay, Carla, I'm going to take care of that patient. Dr. Kelso, I did it because I didn't think you'd know it was me and I thought that it would be funny.
      Dr. Kelso: Let's take a walk. I'd like to tell you a few things that I think are funny.

    • J.D.'s Narration: Chemotherapy looks harmless, but it's really poison pumped directly into your veins.
      Ben: You know, every time I got sick when I was a kid, Mom would get me a Tonka truck.
      Jordan: Yeah, so?
      Ben: So where's my Tonka truck?

    • J.D.: Dr. Cox, Ben seemed pretty down after you left so I thought I could cover for you and you could go hang out with him.
      Dr. Cox: Well, you're just an absolute lamb but you don't have to do that.

    • Turk: So, who's the best surgery intern? Is it Bonnie? Is it me? I just-I gotta know.
      Todd: The periampullary carcinoma patient had a failed palliatitive stenting of the common bile duct so this is what I want to do. I want to go ahead and prep him for a pyloris sparing pancreaticoduodenectomy. Thanks. (To Turk) What's up, T-Man?! Show The Todd some love!

    • Elliot: I'm telling you, Carla torched Dr. Kelso for me.
      Carla: No matter what I wrote down, I always brought it back to sexual inadequacy.

    • Ben: I'm afraid this afternoon isn't going to work for me. Ironically, I have a golf game to get to.
      Dr. Cox: Hey, Benji, don't sweat it. Come on, give me a break.
      Ben: Hey, you gonna be there?
      Dr. Cox: Um, I got about a thousand patients to look after so, no, I'm probably going to miss this first one. But I will leave my lovely and talented assistant Kimmy.
      Ben: Yeah, sure. You know. Okay.
      Dr. Zeltzer: Oh, uh, am I Kimmy?
      J.D.: No, I'm Kimmy!
      Dr. Zeltzer: Oh. Good.

    • Dr. Zeltzer: So, Mr. Sullivan, your blast percentage is quite a bit higher than we all expected. Around eighty percent.
      Ben: That's bad, right? You want the number to be low, huh? Like in, uh, golf?
      Dr. Zeltzer: Yes, exactly. Like in golf. Do you-do you play?
      Jordan: Oh, who the hell cares if he plays golf?!
      Dr. Zeltzer: Uh, I was bonding.
      Ben: Hey, doing a good job, too.

    • Dr. Kelso: Well, turnabout's fair play and all that, so here's an evaluation form. I figured I'd try to get get a read on how all you interns think I'm doing. Don't sign your name, it's completely anonymous. And Dr. Reid? I'm no she-doc, I can take it!
      Carla: Ah ha ha ha! Whoo! You're gonna crush him, right?
      Elliot: Oh, yes. How do you spell inadequate?
      Carla: Give me that. I'll fill it out for you.

    • Dr. Kelso: Dr. Reid! I hope I wasn't too hard on you on rounds this morning.
      Elliot: Oh, it's okay, sir. I don't hate myself much more than I usually do!

    • Ted: Morning, Dr. Dorian.
      J.D.: Ted, you probably don't notice it yourself, but this hospital is a freak show!
      Ted: This is my band. We're all working from different departments in the hospital. (sings) Leg-al...
      Singer 1(sings): Acc-ounting...
      Singer 2(sings): Shipping and receiving...
      Singer 3(sings): Online property management including pest control, nighttime security and non-arboreal garden serv-ices...
      All(sings): Hmmmm-mmm!
      J.D.: That's-that's just great.

    • Dr. Cox: Ben, leukemia is a petty, ugly illness and we'll not dignify it by speaking of it unless absolutely necessary. Is that clear to you?
      Ben: Gotcha.
      J.D.: You are such a stud!
      Ben: That was interesting.

    • Ben: Do I have to get a special doctor?
      Dr. Cox: An oncologist. Do we have to talk about this? There must be something else on your mind.
      Ben: Nope. Just pretty much that leukemia thing.

    • Ben: What are we watching?
      Dr. Cox: "Wings." And shut up, I like the cab driver. He... slays me.
      J.D.: Antonio - played by the actor Tony Shalhoub. Also particularly fantastic in a film called "Big Night."
      Dr. Cox: Congratulations! Your Dimaggio-like streak for saying nothing even remotely interesting is still alive and well!

    • J.D.: Uh... got him to put his gown on.
      Ben: He sure did! And now my butt itches on account of this scratchy chair.

    • Turk: I don't believe this! I didn't get tomorrow's whipple procedure!
      Carla: I know, I know.
      Turk: This is ridiculous!
      Carla: Baby, calm down.
      Turk: What's a brother gotta do to get a whipple around here, huh? What's a brother gotta do? Tell me! What do I gotta do to get a whipple around here?
      Carla: Listen to me! You gotta stop turning your medical training into some ego-driven contest. No one else is doing that.
      Bonnie: Oh, I got the whipple. Suck it, Turk.
      Carla: I will end her!
      Turk: No, no.
      Todd: Dude, dude, let her go. It'll be so hot!

    • Jordan: Look, I don't understand why you refuse to put on a hospital gown.
      Ben: Because I don't like people to see my bum.
      Jordan: So wear underwear.
      Ben: You know how I feel about underwear.
      Jordan: Every girl who came to our house in the mid-eighties knows how you feel about underwear.
      Ben: Ha ha, the sweatpants years.

    • Janitor: You're afraid of escalators.
      J.D.: That's not uncommon.
      Janitor: You like the way cashmere feels on your skin!
      J.D.: How are you doing this?
      Janitor: That's right! You run away! Run away from the truth!

    • Elliot: Sir, you said you were giving evaluations to all the interns.
      Dr. Kelso: Well, not at the same time, sweetheart. With your way there would be no accountability. No back and forth. You wouldn't have to explain to me why... let's see... "I'm most likely frustrated because I haven't gotten any since the bay of pigs."

    • Janitor: Your mother's maiden name is Turner.
      J.D.: So you used your key to get into my personnel file. Big deal.
      Janitor: Your first kiss was with Sarah Briggs at the embarrassing age of sixteen. She wore a green turtleneck, and you wonder sometimes if she still thinks about you. I'm guessing no.
      J.D.: How could you possibly know that?
      Janitor: I'm your father.

    • Dr. Kelso: Sweetheart, if I wanted you to give me three wrong answers in a row, I'd just ask for the usual. Dr. Murphy, care to jump in?
      Doug: Um, I think it's-
      Dr. Kelso: Do you have a speech impedement, sport?
      Doug: Excuse me?
      Dr. Kelso: You insist on starting every answer with "Um..." so I figure you've either got a speech impedement or you're a stammering know-nothing who doesn't belong in medicine!
      Doug: Um...
      Dr. Kelso: Well spoken.

    • Dr. Cox: Shut up. Shut up. And definitely shut up.
      J.D.: But I didn't even say anything.
      Dr. Cox: I know, but I enjoy saying it to you. Okay, here's the deal. If we're gonna beat this thing, and we damn sure are, we're gonna do it one way and one way only. We're gonna be a team! We're gonna be a team, team, team, team, team! You hear me?
      J.D.: I hear you, Dr. Cox!
      Dr. Cox: I am so not speaking to you, Rhonda, thank you!

    • J.D.: Look, Dr. Cox, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I honestly think that the only reason you're not down at that hospital right now is that you're afraid.
      Dr. Cox: I think you're right. I do. Partly because you've really... gotten to know me this year... But mostly it's because, well... I told you that I was afraid earlier today so please don't tell me that you've come here to reiterate things to me that I've already said because I know the things I've already said. In fact... I'm the one who said them.

    • Dr. Cox: They hate you Bob. They hate you from the bottom of your hooves to the tip of your pitchfork. They hate you, by god, they hate you!
      Dr. Kelso: What are you laughing at?
      Laverne: That hooves and pitchforks part!

    • Turk: Come on. How could this guy be the best?
      Dr. Wen: You want to know the difference between you two? When you're working, I can always see your wheels turning. You're thinking about what you have to do next, what could go wrong. You're not in the moment. As much as it pains me to say it... The Todd is.
      Turk's Narration: Please! Just because I'm thorough and I want to keep two kelly clamps on the field in case their appendiceal artery is inadvertently incised so I can gain immediate hemostatic control doesn't mean I think too much. Plus, what if I needed to...
      Todd's Narration(singing): Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun shiny scalpel! Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun gonna slice him up!

    • Jordan: Where's my brother?
      J.D.: I don't-
      Jordan: Oh, oh, if you say "I don't know," I'll show you what I learned last week in my crotch-punching class.
      J.D.: I... think it's great that you're going back to school!

    • Janitor: You people, you think of me as nothing but The Janitor!
      J.D.: That's not true.
      Janitor: What's my name?
      (J.D. tries to look at his ID badge, but the Janitor slaps his hand over it to cover it up)
      J.D.: Uh, I know the nurses call you "Sir Plunge-A-Lot".
      Janitor: I know.
      J.D.: Ah, come on, I'm sure you don't know my name, so...
      Janitor: (Interrupting) John Michael Dorian.
      J.D.: How'd you know my middle name?
      Janitor: Because I care!

    • J.D.: I don't like much freedom down there. It makes me tingle in my giblets.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Czech Republic: January 16, 2013 on Prima COOL

    • Title Explanation: "My Hero" refers to J.D.'s view of Dr. Cox as a hero. This relationship dynamic is explored throughout the course of the series, culminating in the fifth season episode "My Fallen Idol".

    • The surgical white board includes the names Spiller (surname of episode director Michael Spiller) and Lawrence (surname of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence).

    • J.D. keeps a diary about all his thoughts and events.

    • Ted's band is in fact actor Sam Lloyd's real life a capella band. When Bill Lawrence found out about Sam's band, he couldn't resist finding an excuse to put them in the series.

    • First appearence of Ted's band, "The Worthless Peons." We hear them sing the theme from "Underdog" and "Speedracer."


    • Dr. Cox: Congratulations! Your DiMaggio-like streak for saying nothing even remotely interesting is still alive and well!

      Joe DiMaggio was a Baseball player who scored a monumental feat of hitting in 56 games in a row.

    • Superman:
      This episode contains numerous allusions to the man of steel:
      1. Dr. Cox flying out a window. This refers to Superman's tendency to do the same.
      2. The Cape that falls off of Dr. Cox as he walks away looks exactly like Superman's.
      3. When Dr. Cox walks away at the end of the episode, he stops and stands with his hands on his waist and turns his head to the left as superman often did.

    • The Real World: The short introduction when Perry bails when things get "too real" is a take on the MTV series, The Real World.