Season 7 Episode 3

My Inconvenient Truth

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Nov 08, 2007 on NBC

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    Doctors are hypocrites. Something that is discussed in this episode, I am surprised at the continuity of this show. Carla tells Elliot in the first episode this season that she's human, and warns her that 2 weeks later, she's going to say it again. And what do you know, she said it again, in this episode, exactly 2 weeks later.

    Cox & Elliot get in an argument when Elliot says she hates hypocrites but she is the one that is telling her patient to eat more, when she is at the same level as her. Finally we get a Dan episode when things are a bit different. In the past 6 years, every time Dan comes, he continues to be a loser. But it's different this time around, he actually put his life together, and bought JD a car! Looks like Kim has moved away with JD's baby, so we wont be seeing Kim in a while, but at least we got to see JD spend time with his baby. And Sam got to meet his uncle Dan! A definite heartwarming moment. The Cox & Elliot interaction was great. The janitor caring about the environment was a bit too out of character, but it was entertaining. A great episode with amazing development in character.
  • The worst episode of Scrubs since "My Night To Remember"

    Usually, I'm excited about watching a new episode of Scrubs, however with this episode, I felt sorry for the writers, as the jokes were boring and only one line (From Ted) was actually funny. The main idea of the story consisted of Dan (J.D's brother) returning and JD having to grow up. This should have been a fine example, in the same vein as "My Screw Up" in which it was both heartfelt and hilarious, however, each joke attempted fell on its face. Altogether, I would advise you not to watch it, as there is no real purpose other than to cringe.
  • When the Janitor watches An Inconvenient Truth, he decides to become an Environmental Officer at Sacred Hear

    JD's brother Dan retuns. Appearntly Dan changed quite a bit since he last showed up. He is now very suggestful and JD is the 'loser' (it always used to be the other way around). I really liked the Dan plot but the main plot (inconvenient truth) wasn't that great. I would have given it a higher rating if that plot would have been better. This one for once had some really great fantasies though (like the scale one etc.)! The jokes were also pretty great. But yeah, i gave it a 8.2 rating because of the inconvenient Truth plot. Dr Cox was amazing in this once though!!!!!
  • So Dan's back in town...

    This may contain spoilers. So again, Scrubs are keeping up the good work and i'm glad they've brought Dan back as he's always a blessing. Not as good as the first 2 episodes, but still a solid episode as it had great humour i.e. Turk and his face paint, plus his reaction to the behive (look behind JD after seeing his car), Dan's entrance was great also. On a personal note, i love how they introduce him in every appearance. I was dissapointed with Elliot's storyline as i felt it didn't really develop too much, although i like Dr. Cox's teasing, as always. Plus i hate the fact how they are over using and bluntly putting the word 'frick' as the word 'f*ck' nowaday's. The Janitors storyline was okay, but did seem forced abit, although it was suppose to be green week on NBC.

    Overall, a solid episode.
  • Dan tells JD he needs to grow up. Elliot realizes she is guilty of hypocrisy with her patient. The Janitor decides to make the hospital more environmentally-friendly.

    FINALLY! a good episode of Season 7. I was starting to think that Scrubs had jumped the shark. Except Im not quite sure where the shark is. But it would have jumped something.

    All in all, not a Scrubs-branded episode. It had many flaws that the series I have come to love, wouldnt have had. But at least it was the rose among the really sharp thorns that we call Season 7: The Doomed Season. JD & Dan's relationship could have been better elaborated. Instead of one-liner conversations between them, they could have done the classic speeches which they had in season 5. Turk telling JD later that he needed to grow up: now that was sweet. That moment right there was a Scrubs classic because it had real material to work on.

    Janitor finally acted obnoxiously towards JD!!! is it sadistic to enjoy this? JD: Go easy on me
    Janitor: Nope

    The Elliot storyline was slightly innovative but still had kinks. Dr Cox retained some of his charisma which seems to have vanished with this episode.

    All in all, it was okay. Not great but okay.
  • JD learns something about himself from everyone (again). Dr Cox teaches something to elliot (again)

    A slighty better than average episode of scrubs. "My Inconvenient Truth" was average in terms of humour and i guess story. However the overall plot of JD facing growing up has been in Scrubs for the past few seasons. It seems every year he is faced with something that will change him as a person and every year the people around him tells him his flaws and then he tries to change. This was basically this seasons version of it. PLus again we see Dr Cox showing one of the characters their own flaws in dealing with a paitent which again makes them look at themselves and seeing it his way. Considering this is the final season i'll let it slide. Other than that it was nice to see the return of JD's brother Dan, Dr Cox as always was hilarious and Turk basketball face was brilliant. Although i do feel they very quickly skipped the JD has a baby thing it was a good episode.
  • Dan Dorian returns as a sucess,and tells J.D. to grow up. The Janitor enforces a new Green policy at the hospital, and Elliot decides not to be a hypocritical doctor.

    This episode seemed very lackluster. I am one of the biggest SCRUBS fans ever, but so far, I've been dissapointed by the last season. In this episode, as in the last few episodes, nothing of any great importance happened. The whole part with the janitor going green seemed forced and lately, J.D. has gone from the goofiest character of the show, to the most depressing. Elliot's character has also taken a pretty hard left turn. Her life is going down the tubes, and it is starting to influence her health. But at least in the end... WHAT!? In the end, she decides not to get healthy, and to instead knowingly hurt herself, GREAT! So, all in all, Scrubs, please get out of this funk and get back to your roots.
  • Dan makes his final appearance.

    While Dan would have been better off put in at around the My Perspective part of season 6 dor this role reversal, his appearance was still welcome and a hilarious addition to this episode, with the exception of his predictable, overdrawn entrance.

    This season has started off quite weak and while the episode was still good, it is not the quality I expect of Scrubs, with jokes such as the not funny to begin with um, ah song, JD's scale fantasy, Carla's far from subtle 'you're human' speech, which apparently Elliot's patient is not, and Turk's ink face.

    However, the episode is still quite funny with jokes such as the 'good question' discussion, a Cox rant, the hypocritical doctors, and JD trying to talk down Dan and Dan contradicting him.

    Turk's parental advice was a good moment, as was the other scenes, though Cox's mention of JD coming to him because everyone else had confirmed it was reminiscent of the First Kill discussion he had. What I didn't like plotwise was how Kim was suddenly, without explanation living forty minutes away with a new hospital, when in the previous episode it looked like they'd wait it out. It seems like a copout way of writing off her character, since it had been established that she now worked at Sacred Heart again and lived at JD's. It would have made more sense writing-wise if Kim had just moved out but stayed in town, rather than leaving after saying they'd be in this together despite the breakup. It just doesn't make sense character wise.

    As for the other plots, the Janitor was relatively funny, and it was good to see Ted again, even if there were no classic lines uttered by him. Elliot and Cox's plot was probably my favourite as it has some of my favourite lines of the episode, especially the Coxian ones, but overall, my favourite character of the episode was Dan, it may not have been his best appearance, but he never fails to get a laugh. I'll definitely miss JD's scooter jokes, hopefully he still rides it to work occasionally, but it shows good growth for his character. I was really wanting to see JD as a father figure though, which it seems we won't be seeing much of thanks to a bad plot choice.

    Overall, the laughs were not up to standard, nor were the plots, but the episode was still entertaining for the most part.
  • A good return

    I thought this show was Scrubs at it's best! I didn't like the last two episodes as much as usual, but found this one very enjoyable. Similar to Scrubs in it's earlier seasons. The message of the show (Be Green!) was good, but didn't really get through to me. I thought it was good development of J.D. with him growing up. It was great too see Dan (JD's brother) again too, with him having changed a little and matured. The ending of the episode was nice as well, giving a little reminder to how J.D.'s family is broken up a little.

    All in all, I found it a brilliant episode. I hope for more of this caliber.
  • A pretty decent episode with some pretty good jokes scattered around the place. But nothing too eventful in terms of the overall storyline or something like that, which is kind of a downer.

    Alright so... as i said in the summary, the episode had some pretty good jokes all over the place, and that was nice. Also, Dan came which was good - but he wasnt given too many good lines... still good to see him. However, there are plenty of things on the grand scheme of things that i didn't really like. First of all, whats the deal with JD/Elliot relationship? I mean... the two are hardly ever in a single scene together, let alone exchange some words or something! The entire ending of Season6 was about it, and then all of sudden the storyline goes stone cold... I don't like it one bit.

    Also, Kim and the baby just disappeared from the show now? When did this happen? Are there no continuous transitions in this show anymore for anything? At least Keith was somewhat phased out continuously which was good...

    Lastly, like i said, there is nothing that really happened in this episode save for some random jokes thrown around. No storyline progress at all...

    Ah well.. Hopefully in the next few episodes we will see some more focus on JD's love life, and hopefully we will finally see some over-reaching themes that emerge in this season... What is it about? What are it's goals? ... What is it going to focus on? The show cant survive just by throwing random jokes into episodes for no reason at all, and hoping that the random pile of garbage with some specks of gold will stick and make a nice picture.
  • While the return of Dan offers some great moments, this green episode of Scrubs never rises above average.

    "My Inconvenient Truth" is an episode that is filled with some highs and lows, and overall the episode feels relatively average.

    There are a few hilarious moments sprinkled throughout the episde (Dan's Zombie hug, Cox's white noise, and Elliot's scale freak-out). And then there are a larger group of jokes that start off relatively strong, but either go on for too long or completely miss the mark - the best example of the could have been the "Hedging noise symphany". While it was entertaining for the first 10 seconds, the remaining 30 are somewhat painful.

    There are three main threads to the episode, all involving the "inconvienient truth" of a character. While JD's struggle with his immaturity had some good character development, it felt like it was always trying to tread between humor and drama. Normally Scrubs does this quite well, but in this episode it feels that the show tries to switch back and forth between the two almost too much - missing the mark on both. Elliots struggle with hypocracy is much the same way, where the few funny moments are "swept away" before you have the chance to enjoy them. The Janitor story suffers from a slightly different problem - a lack of both drama and humor. I was expecting the Janitor to terrorize the doctors of Sacred Heart, but aside from one moment with Turk, he never seems to do much of anything aside from doing a lot of talking (insert joke about environmentalists here). The one good thing about the episode - JD seems to have matured just slightly. While I enjoy watching JD act like a little kid, there are times when I wish he was able to switch out of it. For the first time in the series, it looks like JD may actually be ready for a parent. And while I am sure there are others out there who will disagree with me, I am glad to see JD growing up.
  • Not terribly funny, and largely too serious and sedate...

    "My Inconvient Truth" is the worst episode of Season 7 so far - it wasn't terribly funny, and the drama wasn't that interesting either. It was nice to see JD's brother back (and his dance around JD was hilarious), but it did little to redeem an otherwise lacklustre episode.

    It was nice to see Ted get some much-deserved screen time, but even his character, which I find to be one of the most consistently hilarious on the show, seemed a little dilluted here.

    I'm sure it's simply one disappointing episode, but the writers need to remember that the humour should precede the sentimentality and serious tone of the show - I primarily watch this to laugh, not to learn life lessons. Moreover, I don't really know if breaking JD down like this and telling him to "grow up" is a direction I'd like the show to go. He's a loveable character, and they may very well begin to destroy that.
  • Disappointing episode!

    I would say it started as a boring episode full of artificial scenes. Even Ted was not that funny. I have a feeling that there is no bond between the characters like in previous seasons. The episode got better towards the end when JD started to discover what everyone thinks of him. I was not convinced with the idea that JD's brother got him a car. The writers should apply some logic when laying down the basis of the story; JD has been a doctor for 7 years and he cant afford a car?? come on. Janitor to me is always consistent in his humor.