Season 7 Episode 4

My Identity Crisis

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 15, 2007 on NBC

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    Everyone is having an identity crisis at the hospital. JD not being able to memorize anyone's names, Carla losing her Latin heritage, and Cox realizing he misses his family.

    All in all this episode was quite forgettable, but definitely an entertaining 22 minutes. We finally get some JD/Janitor interaction, something we haven't seen in a long while. Since the janitor hangs out with Ted half the time. Carla's dream was absolutely hilarious! And it reminded me of the old days of Scrubs. I like how they finally made Carla & Turk's baby useful to help the story line.

    Cox realizing he misses his family? I don't know if that's being out of character, or character development? Lets just hope this soft side of him sticks, then it would be character development, not some lame out of character plot on Cox's part. The end as great, the janitor's name remains a mystery. Entertaining episode.
  • Definetly better than last week !!

    I'm just thankful that Scrubs is on television and I'm able to watch it but something is different. It isnt like Season 1-3 and its not even like 4-5. I dont know ever since Season 6, the show's comedy has changed? Dont get me wrong, Scrubs is still one of the best shows around but it seems shows kinda lose it a bit around Season 5 or 6 which is why I applaud the producers of Friends because I dont know how they did it to be honest. 10 golden years! Back to the episode itself it was a nice plot, had good lines and J.D and the Janitor's scenes were good especially the end where J.D lost the bet because he didnt learn the Janitor's name!
  • better then last week

    Carla and Turk are about to get it on in a patient's room when J.D. shows up to take Turk away on a nationwide water-park tour. When Elliot arrives to kill Carla, Carla awakes from this terrible nightmare, upset that she's been dreaming in English. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Cox that she's taking their kids to her mom's for the weekend, and he's thrilled to have some time alone.
    As Turk gets ready to leave for work, he worries that Carla is only speaking Spanish to Izzy; she assures him that she speaks English as well. At the hospital, Cox arranges for Jordan's car to arrive early, but she claims that he'll miss her more than she misses him.
    With Cox alone for the weekend, J.D. fantasizes that they'll perform the famous "Old Time Rock n' Roll" moment from the movie "Risky Business." J.D. then catches Turk and Carla arguing about raising their baby as both African and Latina - Carla is concerned Izzy won't know her Latin heritage.
    A new nurse named Shirley joins the team. Since she looks exactly like the dearly departed Laverne, J.D. nicknames her "Laverne-again," which she hates. The Janitor asks J.D. if he knows anyone's real name, and J.D. is forced to reveal that he only knows people he works with by nicknames. At the end of the day, Cox returns home and is upset to learn that Jordan is staying at her mom's for an entire week.
    J.D. admits to the Janitor that he's in the wrong for not knowing everyone's name and bets that by the end of the day, he will learn all 310 names. If J.D. wins, the Janitor will do his own job for a day; if he loses, J.D. will do the Janitor's job for a day.
    Cox is disappointed that Turk doesn't need his help; in fact, no one seems to need his help. J.D. overhears this and soon Cox is using flash cards to help J.D. learn all the staff names. Elliot catches them and tries to get Cox to admit he doesn't like being alone. This theory seems to be true, considering that Cox is in on his day off. Cox reluctantly says he feels like he's losing track of his identity.
    Carla tells Turk that she feels she's losing connection with her Latina heritage. Turk assures her that she's not losing her identity and will always be "a Latina with an upside-down exclamation point." J.D. and the Janitor then go through photos of all the Sacred Heart staff members and J.D. nails the test... all except for the Janitor's name, making J.D. the loser. Meanwhile, Cox messages Jordan and admits that he misses her while Carla has her first great dream in a long time.
  • good but something is still missing

    unlike wine scrubs is not getting better with age. however if they keep making episodes that are like this on an average scale i still will watch for the sake of the show!

    i enjoed cox's indenty crisis relasiing that he did indeed miss his wife. how could u not shes damn hot! sorry i havea weird thing for her character! dont know no why!

    but yeah i also enjoyed the jd janiotr stuff! it was really funny! unlike the last epside i actaully like watching this one, the last one i thought was boring and jsut not good!
  • Great episode! A big improvement from last week!

    This episode was a great episode because it showed many different plot lines and it also revealed a bit about the end of the series. It seems as though Bob Kelso is getting old, and a little too old so there may be a chance that the end of the series will show him leaving his post as the Chief Doctor of the hospital. It is also weird to see that JD has a baby now and that he is growing up, while Turk continually encourages him to bring his child side out. We also see Perry showing his softer side when it comes to kids and especially when it comes to his own kid. We see Carla and Turk continually growing in their relationship, possibility that they may move at the end of the season? Also, with JD broken up from Kim, will he and Elliot ever date again? Will we ever find out what the Janitor's name is? I just hope this writer's strike ends so we can see the finale the right way.
  • Another classic episode. and still the mystery that is the Janitor's name.

    Scrubs has to be the best sitcom! i never get tired of JD's attempts and yearning for dr cox's love and validation. i dont even think there could be a bad episode of scrubs now that i think about it. i guess the best thing about this show is the balance between comedy and tragedy and it's humanity and heart. though i must ask whats with the whole Laverne thing?

    In this episode Turk tries to assure a worried Carla that their daughter will acknowledge her Latin heritage.
    The Janitor challenges J.D. to identify everyone in the hospital, when it is discovered that he uses nicknames, because he doesn't know the people's actual names. If J.D. can't name all of them, he must take up the mop for a day.
    Dr. Cox realizes that he is lonely without his wife and children.
  • Was I the only one who thought this episode was so out of character? Like it didn't follow the storyline?

    I looove scrubs and I enjoy somewhat typical episodes like this one where things revolve a particular situation like the Janitor and JD's bet or Elliot and Cox's innuendo brawl, but in this particular momment of the scrubs storytelling I think it felt completely out of character. There is so much story behind, Keith and Elliot's breakup, JD's son... to just ignore it completely and put an episode that feels like it's inside a bubble. This is the last season and the strike will affect things as it is so let's hope they don't pull us off the main plot and storyline.
  • Vintage scrubs! Jd is challenged by the janitor to indicate the name of every worker in the hospital. Dr. Cox and Jordan have a battle of who misses who first. Carla and Turk discuss letting Izzy become familiar with both her african and latin heritages.

    At last. They are finally getting back on track. The last few episodes were fine but they lacked that little extra push. The earlier episodes in the season were just a little bit out of nature in terms of the charaters normal flair. With this episode, we are given the first of what I hope is a string of great installments culminating to the end of a fine series. I do admit its not the best episode you could watch but it is a good one because the seventh season has started out awfully rocky and I pray that it all goes on well.
  • Funniest of the season so far. But still something missing.

    This episode is hilarious, with great jokes throughout, but the plot themselves seem to lack substance, especially since JD just became a father, and nobody at Sacred Heart has any medical plots.

    But I'd like to keep this a relatively positive review so despite a few unfunny scenes like the wave, and the predictable ending, the episode was quite good.

    Carla and Turk's was probably my favourite, arguing about the heritage, and Turk knowing nothing of his. It had some great jokes, and the ending was quite good with Turk learning more about his wife's background. As soon as the dream appeared again in Spanish, I could see the other part of the ending coming, with Carla saying it was a good dream, but overall the plot was creative and in character for the most part.

    Cox's plot was iffy but was pulled off pretty well, though he certainly shouldn't have been that desperate. Cox had quite a few good lines, as did Ted and his scene with JD was pretty good, though became a little over the top.

    Now for JD's nickname plot. Save for some bad moments like JD actually liking the nickname when he's always preferred JD over Johnny, Newbie, Bambi, Scooter and so many others (first nickname, what's he been smoking?) and the fact that the plot after deciding to be a father was about nicknaming staff members, the plot was still possible the funniest of the three, though the ending could be seen a mile away. Still, the interaction between JD and the Janitor was hilarious, but the plot could have been a lot smaller, to make room for at least one medical storyline, since JD's had no difficulty juggling medical problems and Janitor confrontations before. Still, the ending was great, where the mop filled him with hate.

    Ted and Todd were great additions to the episode, though Doug is still missing from the show, while really minor characters are being given more screen time. Overall, the episode was much funnier than the first three of the season, but the plots still need improvements.
  • An overly good episode with some really great bits. Still a few things that are of concern - such as not enough storyline development.

    Alright, to get the good things out of the way so i can complain about stuff (what i like best):
    The episode had some very funny bits in it that actually made me laugh out loud, something that Scrubs didn't manage to do that easily with recent episodes. For example, the fantasy bit with Cox, JD, Turk and Todd in just white shirts was Genius! Also, Jordan looked much better this episode and had a few great bits. Also, the JD&Cox scene where JD puts his arm around him was really funny as well :) ::chin quiver:: buddy. lol! There is too many things for me to name them all, spread out over the episode...

    Now off to complaining: I'm going to repeat what i think is the biggest problem right now - and thats that there is simply no overlaying storyline for anything that is going on! You can't just have the actors running around saying funny jokes and expect that to make an entire show! Yes its great and everything, but you always need some overlaying themes, and something that the season can be about... and if not the entire season than just maybe at least a few episodes!
  • JD challanges the Janitor to a competition to which ne needs 2 remember all the names of the staff or he has 2be a Janitor for the day. Carla fears losing her heritage and Dr Cox tries to NOT miss his family before he realizes he isnt that Dr Cox anymore.

    This is what Scrubs is supposed to be about.... comedy! I'll forgive them for the fact that their was no patient this week because this episode was just what the doctor ordered to an avereage season thus far. Not a classic by any stretch, but this is one of those episodes that Scrubs threw out ever so often when story arcs werent the key this week. I like how Dr. Cox has developed in the series. First being the mean, narcisist who only loved himself, to becomming a father of two... and happy. And how Elliot has become so strong. The weak, fragile Elliot was beginning to get old. The subplots were great also. Carla's herritage and JD's bet with the Janitor did what they were supposed to do respectively. Teach us the usual moral (Carla/ Turk) and make us laugh.(JD) Keep it up guys, the season may be picking up soon!
  • An average episode that redeemed last week's episode...

    After last week's pretty disappointing venture, this episode returned the laughs and most of what I enjoyed from the show. Even the non-humour was quite interesting - Carla was bothered by people not realising her daughter is half-Latina, and Turk didn't seem to care. I had to agree with Turk there - who, in the real world, really cares that much?

    The ending of the episode was impressive and poignant without being too sentimental, as Scrubs has a habit of doing, and if the remaining episodes stay in this vain, then we're in for a satisfying finale in the road ahead.

    Particular credit to John C McGinley - he was sharp as a tack.
  • Pretty entertaining, but character wise, I don't like where the show has ended up.

    I realize things have to change, but Scrubs has been all about change and it's been too much. Honestly, go back to an earlier season and compare all the characters to how they are now.

    JD's really annoying now. I like how the Janitor has progressed. Elliot's way too confident... the whole Elliot/Dr. Cox interactions where she dominates him and he just takes it are humiliating to Dr. Cox, who has become way too soft. The way Elliot was super b****y to Dr. Cox in this episode seemed out of place.

    I realize part of this episode was discussing Dr. Cox's "softness" so it was intentional, but at the same time it just doesn't provide for as funny comedy as the old Dr. Cox. But I suppose a lot of things change.

    JD matures in some episodes, take Season 6's "My Perspective" and the first few episodes of Season 7. But then he continues to be a goofy, obnoxious guy. JD's character has lost all traces of seriousness. Now it's just joke after joke after joke, and it's losing its charm.

    Now, onto the good parts. The script for this episode was pretty clever, it was mainly the character development that bothered me. We kinda figure out why the Janitor's so angry (it's ammonia!) and the introduction of Shirley proves promising.. if not a bit awkward. For the most part, the episode was quite funny.