Season 6 Episode 4

My House

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 04, 2007 on NBC

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    This was such a good episode, and although it did feel cheesy at times, with the whole "House" comparison, it still had a great ending. I think the only problem I had with this episode, is that it didn't take a genius to find out something was wrong Carla. Or something was wrong with Elliot. And I knew from the start that the guy eating tomatoes and carrots would lead to being orange. Finally, as soon as I saw the weeding ring on the single patient, I knew it was "Broken Heart Syndrome" So I actually solved the cases before Cox did. The thing that made this episode 100 times better is finding out that Carla has postpartum depression, and that is incredibly serious, and I felt as though it was really emotional since it affected one of the main characters. Elliot and her new job, and Kelso ignoring her was funny, and I good Turk/Elliot conclusion. Kim leaves for her job, and she's not coming back until 4 months from now. It's kind off funny, because I barely have just gotten used to her as JD's girlfriend, and then she leaves. All the plots in this episode were fantastic, and you might say it's a rip-off of House, but you have to keep in mind Cox came before House, and I'm sure the writers were just trying to have fun with it. A great under appreciated episode.
  • My least favorite episode of Scrubs (if you don't count that clip show episode later in this season.. because, well, that wasn't an episode.)

    This is the only episode of Scrubs I have ever watched and been able to say "That was a bad episode" afterwards. Season 6 is the first season to have bad episodes like this, but even amongst the other season 6 episodes, I wouldn't say any are truly "bad", I would say they aren't as brilliant as old Scrubs.

    This is truly bad, for one simple reason: the 'mystery' plot. It was too direct, it lacked subtlety, and it was badly written. Keith and Lisa's argument over "house" was forced and awkward. I really started to lose it when everyone was talking about mysteries and Carla said "Why is that guy orange?" (apparently this is a direct plot stolen from an episode of House, and even if it wasn't, wow, red + yellow = orange? Amazing.)

    As Dr. Cox was created before Dr. House, many feel House is a sort of rip off of Cox. It seems like the writers of this episode were bigger House fans than Scrubs, so they decided to make Dr. Cox act like House, which was just lame. And 'lame' is the perfect word to describe this episode.
  • Simply great

    Two genres put together make this episode the best of the season yet. Comedy and Drama + Dr. Cox and Dr. House = GREATNESS. Dr. Cox feels like the TV character House when he has to solve several mysteries, one of them being Elliot's anger towards Dr. Kelso, while for some reason she is taking it out on Turk. The other is why a man has orange skin. Meanwhile, J.D. tries to be a better boyfriend to Kim to stop her from leaving for Tacoma. The ending is very sad but funny at the same time because Dr. Cox wraps things up like House does but we realise that Carla may be suffering from post-partum depression as she lays crying in her bed.
  • Mysteries at Sacred Heart

    All the sudden the Sacred Heart hospital is begining to look a little like an episode of House. Mysterious crazy illnesses that need to be solved such as a man who has tuned orange and then we have Dr Cox who hurts his foot and has to use a cain to walk around and now has the ability to solve all the mysteries like House would.

    The Janitor goes around shooting everyone with hs paintball gun, Elliot join the private practice and gets the silent treatment from Kelso. J.D. tries plenty of carzy stunts to try and get Kim to stay. Meanwhile we find out that Carla is suffering from some kind of post berth depression.

    A very funny episode with some great House paroding and some super fantises such as J.D. saving a patient by pooring a box of Kittens onto him.
  • A good episode that shows character progression for our favourite characters.

    Dr Cox is playing 'House' and diagnoses broken heart syndrome the House way. Elliott is making a clever career move that isn't accepted or acknowledged by her work collegues and boss. Although her boss is the one she should be taking her frustration out on, because he is ignoring her completely, she takes it out of Turk.

    Also, J.D. tries to think of a plan to stop Kim from moving to Washington but work keeps getting in the way. Turk, concerned about the cost of Carla's lenghty stay at hospital, tries his hardest to convince her to come home but misses the hints from the person who was really in trouble.
  • Mystries and Comedy = great episode

    Another great episode in Scrubs. JD tries all sorts of crazy ideas to try and get his girlfriend Kim to stay ( including telling her he is rich and getting on the back of a soon to be moving mercadies) as well as having numerous mystrey pop up around the episode. These puzzel all members of the crew expect for Dr. kelso and Janitor ( who doesn't seem to be in the episode much). Around the end Dr. Cox manages to slove most of the mystrey and ( due to a broke foot which helped solve a mystrey) come in with a cane much like house's.
  • cute

    I love how the writers on this show acknowledge other doctor shows on other networks (ie: Grey's Anatomy and House). I thought this one was better since they sort of copied House. I didn't really get the story between Eliot and Turk because if I were Eliot, I'd be more mad at Kelso than Turk. I hope that the episodes do get better since some of the episodes are just stupid and not funny. I was also beginning to wonder why Carla has been in bed in the last 4 episodes since most women just stay for a couple days after having a baby. Now I understand why. Hopefully, she will get help and get better!
  • Mysteries, troubles and parodies

    Scrubs is my favouite show and this episode is one of the greatest ways of showing how amusing the medical show is, with great moments like Cox's rant about House and how there are no cameras there and the ridiculous conclusion of yellow and red blending to create an orange face (don't eat too many vegeables kids) aswell as JD describing to Kim his idea about rushing to the airport, another sitcom cliche, and the Janitor's business cards and paintball gun.

    The twist with Carla at the end is a perfect way to end the episode, showing an interesting story that may be used quite well in later episodes.

    Overall, Cox as House, Kim leaving, Elliot changing to Private Practice and Carla's unforeseen mystery make both a hilarious and dramatic episode, this being my favourite episode of season 6 so far (I know,best out of 4 is unlikely!)
  • Kim and JD discuss whether she should take the research position. Dr Kelso ignores Elliot because she\'s in private practice now. Dr Cox is House, solving several mysteries, but didn\'t catch the one involving Carla\'s onset of postpartum depression.

    Loved this episode. Very funny and entertaining. I love how Dr. Cox played House and how he addressed the difference between real life and drama. Scrubs is a great comedy, it breaks that wall between the actor and the viewer (as Dr. Cox did) and also depicts the gravity of some issues in life. This episode encompassed a lot of things - Elliot\'s move, Kim\'s move, Carla\'s depression, JD\'s serious relationship. When I heard rumors this week that Zach was leaving, I thought the show would begin to lose its vitality and ingenuity but this episode reminded me otherwise. Season 5 started out weak and ended strong. Season 6 so far has been spectacular.
  • Interesting and Funny But....

    I know this was a play on the TV Series House and it is funny but I didn\'t think they would rip off an actual case. If anyone watches House the pilot had a guy who ate too many carrots and megadoses of vitamins making his skin orange. But again I thought it was funny and worth watching.
  • A very good episode, best this year :p

    Good quick jokes, nothing too crazy, nothing too out of it, just good ol funny scrubs.
    There were two problems though, 1. the carla depression thing is getting me depressed! 2. Dane Cook IS funny!
    Kim has finally made her decision to leave despite JD's attempts to stop her, and they were funny attempts too.

    Still not a fan of Kim though, guess we won't be seeing her for a while though.

    The House rip wasn't great, but I felt the storyline had enough in it to keep the episode going and it was great to see Lester Hedrick back again.

    Looking forwards to seeing the next epi, but I sure hope things lighten up soon!!
  • A decent episode, could be being used to set up a few other story lines, while the house parody was good in parts, it could have been improved.

    After watching this episode, I feel it is being used to set up a few other story lines, while the house parody was good in parts, but could have been improved.

    The opening was a bit of a let down, unfortunately elliot's storyline would appear to be a filler in this episode - as already mentioned by someone in these reviews - the only highlight really being Kelso's initial speech about beginning to ignore her, and even that wasnt brilliant, the other parts - including 'the worthless peons' appearance was dissappointing, since they usually provide a good laugh.

    Janitor once again provided a very funny story line, and the real life head as a template had me laughing, as did ted getting shot.

    JD's and Kim's storyline was a little disappointing i like others want to see him develop a real relationship, like i did with Julie in season 5! hopefully it will be developed further on this season

    Cox's storyline obviously key to the episode since it was the title, was underplayed in my opinion, the mysteries were pretty poor, although i felt McGinley played off the manorisms found in house brilliantly. Cox's injury needed to appear earlier i feel, and show him work through the mysteries a little more thoroughly. (Could have done with removing elliot's story to allow this) O and an honourable mention is needed for Cox's best line:

    COX: "But heres the bad news, this isnt a tv show, there arent cameras over here, real medical mysteries dont happen every week, and doctors damn sure dont look like models, they look like rex"

    REX: "what?"

    COX: "Chin up, you ugly ba***rd"

    Carla's storyline shows some promise to be developed, although it could run the risk of over doing the drama and making the comedy cheap and frankly disrespectful to mothers who suffer from this condition, it will be interesting to see how it is handled and how Judy Reyes plays it.

    All in all, there were some funny moments, and i feel the season as a whole is picking up pace with regards to producing some classic episodes. and i'm looking forward to getting back to my weekly dose of scrubs after the small break for the holidays!
  • Strangely, this didn't suck!! :O

    Ok so I may have been overcritical since Scrubs return.

    It's only because the show has produced such fine comedy moments in the past, it sometimes finds it hard to sustain it.

    Instead of going for the cheap gags, I thought it tried hard to revert back to the original type of scrubs humour.

    I have been crigning a lot during Season 6. Kelso asking what Kim is like in the sack, JD acknowledging he 'knocked Kims socks off' her face at coffee? Turk hiring a marching band to go to the hospital for Carlas birth? and how can forget Dr Cox's ridiculous new hairstyle :S

    Thankfully a lot of that seemed to stop in this episode. Result! I did enjoy the Dr Cox/House parallel!

    However the biggest mystery remains of all...Carla pestered Turk into have a baby, and getting all this baby stuff for the house, and gave him such a hard time during the labour, but now she's sick of the child already and its only been a few days??? Whats up with THAT? :|
  • This episode was funny!

    I must admit that I haven't seen very much of House lately, mainly because I am too busy, I haven't been able to catch up with Season 3. But this episode of Scrubs honoring in someway House, was cool!

    In this episode, there are three hospital mysteries going on. Why is a man suddenly orange? Why is JD's patient suffering from heart issues? And why is Elliot so mad at Kelso and takes it on against Turk? Well, all of them are unable to find an answer to that, at least until Janitor accidentally makes Dr. Cox to fall and makes a sort of like character House, which immediately maanges to solve all the msyteries. That was cool and awesome. I also like the subplot with JD trying to be a better option, but despite his best efforts, Kim still wants to go to Washington.

    Now, into sadder notes we have one mystery that Dr. Cox was unable to notice: Carla. A lot of clues manage to make us think that she really had something going on with her, and the ending is kind of sad with her crying with her baby. That was sad. Overall, another good episode of Season 6!
  • Here's to you "House."

    Slowly i've been getting to watch "Scrubs," every week, although I still don't like, thye show paid tribjute to another medical TV show,"House." I saw a few epiosde of the Fox TV show, I sure hope this episode of "Scrubs" will lure viewers to watch "House. There was a patient whose having a hest failure at a young age. Will House tackle this problem? Yes! I hope the writers of "House" will copy this premise into their show. That is a plot for a very good epiosde if you ask me. As for the rest of the epiosde, well House can't solve everything.
  • Cute in Theory

    You know, I was excited about a House 'esque' episode. Because I love Scrubs and I love House. But while the House quirks were cute, Cox is best when he is plain 'ole Perry Cox. I am also a little conflicted about J.D. and Kim. I would like to see J.D. with some one for longer than a four episode arc. It would be nice to see him a real relationship. But I is Kim that person... like I said, I am conflicted.

    Poor Carla. She wanted a baby so much. Postpartum is such a sad condition.

    And Elliot's storyline was all filler.

    As a whole, the episode was good but not Scrubs at its Best
  • A very good but not great episode!

    This was a well written episode that had a few great moments...turk stealing the baby by accident, the whole janitor part was classic and anytime ted sings i love it! I think that scrubs always seems to start off slow in the beginning of a season and then steps it up as the season moves along and im starting to see that with this season! However, i must agree with the people who feel that the show has moved too far away from its roots in the flashback sense! Those flashbacks always were the cause of great comedy and revealed how crazy JD was at times but in a good way! Only 2 of those in this episode and i hope they get back into that a bit more!
  • Extremely clever parody of House, and a very powerful ending. A great episode!

    As a fan of House, I really enjoyed this episode. They managed to put together a perfect parody of House, down to the subtle things like John McGinley expression when he saw the red and yellow paint mixing and suddenly realized what was wrong with his patient. We've seen Hugh Laurie make that same face so many times in House, that I couldn't help but laugh.

    They also did a great job foreshadowing the final twist in the episode. Carla was definitely acting oddly all episode, and when they show all the hints in the end, you are amazed by how well everything was spelled out for you.

    A great episode of a great series!
  • Why is a grown man orange?

    Another decent episode where the Janitor seems to be one of the few characters who has maintained his humor. Shooting Ted was a great laugh out loud moment and his painting in Eliot's office was hilarious. Kelso's rant about losing his escort and Eliot was pretty damn funny. I like when Scrubs goes after the other medical shows like it did last season with Greys anatomy. Any episode with a cameo by Ted's band is good in my books. I found the Kim leaving plotline pretty weak and unfunny and Carla's issues didn't work for me either. Not a great episode, but a bad episode of Scrubs is better than the best episodes of half the shows on tv.
  • This show is devouring itself, becoming less and less funny and dramatic every episode. The only bright side is actually the saddest story of the bunch, revealed right at the end of the episode and was conveniently spoiled in the very first summaries.

    Scrubs has changed much from when it first aired but it has always been a quality show that can be enjoyed for it's drama and its often surreal humour. However, fans have noticed that unlike the previous season, when JD's signature fantasies were even more abundant than usual, this season has seen them all but disappear. That's cut the humour down to about two jokes a week, both of which involve Rex in this particular episode.

    The actors give the same faces to the same "dramatic element" we've seen them give the last six years and frankly, the plots are tedious and the 'House' reference is barely even distinguishable except as Cox uses a cane for ten seconds and then suddenly knows everything (actually three things). One of these things was obvious from the start (red + yellow = orange, duh), one which was impossible if you're not a doctor (takotsubo cardiomyopathy) and the other of which is some crap about Elliot which doesn't make sense considering how she reacted to Turk in the first scene.

    Overall, this is the same stuff you've seen, it just looks like some amateurs gave it a go this time. I know this review is a bit sketchy and I haven't hit the nail on the head about the problems of this episode in particular but if you're not a rabid, blind-to-all-faults kind of fan, then you've got to be thinking pretty much the same.
  • To say "cleverly plotted\" about an episode of \"Scrubs\" is almost redundant. Would have used \"cliffhanger\" if that had been an option, because this surely is, even if only to a small degree. I give it an A+.

    The parallels to \"House\" are cleverly plotted out, and Cox plays the part well - even though he may be an egotistical, angry guy with a god complex and a drinking problem (kidding, we all love Coxy). It also shows the development of JD and Kim\'s relationship, allowing one to see Kim visibly upset for the first time (I think), Elliot\'s struggle with her decision to move to a private practice (and the conflicts that it causes with her coworkers), and some changes in the life of Turk and Carla due to the birth of their child. Although I won\'t write a spoiler by naming the character it involves, the ending of this episode really hit me hard - it also definitely left me hanging. As an added bonus, the Janitor creates yet another impressive and hilarious subplot. While this episode doesn\'t seem to hit home with a lot of \"Scrubs\" viewers, it definitely did the trick for me. Waiting on pins and needles for next week\'s episode, and almost as eager for the next episode summary to come out on this episode guide.