Season 4 Episode 15

My Hypocritical Oath

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Feb 01, 2005 on NBC

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  • W_nt to Pl_y H_ngm_n?

    W_nt to Pl_y H_ngm_n?

    I hardly laughed at all in this episode. I think the only chuckle came from the Tod pointing at Carla and whispering, “There! Is she black?”. I hardly cared about the plotlines in this episode. I think the only part that affected me was JD finally telling Kylie her boyfriend was a jerk. You might be able to guess, that this episode wasn’t one of my favourites, trying too hard with a ‘helping the patient’s family in the worst possible way’ B-plot and being too silly with a ‘Don’t ruin the score of the game’ C-plot.

    The main storyline, introducing us to Kylie, is slightly more interesting. After meeting in a nightclub (prompting JD to do yet more embarrassing things), Kylie comes to the hospital with her boyfriend who, it turns out, has gonorrhea and is a jerk. However, JD can’t tell her the truth due to the Hippocratic oath. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to in the end, which gains him favour in Kylie’s books, and promises romance on the cards very soon. I can’t remember many of the gags, except for the ‘Tell her she has a huge ass!’ part and the extremely unfunny long-winded moth joke.

    Speaking of unfunny, I was surprised at how annoying I found Dr. Cox to be here, considering he once was my favourite character (and probably everyone’s at some point). His commentary as Elliot and Kelso argue is not in the least amusing. Turk’s manic “I get to have sex tonight!” was.

    I won’t bother with the other plotlines, except to say that they didn’t do much to hold my attention. A disappointing episode, but with the promising introduction of a new love interest. 2 out of 5 Tampered Treadmills.

    Best line: “I took a special interest in this case (Translated: I was thinking about food, and accidentally wandered over here.)” ---- Kelso
  • Situational comedy proves itself yet again.

    This episode took the terms, "Sitcom" to a whole new level. This episode had a hilarious situation, and it was so original. I loved every plot of this episode. JD is in quite a predicament when he starts having a crush on a girl named Kylie, he ends up checking her boyfriend for a sickness. It turns out his patient has gonorrhea. He can't tell her because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Which puts JD in a huge predicament, he spends the whole episode trying to decide whether to tell her or not. Carla was absolutely hilarious in this episode, right down to her poking Kylie's boyfriend with a needle 12 times "by accident." We get to see some Kelso/Elliot interaction which we rarely see, and this plot was fantastic. Elliot decides to break the rules to save a patient, she goes against Kelso, she ends being wrong in the end, proving Kelso right, but she gains some respect by him by the end, which was definitely development for them by the end. Meanwhile Cox is assigned to work night shift so he has to miss the Lakers/Heat game, he tapes it so now he has to avoid anyone telling him who won. Unfortunately for him, the janitor wants to spoil the game since Cox ruined "The Sixth Sense" for the janitor. In the end, you think all turns out well, until Kelso gives away the game for Cox in the end. JD doesn't end up telling Kylie, but everything happens for a reason: Kylie breaks up with James after finding out he has gonorrhea on her own time. JD gets the girl! This leaves things up in the air by the end. I laughed through the whole thing, and the situation was fantastic. A great episode from Scrubs indeed!
  • JD cant tell a patient her boyfriend has a disease.

    While in a African American nightclub with Carla and Turk, JD meets a girl he likes and finds out her boyfriend has Gonareha, but JD cant tell her. Turk wont let him, but Carla wants him to. He finally decides to, but then backs out. The next day Kylie is at the hospital and tells JD she found out and that she broke up with him. Not one of the greater episodes, but it had its moments.
  • JD's predicament

    JD, Elliot and Cox all had great plots in this episode, all being extremely funny, especially Cox not wanting to know the score, an evil Kelso ruining it for him when he finally starts the recording (just like I ruined the ending just then for those who haven’t seen the episode) and the Janitor also playing a major part in the story.

    JD and his crush’s boyfriend who is also technically his patient, James (by the way I’m not black or have gonorrhoea so that’s not me) was also quite funny especially Turk’s scenes and being excited that he’ll have sex that night and also showed that JD is true to his oath, even if it’s occasionally the opposite of what he wants.

    Elliot’s plot wasn’t as funny as the other two but it was a very good plot, her standing up to Kelso and it backfiring badly, her patient’s relatives getting their hopes up when they there was very little chance.

    Overall, this is a very funny instalment and an episode that everyone needs to see.