Season 5 Episode 1

My Intern's Eyes

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • A really great season premiere.

    I was astonished at how good this premiere was especially after the finale was quite lacking, this episode really seemed to pick up right where it left toff and brought new directions to the group of doctors. Elliot is working at her new job, and she doesn't know where anything is so she has to go back to Sacred Heart to take medical supplies, then she has to pretend to work at Sacred Heart after Kelso catches her stealing medical supplies. Most of this epsiode was in JD's intern, Keith's viewpoint, which made this episode memorable in a lot of ways. Turk isn't ready to have a baby so he slips Carla birth control pills, and the janitor finds extreme measure to annoy JD. All plots were quite fantastic, and this episode was very special, and it was one of the premieres that were very satisfying and it got me excited for this season.
  • i love this serie and this episode is one of my favourite

    i like the way this episode is carried, it makes of some interesing facts. i also like the camera angles, especially when it's shown trought the new inter's eyes. aldough this isin't a tippical episode, it also is...let me cler that, in this episode the camera shots trought the new intern's eyes- this is a brand new thing (except in one oder episode in season 3 where camera shots from the eyes of dr. Reid, but that was for only a few seconds so it doesn't relly count), but in other episodes there a lot of new one-time things so if you look at it, this show has a lot of new thing in nearly every episode.

    in other thing, this is my favourite episode so i hope it will be going on for a very long long long long ong long loooooooooong time ...(dr.Cox)!
  • Certainly not the greatest episode of all time.

    After being all excited to see it return here in the UK on E4, i can clearlysay that i was quite disappointed by the episode. It didn't seem to have that Scrubs feel to it. It's like it hadn't come back.

    Now really, the second half of the episode did please me to a reasonable point. But the first half is what really made we sad. Especially knowing Bill Lawrence directed and wrote the episode. But seriously Bill what were you thinking. Truth be told though i don't know what could've made the episode better. Actually though i did find that the actors were putting in 100% like they usually do.

    But on a high note it certainley... well it might actually be the worst episode i've seen. Let's hope that My Rite of Passage is better.
  • Interesting...

    This episode shows how do interns see the place for the first time, though I think this episode resembles sort of like the pilot episode, it was good for me. I like it. The Keith parts were boring, I did not laugh once, but the thing with JD and Cox actually is interesting and that makes me laugh, it was so funny, and it was also cool to see JD who seems to be becoming a good doctor since he takes responsability for his actions, even tough it was Cox's fault. Turk is afraid of having a child so he begins to be putting anticonceptive pills into Carla, but she eventually finds about Turk's scheme. And Elliot keeps returning to Sacred Hospital to grab all what she needs as she does not want to see like a helpless person in his new hospital. I like this episode, everything was cool, except for the Keith part, as I said before, but it was good season opener for Scrubs, and to follow up to my thought, the greatest season of Scrubs.
  • For a season opener, this wasn't very good. It's an okay episode, but nothing more.

    The episode felt sort of stale... and filled with stuff we've seen before.

    First and foremost something that really concerns me. They brought back Johnny the tackling Alzheimer's patient. Never ever tell a joke too many times. This was a funny one-time gag, but not something that's funny when they bring it back seasons later. Really bad.

    And then there was JD with his interns. Haven't we seen JD trying to be a tutor before? Nothing in this episode felt new as far as that storyline was concerned.

    The only thing I enjoyed was Dr Cox and his man cards. Classic Cox.

  • A great season premiere!

    JD now is an attendant and begins to take care of his new interns, while we get to see the story on the perspective of JD's most silent intern, Keith, while we never get to see his face, though we do in later episodes. Later, they begin to treat on a man that needs a heart transplant, and orders his patients to take care of him, but later he finds out that Cox does not trusts him and apparently saved him for a mistake but must take the blame, so when Cox is about to admit the fault for JD, JD steps up to Kelso, and Cox kind of recognizes that he is a man, while he begins to give papers to him saying that he is a man and every time hes says something girly he takes one. Janitor begins causing troubles by putting on different giant posters of JD, Elliot does not wants to seemed the not knowing it all in the new hospital, but keeps returning to Sacred Heart, and Carla discovers that Turk has been putting secretly anticonceptive pills. What a really cool episode, a great season premiere!
  • Nice to see a good start...

    This season starter was well done, in my honest opinion.

    JD has lost his new apartment and secretly moves back in with Turk.
    JD is now an attending at Sacred Heart, and he gets his new interns, one is Keith, who we see most of the episode through his eyes, which is good.
    Turk and Carla and trying for a baby but Turk still gives Carla the pill, because he isn\'t ready yet.
    Elliot is working at a new hospital, trying to show of as the best doctor at the hospital, but she fails and pretends to work at Sacred Heart again or Kelso will arrest her for stealing medical supplies.
    Cox gives JD 5 \'Man\' cards and goes against JD about a patient who needs a transplant but won\'t move up the list if he is not in the hospital.
    Meanwhile, Janitor takes pictures of JD and uses them to cause trouble in the place.

    Great episode, suprising, funny and I loved the return of Johnny, the tackling Alzheimer’s patient.
    Euphemism Five!
  • Return of Johnny the Tackling Alzheimer’s Patient

    This episode was a very cool idea for the season opener, every scene involving the yet to be literally seen Keith being shown through Keith’s eyes in a very literal sense.

    With entertaining scenes such as Cox’s man cards, the JD cardboard cut-outs made by the Janitor and Elliot rushing to Sacred Heart to get the supplies she needs for the hospital she currently works in where she has no idea where anything is, it is no wonder why this episode is one of the funniest season five episodes so far (technically it’s the least funniest too since only one has been shown).

    Turk slipping Carla birth control pills was a hilarious plot and was a good follow up from the previous season’s finale, showing that, for Turk at least, the decision wasn’t as quick as it seemed.

    Overall, this episode’s original plots and humorous scenes make one hell of a good season opener and hopefully the season keeps on the same level of hilarity throughout.
  • Ouch....Scrubs is really losing it!

    Last night the first episode of season 5 of Scrubs aired here in Australia....and it wasn't very good. This episode J.D. having to train and new batch on interns, in fact alot of this episode was seen from a very nervous interns eyes. Because of J.D. new responsiblities Dr. Cox gives J.D. man cards...and when ever he does something childish he will take one away. Meanwhile Terk freaks out about having children and tries to stop Carla from getting pregnant. Also Terk hides J.D. so Carla won't know.

    This episode a huge drop from the quality of the 4th season which even then wasn't as good as the first 3. This is disapointing because Scrubs is one of the last shows I still watch and even though there were a few funny parts, I found that most of the jokes misfired rather baddly and the episode on the whole was rather stupid!
  • Another great episode of Scrubs. In the eyes in one of JD's interns.

    Some of the episode is coming from the eyes of JD's episodes. IT is another great episode where JD's intern gets gets the courage to talk. Dr.Cox gives JD five "man cards" where if we doesnt act like a real man, Dr.Cox will take one away. The man cards make this episode hilarious. It was another great one.
  • A bit sparse, but enjoyable all the same :)

    I was so glad that ch7 (AUS) has continued into series 5 without a break. This show has become one of my late night must sees.
    The POV idea was a interesting one, showing the what the intern sees on their first day...but I couldn't understand why the whole episode wasn't done this way. That would have been really interesting. Instead it was cut in and out of Elliot's problems at the new hospital and Cox's Man Cards.
    Also, I liked the Janitor's liefsize cutouts of JD but thought they could have been exploited more. I partcularly liked the line up of all the cutouts and the real JD hiding amoungst them.
    Not a bad ep but not very memorable. Weak start to season 5.
  • Could have done better. But still enjoyable.

    To kick off season 5 we get this episode? While It wasn't that bad it still wasn't that great on a show trying to make up for a so-so season 4.

    While there was some amusing scenes, especially with Neil Flynn as the Janitor trying to annoy J.D. with out actually being anywhere near him. As allways John C. McGinley does an outstanding job as Dr. Cox in some great scenes with J.D. over a heart transplant patient.

    Some typically Scrubs scenes involving J.D. and Turk, One of whom hides inside a backpack didn't reach the standard the rest of the episode has. While Elliot starts her job at a new hospital and shows us some classic Dr. Reid scenes.

    The most notable part of the episode comes from the new interns point of view and is done well although it could of used it more to their advantage.

    Can the season improve on this? Easily.
  • Great Episode

    I really love this show. And this episode proves it.

    I don't understand why people are ragging on this episode, I think it was great. Maybe not the best in the series, but I still thought a hilarious episode. With the Janitor making copying of JD and the cafeteria scene ["The Turks are sneaky"] I think the episode had some classic moments.

    Maybe the other reviews should give it another viewing.

    Watch the show, it needs the viewers. I can not figure out for the life of me why and how, they can make episodes like this, and no one seems to watch them. It is just sad.
  • While still good, I don't think it is as good as last season.

    I liked the whole man cards thing. Dr. Cox is always great. I kind of felt that the janator was kind of negletcted. His way to bother JD without being around him dind't strike me as very funny.

    I love Turk's ways of trying to keep Carla from getting pregnate. Turk's story I felt was the best story of the episode.

    JD was funny as usual. His explination of why he was walking in to the apartment in his boxers had me rolling. "Are we really that gay?"

    Elliot's story was ok. I guess it works on how to keep her in the stories even though she is in a different hospital, but overall, didn't think it was all to funny.
  • Great start to Season 5

    The material coming out of Scrubs is still very very good.

    This had to be one of my favourite janitor storylines when he made copys of JD and put them around the hospital and got him in trouble without actually being around him.

    Dr Cox is at his girly name calling best, and their is a new set of interns including one called Keith. Cleverly we see much of the episode through his eyes.

    Signs are good for the rest of the season!
  • VERY disapointing for a season starter.

    You would think that after such a long break, they'd come up with good ideas...But no, not really. And also, I did not find the little things that made the first 4 seasons so great, like for instance when you see what JD is thinking... The acting was a little rusty too.
  • Start of Season 5

    I was disappointed with this episode. It\'s a very weak start to the season. I was surprised at how little I laughed, and the talking to the camera as an intern part got annoying. It\'s good they played the next episode right after this one...the next episode is much better!
  • Poor plot, not on point acting and not really funny - this is a desastrous start of the new Season 5

    I honestly regained hope for the upcoming Episodes of the new Season 5, when - after some weak ones in mid 4th season - the final episodes of Season 4 were nice and enjoyable; not alltime classics but very entertaining.

    So I was expecting an at least solid episode 1. What did I get? A totally confuse and dizzy plot (what's up with the porsche in the first scenes?); then the acting: not on point - it's worse than before, which I don't like - except Dr. Cox the characters don't seem alive anymore; special mention here for Turk and Jordan, who are but the remains of their former characters.

    What I like though is Turks mustache :-)

    I am sorry to say it, but in the current state of production, for me this episode was a waste of time; and that's sad to say :-(
  • Finally back and not a bad start..

    Quite good start to the new season although something was missing compared to last season.
    The reason for that might be that the characters still have to develop as Elliot is working in a new hospital and J.D has moved out of Turks place.
    Anyway I'm glad that Scrubs is finally back.
  • Not quite up to par is still better than most other shows

    I watched some season 4 episodes before this show, and it has a totally different feel. It's pretty clear they got a lot more money this time around and it really does change the show. The transitions are cleaner and they have way more sets than ever before. They also filmed the scenes in the hospital with new and strange angles which make the place seem strangely unfamiliar.

    But those are just quibbles from someone who has seen every episode and was used to the show the way it used to be. The comedy in this one seemed more self-aware, but some jokes were outrageously hilarious.
  • And finally Scrubs returns

    After some waiting and rewatching the previous seasons Scrubs is finaly back. Good kickoff episode with views on what everybody in the scubbs world does nowadays. And the long awaited return of Johny the tackling Alzheimers Patient. That was a funny moment :D. The janitor making some cardboard life size jd's also made me laugh.
  • Man o' man, have I missed this show!

    It has been a long time in coming... and I often despaired that it would ever get here. But at long last, the newest season of Scrubs has been unleashed on the world. I have to admit I was a little concerned. Would they loose their loose attitude? Would the jokes start to feel old and flat? No worries here! They are just as silly and funny as ever.

    I enjoyed the 'gimick' of seeing the episode, largely, through a Point of View camera. It did occasionally distract... but not enough to warrant serious complaint. All the characterizations were spot on and seeing J.D. deal with a new challenge in both the same old way and with a new twist was nice.
  • After a long wait....Scrubs is back!

    I was waiting for Scrubs to come back. I was practically chomping at the bit. This episode was great. I can honestly say that I missed seeing new creative episodes. One of the things that really stuck out was Dr. Cox and the "Man" cards. Also the fact that JD was secretly living in the apartment. I laughed out loud when you see JD trying to sneak back out in his underwear. All in all, this was a great episode of Scrubs.