Season 2 Episode 20

My Interpretation

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 03, 2003 on NBC

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  • Such a hilarious episode.

    Wow, this was such a fun episode. I didn't think Jamie would return as Tasty Comma Wife, but she does when her husband in a comma ends up dying. So now JD has a shot with Jamie, but of course it comes with baggage. JD thinks he's protecting Jamie after sleeping with her at the funeral and then not calling her again. He starts to have problems that mirror his situation with Jamie. When he has a patient that can't speak English who has his brother as a translator. The prognosis isn't good, but his brother lies to protect JD's patient by telling him he's going to be fine to protect him. Elliot knowing German was a nice fun fact. I love the whole "99 Luftballoons" sequence. An interesting side plot that I really enjoyed: Turk has a sex dream of Elliot. I'm sick of seeing Elliot only being in sexual situations, it's as if she has nothing left to offer for this show, then walk around with her shirt off. It turns out it's normal to have sex dreams of another person, especially since Turk is engaged, in the end Carla has a sex dream about Ted! Hilarious! JD accidentally ends up at the janitor's house after the funeral and ends up seeing him take a shower, and finds a skin disease on his penis He has trouble confronting the janitor. Another fun plot that I actually really enjoyed. Cox starts to worry when he doesn't feel anything for Jordan's baby. But when they finally name him Jack, he feels something. A great moment for the family. All plots were hilarious and eventful at the same time especially since JD gets together with Jamie in the end. Great hilarious episode.
  • Tasty Coma Wifes husband dies!

    JD attends the funeral of the TCW's husband, with..well, predictable results. Turk has a sex-dream about Elliot, but Carla finds out about it. Dr. Cox's impression of Jordan's baby continues to slide rapidly downhill.

    I really enjoyed all the plots in this one. Dr Kelso and Ted were hilarious and for once Turla got a really good plot as well. Dr Cox and baby Jack was great. I couldn't wait to see how Cox would react once he finds out that the baby is actually his. JD and Jamie were great ("I dropped something on my toe! Ahhh! Ahh!"). She is one of JD's girlfriend i do not dislike!
  • A hilarious episode.

    "My Interpretation" is a fantastic episode from the second season of Scrubs. Many different things occur in this episode. J.D. tries to comfort The Coma Wife when her comatose husband dies. Turk begins having fantasies about Elliot when he sleeps. Dr. Cox is concerned when he feels nothing while looking after his yet to be named son. This episode had a good mix of laugh out loud moments, and character defining moments. One defining moment to stands out to me the most occurs at the end of the episode, when Dr. Cox holds his son, who has now been named Jack, and starts to smile a bit. The best part of "My Interpretation", however, definitely had to be when J.D. had his fantasies about "connecting" with the German patient by dancing around with a bunch of red balloons to the song "99 Luftballoons", and when he imagined the same thing occurring after saying he likes T.C.W. in front of her deceased husband's parents. I laughed so hard at those fantasies. Another funny part was the conversation J.D. had with the janitor in the bathroom concerning the janitor's private parts. It was awkward, yet hilarious. This was one of the first episodes of Scrubs that I saw; after I saw how funny this show could be, and still have plenty of endearing moments, I was hooked.
  • Fine example

    Jamie's (T.C.W.) husband died and J.D. struggles with the ethical issues involved in starting a relationship with her.
    Dr. Cox babysits his son, whom Jordan still hasn't chosen a name for, and is disturbed that he feels nothing for the baby.
    Turk is haunted by erotic dreams about Elliot, which gets him into hot water with Carla.


    Funeral sex! Way to go JD.
  • What a fun episode.

    Oh man... that OWW!! montage in the beginning of the show is hilarious... my favorite part was JD\\\'s impersonation of Jamie\\\'s exctasy.

    Then there\\\'s Turk\\\'s dream with an awfully hot looking Elliot.

    Then JD sees Janitor\\\'s ding dong.

    The red balloon scene.

    Cox going nuts to look like he was responsible when Jordan walks in.

    JD explaining how he thinks Janitor has a melanoma.

    Cute baby Jack.

    The other red balloon scene.

    Man, this episode seems more concentrated with good, ole\\\' Scrubs humor. And it doesn\\\'t have the usual dose of drama. Anywho, this is a refreshing episode.

    \\\"Benign. Benign and a half.\\\"

    What an episode.
  • Great!

    JD begins to feel awkward when he begins to kiss out with Jamie in the death of her husband, so he decides to put it out of his mind, but later he while talking to a German patient and discovering that his brother has been lying to him in order for keeping him out of worries, later JD decides to give it a try. Meanwhile, Turk begins to have erotic dreams about Elliot, and believes that Carla will get mad about it, but later Carla has erotic dreams about Ted, and JD spots a sickness in Janitor's penis. Really cool episode!
  • Elliott speaks German

    She talks better German than the two "German" men. Sometimes ven I don't understand those guys and I AM German. But Elliott speaks really good and clear. Sarah Chalke is a language-learning genius... I love her :)

    The Janitor-J.D. conversation is the greatest interaction between them EVER - in the whole series. Oh I love it :D
  • Tasty Coma Wife returns

    The screaming scene at the very start of the episode shows what true humour Scrubs uses, bringing even secondary characters such as Ted, the Janitor and Dr Kelso.

    The Janitor plot, this time JD's fault, was good in this episode, my favourite scene from this story being:

    J.D.: Look, uh..... Janitor.. I'm gonna be straight with you: I saw your penis, and I noticed a possible melanoma that you should really have checked out.
    Janitor: When did you see my penis?
    J.D.: Last night, when you were showering.
    Janitor: Where were you?
    J.D.: Oh, I was outside, in the bushes.
    Janitor: Uhhh....
    J.D.: Look, it was just a coincidence, man -- I mean, i-i-if you had looked out the window, you'd have seen my penis, you know!
    Janitor: What!?! Why?
    J.D.: Because I had it out while I was looking at yours!

    Tasty Coma Wife coming back, now that her husband was dead is terrific and truly this episode is a great one.