Season 1 Episode 23

My Hero (2)

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM May 14, 2002 on NBC

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  • Emotional but still finds it's way back to funny.

    In continuation to Ben having leukemia, you think this is probably going to be one of the most emotional episode's of the season, but somehow through all of the emotional things that we're going on: I found myself laughing through almost all of it. Which is what's so great about Scrubs. Ben goes in to chemotherapy, while JD, Jordan, and Cox are forced to wait around to see if Ben will be okay. Memorable hilarious scenes include: "The Real World" parody. So hilarious, I thought that was the funniest scene of the episode. A just memorable scene: Is the editing when everyone is feeling alone in the end, and they just have to suck it up and do what they have to. Dr. Kelso tries to find out if the interns hate him, so he gives Elliot an evaluation of his performance to fill out. Carla fills out the most meanest things about Kelso. Then Elliot realizes she was set up by Kelso since no one else got the "anonymous" evaluation. Carla owns up to writing the evaluation by the end, and Kelso becomes slightly nicer. We definitely got to see the softer side of Cox in multiple scenes, which is amazing. Turk finds out that Todd is the best surgeon, it turns out Turk thinks too much while performing surgery, Todd doesn't. Strangely, Turk decides to be more like Todd by the end, by not thinking too much while in the operating room. The best plot was definitely JD's. The thing that annoyed me about this epsiode was the ant-climactic ending. It just ends with JD saying that Ben responded to the chemo and he's fine for now. No heartfelt goodbyes, no sister/brother moment. Still a really great episode.
  • k

    Ben takes the news of his diagnosis pretty well, better than his sister Jordan and J.D. Dr. Cox tells Ben, Jordan and J.D. that they can beat the cancer, making J.D. see him as a hero. Later, Dr. Zeltzer wants to start Ben on chemotherapy straight away but he doesn't want to. Ben is not happy about Dr. Cox not being there at the first session. In fact, Dr. Cox bails from the entire situation, because he is afraid for Ben. Dr. Cox, who is confronted by J.D., is afraid of Ben dying and doesn't want to stay at the hospital. Dr. Cox tells J.D. that he's the one who is afraid he may have to rely on himself for a while. J.D. makes his way to Ben's room and realizes that Dr. Cox had arrived earlier so he leaves. Dr. Cox mentions to Ben that he got scared and is not good at talking about this kind of situation. Fortunately, Ben's cancer goes into remission.

    good ep
  • The goes on were My Occurrence ended.

    Even though i liked My Occurrence a tiny bit better, this was still a very very good episode. There really wasn't too much 'fun' in this episode, but i still enjoyed the plot very much. And i'm not a cancer plot fan. The Janitor wasn't as funny as he usually was in Season 1 but Dr Kelso and Dr Cox were great. I hated the way this ended. Ben dissapeared and we do not hear from him again until Seasons later. That really dissapointed me. I really liked how they made Dr Cox deal with Ben's illness and JD trying to help him. I miss JD/Cox moments in later Seasons! I also enjoyed Ted's Band's performance!
  • Fine example

    A very good episode which deserves a huge round of applause. The analogy of Dr Cox being a hero is great and the singing hospital employees singing underdog just adds feeling to this episode. When his cape slips it is quite emotional. As usual scrubs handles the sadness really well by making it funny but not critisicing.
  • Ben has found out he has leukemia, and tries to find himself and his new situation. At the same time, Dr. Cox tries to get Ben and Jordan together as a team, and then Dr. Cox is the one who bails out

    I felt that you were really into the characters situation while watching this episode. It was felt with emotional moments, at the same time as the comedy part was still there. The Janitor vs JD part was really good, with Janitor telling JD facts about his life and freaking JD out, even though we find out at the end that he has got it alla from JD's diary.

    There were also some great moments with Dr. Cox in this episode. I especially loved the part where he left the hospital with the imaginary cape falling off his shoulders.
    And the Superman references were really Classic. And Ted's band made a classic appearence, and their song "Underdog" really made the end of this episode something extra.

    This is one of my favourite episodes of Scrubs all time
  • Brendan Fraser Pt. 2

    Dr. Cox doesn't deal well with Ben's cancer, he actually seems more upset then both Ben and Jordan even after he convinces them both that they can beat it. In fact he seems to go to all costs just to simply avoid the entire situation. After a confrontation from Jd Dr. Cox finally sits down and speaks to Ben about the ordeal, realizing that as hard as it for him to watch his best friend get sick Ben has to watch himself get sick and that's more difficult then anything Dr. Cox could possibly be dealing with. I really like this episode because we get to see a little less of the angry side of Dr. Cox, more insight into his character and his past.
  • Sad,Funny and Scrubs episode!!

    This episode is the first of a two part episode of scrubs ..and this is the second part.
    If youre not yet confused then as we learnt in the last episode, Ben was diagnosed with a kind of cancer and nether the less he takes the news pretty well.But the person whos really sad is Doc.Cox ,who doesnt want one of his best friends risking to die.
    This is the main storyline ,the conclusion to the first part.
    Then there are 2 sub plots.
    The first one is round Turk when he finds out hes not the number one surgeon but the number one surgeon is the Todd.
    As Turk tries to understand this Elliot accidentally writes down(With the help of Carla)what they think of Doc.Kelso.
    This episode is also the debute of teds Band !
    Janitor as usual makes everyone laugh with a joke from star wars at one part.
    This storyline and jokes are good smooth and like scrubs has always done make us wet our pants with luaghter.
  • A great episode! I loved it.

    A very good episode which deserves a huge round of applause. The analogy of Dr Cox being a hero is great and the singing hospital employees singing underdog just adds feeling to this episode. When his cape slips it is quite emotional. As usual scrubs handles the sadness really well by making it funny but not critisicing.
  • Great follow-up episode

    This episode had no downsides and to prove this, I think I'll have to go through each plot individually:

    First, the Elliot plot where Dr Kelso hands out evaluations that are filled out "anonymously" by the interns. Carla fills out the form for Elliot and it turns out that she is the only one to get an evaluation form. This plot had terrific jokes such as Cox's "They hate you from the bottom of your hooves to the tip of your pitchfork" and the evaluation "Dr Kelso is most likely frustrated because he hasn't gotten any since the Bay of Pigs".

    The Turk plot where it is revealed that The Todd is the better surgeon is even better, purely because it has the hilarious scene where Turk is wondering why Dr Wen says he thinks too much in great detail and The Todd thinking, or rather, not thinking but humming "Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun shiny scalpel! Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun gonna slice him up!"

    Then there is the Janitor plot where he knows everything about JD and this has some very memorable scenes, especially the end where it is revealed that he breaks into JD's locker and reads his diary.

    Last but not least, we come to the JD and Dr Cox plot where Ben has leukemia. This involves many great scenes including the intoduction of Ted's band and a vulnerable side to Dr Cox aswell as his usual side with rants like after JD says that Dr Cox is scared and Dr Cox says, "Gee, I guess you're right. I mean, maybe it's because we've really gotten to know each other over the last year or so and we can sense what we're going through. Or maybe it's because I told you that I was scared no less than two hours ago so please don't tell me you came over here to reiterate things to me Newbie because I remember the words that I said, in fact, I'm the one who said them!"

    With plots like these, who couldn\'t rate this episode any less than 10.
  • Ben finds out about his leukemia.

    This is a very good example of what makes this such a superb show. There is a magnificent blend of drama and comedy and while there are some serious issues that are dealt in this episode, but the comedic moments come in at the appropriate times.

    This is a key episode for Dr Cox. Its the first time we really see his emotional side. His relationship with Ben is obviously one that means a lot to him and John C Mcginley does a brilliant job as Cox in this episode.
  • A good episode!

    This is overall a really good episode. We get to see Dr. Cox lowering his shield and for a few brief scenes we are allowed to see his real self. It's a good thing they didn't try to win jokes by having Cox sobbing terribly or being overly worried about his friend. Instead of comedy on the lines of "this is not how we normally see him" they treated us to a Dr. Cox which was EXACTLY as we are used to see him. Yet they managed to take us behind his wall. Wonderfully done.

    I also liked that The Todd got some recognition in this episode. There must be some reason why the guy got though med school and managed to become a surgeon; in this episode we get to see that he is really competent. Not to mention the voice over scene where Turk wonders why Todd is the best, and Todd is singing to himself, is one of the funniest all season!

    The wonderful acapella performance of the Underdog theme song is just what this episode needed to round it up. This part of the episode is really wonderful!

    However there are downparts. The storyline with Carla, Elliot and Dr. Kelso felt like one of those "we do need something for them to do" storylines and it brought down the overall quality of the episode.
  • i completely agree it blended comedy with tragedy like a fine nicaraguan coffee

    i think this was scrubs summed up in one episode. Great laughs thrilling drama and fantastic use of celebrity appearences, unlike friends or the simpsons, this started a great increase in episode quality since the great first series which looks almost average in comparison with the brilliant series just finished.
  • This is one of the best episodes of the series. It blends humor and drama the way that only scrubs can.

    I absolutely love Scrubs because of episodes like this one. The episode shows a vulnerable side to Dr. Cox that is rarely seen. He is in many ways the hero of the show and yet he is shown time and time again to be falable. In this particular instance his failings with people translate into his work as his best friend becomes his patient. The relationship between Dr. Cox and his friend Ben is believable and complelling, a testamet to both the brilliant writing and acting. I particularlly like how understated it is at times. There isn't any yelling or big emotional outbursts; it's just about the relationship between the two men and how they deal with tragedy. It's all dealt with in a way that seems real.
    At the same time as there is this weighty issue there are also more light hearted happenings. Turk must deal with a bruised ego when he realizes he is not the best surgeon, which leads to some of the Todd's funniest moments of the series. Elliot and Carla write a scathing evaluation for the Cheif of Medicine which comes back to haunt them.
    All of this is tied together brilliantly. The different experiences of each character are shown to be related with a clever sequence of imagery. In one of the finest moments of the series each character takes action while Ted's band, who are put in the episode for the sake of a joke, provides the perfect score for the moment. The music and images all come together to add emotion to the moment. Ultimately, the characters grow and things are tied up nicely as would be expected in a sitcom, but the way that it is done is extraordinary. Scrubs has proven that it can do common stories in a way that makes them remarkable because of the talent of the cast and crew. Overall, this is an excellent episode of an excellent show.
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